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Jessica 93 • USÈ

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Jessica 93 releases new album « Guilty Species » (Music Fear Satan/Teenage Menopause) and announces European tour in early 2018, accompanied by special guest Usé (Born Bad Records).


Jessica 93 unleashes his fourth curse on mankind with the release of « Guilty Species » and, to make sure everybody hears it and cowers in disgust – still tapping their feet, mind you – criss crosses the Old Continent for a little over one month over January and February 2018, accompanied by fellow French young hopeful Usé.

Both bands don’t paint a pretty picture: sweat, rubbish, drug-induced trepidation in the shadow of rickety drum machines and guitars like flashing knives. Jessica 93 has just unleashed their heaviest and bleakest effort to date, fully recorded by Geoffroy Laporte on his own, although the band consists of 5 musicians on stage nowadays. Usé is the poster boy for post-expiration date techno, where the mold turns it into paranoid noise strummed through a makeshift guitar. It’a pleasure to dance to, though.




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6th février 2018
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Urban Spree
Revaler Strasse 99 (Warschauer Str. x Revaler Str.)
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