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Psyche + Rational Youth

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Psyche (CAN) live -> Listen

Psyche was originally founded with his brother Stephen Huss, and briefly included Dwayne Goettel in Edmonton, Canada circa. 1982. Later collaborations followed with David Kristian (« The Influence », 1989) Per-Anders Kurenbach (1995-2000), and Remi Szyszka (2001-2004), all recording albums with Darrin under the name Psyche. Since their debut in the early 80s, Psyche have continued to record, and perform around the world. 11 full length albums have so far been released.

Rational Youth (CAN) live -> Listen

In Canadian history, there is special respect for les voyageurs; the early pioneers who explored uncharted territory, discovered its wealth and opened paths for others to follow. Montreal’s Rational Youth will be remembered as electro-voyageurs; the country’s first band to make pop records and perform using only synthesizers and drum machines.



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31st août 2019
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Urban Spree
Revaler Str. 99 (Warschauer Str. x Revaler Str. ) + Google Map