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Fulmen Nacht: Aquarian Madness

Fulmen comes back to Urban Spree for a exotic night of Aquarian Madness ♒

This time we’ll start the night with a series of live sets and concerts, so we’ll open the doors at 22:00 Uhr and music will start at 22:30.

First act is a psychedellic space rock concert by NOdarling. Then, what we like to call « Shit Face on E.I.S. »: a live set by the experimental project Shit Face on immersive massage theater by E.I.S – Electro Inspired Sensuality. Finishing the concert series, live vocals by Utopyk, trumpet delirium by ZABY and a « Welcome to Berlin » act by Patokai.

The DJ chaos will start with Salto Honduras, followed by a back to back set by Traveller X & El Fulminador. Last act of the night will be the return of Sacv the great to the controls.

Throughout such trip, Kalma will illuminate darkness with magical projections.


22:00 – 23:00: Doors open / Warm Up
23:00 – 00:00: No Darling (Concert)
00:00 – 01:00: Shit Face on E.I.S. (Live Set & Massage Theater)
01:00 – 01:30: Utopyk & Zaby / Patokai (Concert)
01:30 – 03:00: Salto Honduras (DJ Set)
03:00 – 05:00: Traveller X & El Fulminador (B2B)
05:00 – 07:00: Sacv (DJ Set)

01:00 – 04:00: Kalma (Visuals)

Join our night of Aquarian Madness and be dazzled. Forever.

RA: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1040843

Rattapack // rough, hard, loud & loving

Every first Friday of the month at Urban Spree

// rough, hard, loud & loving //

♫ Best Techno & Live Rap ♫

Right after New Year`s we’ll start into 2018 with with a bang.

Rattapack is the new event series which unites the creator of Symbiotikka/KitKat and a bunch of the most outstanding artists from the Berlin techno and rap scene in one big happening.

In the club of the Urban Spree, DJs like Grace Thompson, Chris Knipp, DJ Jordan oder Match Hoffman are gonna play a tough and hard-lined kind of techno sound which you may never have heard from them like this ever before.

What’s more ? A few new comers like Dr Double U from Belgium or the revolutionary duo Wallace & Wonker!

Whereas in the Boiler Room wich you will find in the basement, it’s gonna get hot, intimate and sweaty with the best old school hip hop tracks by Jah Fish, Rap/Funk beats thanks to the fascinating duo called The Brides and not at least live rap-vocals by Lexodus from London, with full power.

This is gonna be an awesome night, that sets every visitor on fire and in case you’re wondering – yes, you WILL dance! Whoop, whoop!

The party Rattapack with new surprises all along will then take place every first friday of the month at Urban Spree.


>>> Techno Floor <<<

Grace Thompson

Wallace & Wonker

Chris Knipp

DJ Jordan

Match Hoffman

Dr Double U

>>> Live Rap Boiler Room <<<

Lexodus (live)

Jah Fish

The Brides

Entry: 12,- €


Holzmund #5

Handmade sounds, experimental performance, repetitive rhythms: „Holzmund“ refers to concerts with live processing and analogue gear, as much as to the physical experience of a club night with electronic dance music.

Doron Sadja – live – Sound, Light, Room

Marco Donnarumma – live – Body, Electronics

Anna Bolena – Special DJ Set – 3 Turntables, Dubplates
[Idroscalo Dischi, Buttons]

Dim_Light – Techno – [Voidance Records]

Beb.Welten – Ambient Noise – [Holzmund]

eftechr – Techno – [Aconito Records, Holzmund]


Doron Sadja is an artist, composer, and curator whose work explores the perception of sound and light in a spatial framework. His concerts often combine multichannel electronic sounds with stroboscopic smoke, mirror, laser, and projection shows. Besides touring the US and Europe, Sadja co-founded Shinkoyo Records and the West Nile performing arts venue in Brooklyn, has curated various festivals around NYC, and a series of listening sessions at Spectrum, Berlin. For Holzmund #5 he will play a site specific performance with installations.

