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Vacant #7

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SLOW SLOW LORIS – somatic visual vocal noise music _ berlin
LA MUERTE ROJA – drone concrete noise improv ensemble _ berlin
JERK IN THE CAN – experimental industrial noise pop duo _ vancouver

URBAN SPREE | Revaler Straße 99 _ 10245 Berlin

Vacant is an open platform that investigates since 2012 the communal resonance of different languages.

Performance, experimental live set, video installations will create a different equilibrium, designing a synergy of references.

A public exorcism. An exposure of vital forces. Focusing on inner strength of each media, Vacant proposes an analysis of the art practices as a dense injection of reality into the unreality of daily life. Art as a practice and source of directions versus a daily existence cracked with countless crisis of perspectives.


somatic visual vocal noise music _ berlin

« An epic, sweeping live performance using vocal melodies, samples, various instruments, live
looping and multiple pedal chains to coax the music out of the noise. They enter raw emotional imagination to give the nuances of one`s subconscious permission to come forth…a sensitive blend of music meeting noise, reaching a wide range of audiences and venues from clubs and festival stages to concert halls and art galleries. »

Slow Slow Loris use voice and electronics to search for the intersections where melody meets noise, emotional meets avant- garde, feminine meets industrial, non-rhythm meets accuracy, and raw meets craft. Following up their debut album, From Monster till Mourning on Staaltape, they look forward to releasing their next album, Of Heroes in Helium soon.

ANY (angela nina yeowell) transmits data through voice and noise music. Along with processed samples,
she plays broken melodies on misshapen instruments, and sings to the resulting waves of intensity and
silence, boredom and splendor. Her espionage of the sub-conscious can sometimes result in visuals, such as
the creation of, and performance with non-musical instruments and sonic costumes.

G6PD (Robert Heim) shapes sculptures of sound with unpredictable outcomes, like subconsciously painting
emotions. With a non-conceptual, experimental approach, he uses and abuses audio, destroys song
structures and music styles, and collages unexpected tunes that often lead into a sonic weird deep electro-
acoustic mess.


drone concrete noise improv ensemble _ berlin

La Muerte Roja, adopting different approaches – tonal, atonal, improv, noise – defines, ritualistically, in a high saturated media context – performance, installation, video installation – , a sacred area of being.

La Muerte Roja is an oxymoron. Death in life. And vice versa. And it means rebirth. A Circularity of simplicity.

For VACANT # 7 and for the first time live, La Muerte Roja will perform SYRIA, their last work – published in cassette by CORPO 6 recordings -. SYRIA, recorded in 2016, between Foggia – Apulia, South Est of Italy -, Rome and Berlin evokes the sacrality of a border, where the mystifications of the global power are taking place. And together it tries to embodied the ecstatic cadence of the middle est Zoroastrian rhythms.

La Muerte Roja ensemble, performing SYRIA, will be: Diego Ferri – flute and cassette, Angel Cervera – lute and pedals, Adolfo Spezzaferro – drums, Bianca Ringwald – piano, Fabio Campagna – objects and feedback on electric guitar.
La Muerte Roja will perform live scoring the exp-movie
: -1+1=0.

-1+1=0, shot by Fabio Campagna between 2015-2016 (Video, 41’42’’) closes a trilogy about Berlin. A personal diary through
the eterotopic, free interstices of Berlin in the attempt to present the nude factual – the unpredictability of reality. A route
trough the city. Through its autonomous, dirty, peripheral zones. An ideal map of the liminal spaces of Berlin.

An archetype emerges in the simplest of things. A communal sphere. A sharing, an harmonic unity. A community of
imagination and desire. Resembling the idea of the Mediterranean – medio terrae, the sea, core of our civilization that unifies
the opposites, the North and the South, the Ovest and the East – .

A symbol of Berlin and ultimately of our contemporary
condition. The convergence of the antinomic edges of reality into one single, organic, shape. A sacred uterus that unifies,
combining opposites into the centrality of symmetry. The relation and the equation between opposites is finally exposed – as
the livid fundamental truth. The city reflects upon itself and creates a vacuum that defies contradictions and promote the
inclusion of the different.


experimental industrial noise pop duo _ Vancouver

“Jerk in the Can showcase a balance of eerie dream pop — reminiscent of Australia’s HTRK — that divulges into aggressive industrial noise, taking direct influence from Skinny Puppy or early Nine Inch Nails, sprinkled with an aesthetic suitable for an Insane Clown Posse worship band.

Jerk in the Can have several videos posted to their website, some are performance videos of the band, some are purely
performance art. Synthesizers, drum machine, samples, vocals from Marc and sometimes accompanied by saxophone.

However, the understated, minimalist synthesizer punk Jerk in the Can’s duo create on Big Crime Baby -their last album – goes over much more smoothly than you’d imagine. The eight songs on the album show diversity in sound, structure as well as varying sonic ideas.

Out of damp, reverb drenched, bit-crushed pools of darkness come bouncy analog arps, cheesily dreamy synth pads and big minimal drum machine grooves. These elements coat the clear vocals, which switch from ghostlty ballads and awkward raps to heavily modulated screams of agony.”


CORPO 6, after three years – 2012 / 2014 – in Herzbergstrasse 55, Lichtenberg – area objectified as an elementargedanken
(A. Bastian)- the zone of transmutations – , has been started a nomadic gnosis troughout Berlin.

CORPO 6 is an art project by Fabio Campagna which focuses through a series of crossing media and site specific projects, on
the examination of the concept of limen – border in Latin – within the articulation of the city.


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22nd March 2017
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Urban Spree
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