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Mueran Humanos + Tildaflipers + Eyes Gone

Mueran Humanos (Berlin)

Presenting for the first time all the songs of their upcoming album « Hospital Lullabies »

Tildaflipers (Argentina)

Berlin debut as part of their first European tour
« Tildaflipers was formed by veterans of several hardcore and post rock bands and lead by Tomas Spicolli, an artist who remains crucial in the development of DIY culture and street art in Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo. Its main influence is dub, but instead of sticking to the genre, the band took its premises and techniques and ran away with them to make a sound of their own. They can end up sounding like pop sometimes, although they’re coming from the opposite end of the spectrum. »

Eyes Gone (Berlin)

Live debut of this evil industrial techno.


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Date :
13th novembre 2018
Heure :
Catégorie d’Événement:


Milk Me


Urban Spree
Revaler Strasse 99 (Warschauer Str. x Revaler Str.)
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