Marco Donnarumma has a distinct standing in the fields of contemporary performance and media art, making use of emerging technologies like biophysical sensing to deliver artworks that are at once intimate, powerful, and confrontational. He just played at Ars Electronica Festival 2017, and is a new member of the Techno-act Dadub. For Holzmund #5 he will perform his pieces Ominous and Music for Flesh II.

Anna Bolena has a strong presence in the Berlin Techno scene for so many years now: as a DJ and producer, but also running her own label Idroscalo Dischi, and successfully promoting the Buttons-parties at ://about blank. For Holzmund #5 she will spin 3 turntables, and play her own Techno productions from dub plates: exclusive, ‘one-off’ acetate disc recordings. This tradition goes back to the first days of techno and DJ culture: Faced with limited access to DJ friendly records, DJs turned to dub plates to be able to play their own productions in the clubs. Expect grave, industrial Techno.

Dim_Light is not only a collector of grim visual aesthetics (http://wherenext.tumblr.com/), and one half of Nemorous Records, but also running his own label Voidance Records, just lately bringing out a stunning first release. At Holzmund #5 you have the chance to enjoy one of his rare DJ sets: fierce, dark and droning, building up to compelling Techno beats.

Longtime Holzmund-resident and promoter Beb.Welten will set the tone with a warm to noisy ambient opening set. The night closes with focus on the dancefloor, mixed by eftechr, the other half of the Holzmund-crew, and Techno producer for Aconito Records, London.

Annual concert series for electroacoustic and electronic music – holzmund.de

Japanese Techno Festival Berlin 2017 Summer

In Japan, we have a lot of musical culture. We have Roland, KORG, YAMAHA, Technics, Sony…etc. We always chase our musical spirit and passion in our mind from ancient times. What is Japanese Techno? Today Japanese people love under ground music like Techno. The scene is not big like Berlin, but growing up as hidden musical culture for talented music lovers. Our all DJs are Japanese from Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Niigata and more. We know about hidden local party scene in Japan and would like to introduce our Real underground scene to Techno lovers in Berlin. Sounds, Vibes and people…You can feel Japanese context in our music. Don’t miss our festival if you never know Japanese Techno.

10 Euro after 11pm
5 Euro before 11pm

*RA attend


Main floor (Upstairs)
2200-2300 himeee LIVE
2300-2430 Platinum Pork
2430-0130 Sub Human Bros LIVE
0130-0330 Tomoki Tamura
0330-End Kenji Tazaki

Basement (Downstairs)

2300-2400 SASAKI Hiroaki LIVE
2400-0230 Yasuhisa
0230-End DHADHA »

Bier Garden(Outside Open Air)

00:00-03:00 Hideto Omura
03:00-End Yasuhisa

*Line up

// Tomoki Tamura (Holic Trax / Doublet) From Osaka //

The rare breed that is Tomoki Tamura started his journey with dance music in Japan and has come a long way since. A move to London in 2004 inaugurated a series of Holic nights that would eventually lead him to rock the floors of top London venues including Fabric, Ministry of Sound, and Plastic People. Meanwhile, he had gained enough experience and respect to earn himself a residency at the legendary club The END / AKA from 2007 until its closure in 2009.

Quickly growing to become a staple night in London’s nightlife, HOLIC continued to flourish as it brought a fresh selection of quality house and techno djs to the capital. While the party bubbled in London, it also earned permanent residency at one of Japan’s most respected clubs, Womb in Tokyo. He began to play an important roll being the main underground music ambassador connecting Tokyo to London. With immediate affect, Tomoki received the much deserved respect and started to play in all corners of the world.

Almost a decade after HOLIC’s establishment, the launch of the label HOLIC TRAX came naturally in 2012 with a release from none other than Mr. G. The label’s unique raw take on house music has earned enormous praise from underground music lovers. With releases from Tuccillo, Rick Wade, Chris Carrier, Ekkohaus & Rufus, Kate Simko, and Robert Dietz, the label has proven to follow its own taste without compromise. Tomoki is one half of Doublet, a project in collaboration with Italian Ibiza resident Tuccillo. HOLIC TRAX has been the main outlet for their unique take on raw and moody house tracks.

