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Tech Noir feat. Ultraboss, Vincenzo Salvia & Pardon Moi

TECH NOIR presents Vincenzo Salvia, Ultraboss & Pardon Moi

We’re back with an ULTRASTRONG synth & guitar power pack for all your 80s cravings 🎹 🎸⚡️

🔥 Scene maestro Vincenzo Salvia delivers his patented melange of voluptuous Amalfi-harmonics and energizing rhythms to make your synthetic dreams come true! 🕶️ 🏎️ Imagine rockin’ speedos on a trip to Rimini in a vigorous Lamborghini – buckle up for the grand seigneur of Italo-Disco inspired Synthwave!

🔥 Ultraboss is the virtuoso guitar hero and bustling jack of all trades in the Synthwave-scene. Irresistible on the six-string, this Austrian Powerhouse carries the torch of 80s icons like Yngwie and Michael Angelo Batio. Together with his comrade-in-arms Vincenzo, this duo infernale launches an auditory tornado that merits a Stallone training montage 💪

🔥 Berlin based New Wave-duo Pardon Moi manages to seamlessly blend modern electronics with a classic 80’s New Wave feel, producing dancefloor bangers that will make you bounce instantly. Pumping beats and authentic 80s wave vocals delivered with finesse and proficiency – these guys are LIT 🚀

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Krake Label Boutique 2017

Once again we invited lots of independent music labels to spend the day together at our Label Boutique in order to create a familiar space for Berlins vibrant electronic music scene. Come by for some record shopping or just for a little chat with your favourite labels. The market will be accompanied by DJ sets throughout the day and goes directly over to the Krake night event on three floors.

After last years success we’re also organizing a raffle (tombola) again. There will be a lot of prizes contributed by the generous participating labels and our partners:

Akai ProfessionalElektronGemini SoundJustMusic BerlinKORGNATIVE INSTRUMENTS and Stanton DJ.

Lots will be sold at the venue during the day and prizes given out before the end of the market. All profit will go to these two organizations who help refugees:
www.cadus.org // www.medibuero.de

3€ label boutique only
15€ including night programming
w/ live performances by ADULT. « Official »group ABeta EversKamikaze Space Programme & Geso and many more…

participating labels:

Abstract Animal
And Vinyly
[aufnahme + wiedergabe]
Banlieue Records
Beste Modus
Black Sun Records
Bodyvolt Records
Candela Rising
Chronicle Records
Cocktail d’Amore Music
Corresponding Positions
Death By Rainbow
Diffuse Reality
Discos Atónicos
Elzo Durt / Teenage Menopause RDS
Enfant Terrible
ETUI Records
Exterminador Records
Fruit Company
Gooiland Elektro
Graffiti Tapes
Headless Horseman
Infrastructure New York
Instruments of Discipline
Jealous God
Killekill House Trax
Killekill VANTA Series
Klasse Wrecks
Kynant Records
LAN Records
Laubenpiepers Finest
Love On The Rocks
Mechanical Thoughts Records
Metabanana Airforce Distribution
Midgar Records
Midnight Shift
Monolith Records
Pole Group
RAND Muzik Recordings
Reach Another System
ready made Distribution
Ressort Imprint
Secret Crunch
She Lost Kontrol
Shite Music
Sonic Groove
Stratosphera Records
Stroboscopic Artefacts
Subsist Records
Syncretism Records
Temporize Records
Terminal Operations
the29nov films
Thema Recordings
Topic Drift Recordstore
Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL)
Tropical Goth Records
UFO Station Recordings
User Experience
WarmUp Records
Wolfskuil Records
Zodiac 44


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Wives (& Highest Sea) • Berlin

21.11.2019 Berlin – Urban Spree
Doors: 20:00 Uhr, Start: 21:00 Uhr
Tickets: www.greyzone-tickets.de/produkte/386

A new pearl has formed from the haze of the New York DIY scene: Wives.
The band around Jay Beach (guitar, vocals), Andrew Bailey (guitar), Alex Crawford (bass) and Adam Sachs (drums) released their first song « Waving Past Nirvana » in March 2019,
But behind « Waving Past Nirvana » there is no story about the legacy of Cobain, according to Jay Beach it’s about something completely different:

« Waving Past Nirvana » is a literal interpretation of the bodhisattva-one who has achieved the release, the awakened eye, and yet wants to trade it back for the painful life of desire because she/he/they predominantly feels compassion. This « entering back into the world » to fight a fool’s battle is the essence of « Waving Past Nirvana », and the video depicts one young woman’s journey along these lines.
Musically the Slackers catapult us back into the golden 90s. The implied noise of Sonic Youth meets the nervous hooks of the Pixies and merges with the wonderfully necessary vocals à la J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr). If you are not completely averse to the reference bands mentioned above, you should definitely remember this formation.

The quartet is currently working on their first album « So Removed », which will be released on 28 June via City Slang. But before that they will play some shows – including a concert in Germany. Let’s hope for seconds, after the release.


Jim Avignon: Here Comes the Bad News

Jim Avignon returns to Urban Spree Galerie for his second solo show « Here Comes the Bad News », 2 years after « Permanent Jetlag ».

In his only exhibition in Berlin for the year 2019, Jim Avignon describes the mood in the world and in Berlin in particular with his usual wit.

Gentrification, Global Warming, Surveillance Capitalism, Alt Right… here comes indeed the bad news. His paintings are a mash-up of cartoony figuration, expressionistic composition, – a maximum of expression with a minimum of lines.


Jim Avignon is a painter, illustrator and conceptual artist. Always ready to confront the establishment he is torn between pop art, street art, Picasso on acid or simply being the fastest painter in the world. His signature style consists of vivid colours, a biting humor, unpretentious materials and a mind numbing output. His art works like pop music in DIY mode.

According to the legend, the artist became stranded in the Provence city of Avignon at some point in the ’80s when his car unexpectedly broke down. He resorted to painting Dali images onto pavements, gradually raising money to repair his car. The name stayed.

In the early 90s, he became an ubiquitous painter of the techno movement, designing makeshift clubs and Love Parade trucks.

By creating a colorful flood of affordable, rapidly-produced works, Jim disrupts the well-oiled art market and pervades it with black humor and self-irony. Avignon’s images caricature the modus operandi of the art market and are also aimed at people who are bored or deterred by the gold-framed aura of so-called high art. « Good Artists Go To The Museum, Bad Artists Go Everywhere ».


Jim Avignon

« Here Comes the Bad News »

Solo Show at Urban Spree Galerie

Vernissage: Friday, August 09th, 2019

Exhibition: 09.08.2019 – 08.09.2019

Urban Spree Galerie

Revaler Str. 99

10245 Berlin

Info and catalogue: pascal@urbanspree.com