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Le Prince Harry / Otto von Schirach

MILK ME and Dawn of the Dance are super happy to bring together what must be together:

Le Prince Harry
(Teenage Menopause RDS// Rockerill Records)

+ Otto Von Schirach LIVE ! ! !

DJ Sets by Petula Black Sperm and Assface

Le Prince Harry duo from Liege (Belgium) aka ToxCity delivers Weird Garage Wave / Electro Synth Punk direct and incisive. The mix of distorted analog synths, bass edged, beats double quaver, stinging guitar and disturbed voice causes epileptic trances, renversage of beer and decerebrations irremediable.

Otto Von Schirach
The dark lord of Miami Bass live! Bring Wechselklamotten. Its going to be sweaty!!!

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Date :
18th octobre 2017
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Dawn of the Dance