Although proving to be a credible producer, label owner, and promoter, he knows his records the most and is a DJ above all. He now resides in Berlin where he calls home.


// Sub Human Bros (Eintakt Records) From Fukuoka //

A hardware Techno unit based in Berlin, consisting of the brothers, Makoto and Yutaka.Inspired by Berlin techno sound, Sub Human Bros has a concept “to record the initial impulse of human beings”. Sub Human Bros is the one and only brother unit that keeps producing dynamic dance music and vivid sounds like band music from the techno point of view.
As organizing their party “PLANET BAR BERLIN”, they energetically play live acts at the leading clubs in Berlin, such as “Griessmuehle », « Chalet Club » and « Hoppetosse ». They toured in Tokyo,Kyusyu area Japan and in Hong Kong,Seoul as a release memorial live tour in Asia.


// SASAKI Hiroaki (Yotsume-music) From Tokyo //

Japanese artist and owner of the Yotsume-music label.
He was born in Kurasiki city,and is currently based in Tokyo.
He started music influenced by 80’s Newwave/PunkRock and now He compose Minimal Techno.

He met synthesizer/sequencer and that of the 90’s club movement.
But later got into the world of minimal techno and house music at around 90’s.
Since 2003 he is actively output his own minimal tracks.

2007 « Dramatic ep » 1st [moderntool Label]
2008 « V ep » 2nd [moderntoll]
2009 « spray vol.06 » [moph record]
2009 « PARTIZAN/L.T.D » [moph record]
2009 « 16sec  » [PLAZA in CROWD]
2010 « Visiond dance » [PLAZA in CROWD]
2011 « Classic 1 ep » [Yotsume-Music]
2011 « Red »(albam) [PLAZA in CROWD]
2013 « Woman ep » [Yotsume-Music]
2016 “ICON ep” [Yotsume-Music]

resident advisor : http://jp.residentadvisor.net/dj/sasakihiroaki
Discogs : http://www.discogs.com/artist/1715171-Sasaki-Hiroaki

// YASUHISA (TetralogisticS) From Osaka //

In the year 2003 as a DJ on a fashion show, 2004 as as a club DJ, he started his career. He represented Kansai region and established „TetralogisticS“ , a party which has been initiated in the domestic techno scene.
With his experience of a super long set as 18 hours or 24 hours, also he dared a one-men DJ party „Sound by Sound (Circus Osaka)“ for three times and earned a huge reputation.
As well he performed at the dance music festival „The Star Festival (Kyoto)“ which Japan boasts the world and the „dance music festival“ (formerly: Nagisa music festival/Osaka).
Being a DJ with one and only dance music which let us feel the prominence sensitivity, he plays not only minimal techno, also incorporated house, electro, dubstep, dub and ambient, and seek the developing „sound“ and expand his width of genre.
With this wide range of sound and groove and individual development he gather support among the crowd and also among DJs.
He will steadily display his ability and his personality which cannot be ignored.


// Kenji Tazaki (Bass Works Recordings) From Osaka//

Grew up in classical musical environment and naturally attached to piano in childhood. In middle of his 10′s, used to play the bass in a band.
and led him into a DJ in west Japan in 2007 and eventually started producing club tracks in 2009. Currently based in Berlin and pursue his possibility.


// DHADHA » (4-Beat Entertainment) From Kobe //

He started DJ in 2004, belongs to fanxsmusic as “DJ1000DREAM”. He is based in west side of Japan, played at famous places like Zepp Osaka, Creative Centre Osaka, etc. He also played with famous foreign artists.
In 2006, he started to play as “Mitsuda Daisuke”, exploring new genre of music. His mix-work with House, Techno, Deep House, and Chillout are really unique and intelligent. “Mitsuda Daisuke” was catapulted into fame in club scene in Japan.
He works also as a promotor, he established “4-Beat Entertainment”, produces artists and does comprehensive management energetically.
In 2014, he visited Ibiza to expand his fields in Europe, after that he moved to Berlin. He absorbed the essence of Techno there, and started to play as “DHADHA » ”, aimed to sublime his music as an artwork. His mix “The Ibiza 2015” ranked the first place on “beatport”. His great works brought sensation to the audience, he achieved the brilliant feat as a first Japanese. His musical quality has been known, he played more than 10 times in Ibiza, and he held an event and did headliner in Ibiza in 2015. His enthusiasm and stoic attitude towards music, spreads vivid impression to audience’s mind.


// Hideto Omura (Robsoul Recordings) From Nagoya //

Having been inspired by the skills and sounds of Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, Cajmere et al, Omura took to the decks himself back in the early naughties. His natural beat running, mixing swing and selection always guarantee an enviable energy and electricity on dance floor. A move to Germany accelerated Hideto’s increasing appetite for the studio and it wasn’t long before he was creating beats of his own.


Berlin Food Art Week: Dance Performance with InCorpo

12th July 2017 – 18:30h Urban Spree

InCorpo / Impro n. 4 – Eating or not eating (2017)

The dance improvisation performance belongs to a series of site specific performances that are taking place in public locations. “Impro n. 4 – Eating or not eating” has been commissioned by Entretempo Kitchen Gallery and is presented within the Berlin Food Art Week Festival 2017. Having the dance improvisation as a solid base, the performance is also characterised by the projection of recorded texts that will be directed in space through the dancers bodies. The texts are made of interviews: InCorpo brings to the public the Berliner citizens’ opinions and reflections about food and in particular about meat consumption. This subject brings together a wide variety of opposite ideas really debated nowadays. All these thoughts are expressed both in English and German. InCorpo’s interest about site specific performances comes from the belief that dance is a physical art form that can be accessible to everyone, finding inspirations and creative influences from the environment in which is presented.

InCorpo / Impro n. 4 – Eating or not eating (2017)
Concept and direction: Raffaella Galdi
Dancers: Laura Giuntoli and Marie Rechsteiner
Text-interviews: Berliner citizens

Support a cause: Make a DONATION to empower Food Art Week and its community to grow!

About InCorpo:
It is a receptive ground in which contemporary dance operates in relationship to other art-forms.
It has been established by Raffaella Galdi, who conceives and guides the activities and who is developing a dance methodology to share and pass on her experience and knowledge in dance.
InCorpo stands not only to promote and support the choreographic and dance-pedagogic work of its founder, but also collaborates on projects initiated by other artists. InCorpo nourishes a field on which artists, often dealing with different languages, get in contact and create together. InCorpo has an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach.
The name InCorpo (”into the body”) comes from the understanding that anything which is created and expressed comes into “embodiment” within a form, so it “takes a body”: from dance to plastic art, from video to painting or drawing, from music to writing or spoken language. Any creative act is an expression of the invisible, present everywhere and in each of us. It manifests itself within a body, however this form may be or appear.

For the whole program and more informations about BFAW go to

Danny Figueroa (Wesr): Hits and Flops

Urban Spree Galerie is proud to invite you to the opening of « Hits and Flops », a new solo exhibition in the Galerie’s Ecke of works on paper by Peruvian-born and Berlin-based artist Danny Figueroa alias WESR.

« Hits and Flops » is a new series of works on paper, sketches and drawings presented by Danny Figueroa. Also known for his large street art pieces, Danny Figueroa’s drawing practice and experiments have always been an integral part of his artistic life.

The drawing series presented at Urban Spree Galerie are mainly figurative in nature but are made of an ever-changing matter, a fragile essence where transformation is occurring relentlessly, where nothing can be properly fixed, like a fugitive steam slipping out of a defaulting pressure cooker. This evanescence comes up with their perceived defaults and successes, or as the artist calls them, their « hits and flops ».

About the artist:

Danny Figueroa was born in 1980 in Chiclayo, Peru and grew up in the capital Lima where he has been active as a graffiti artist since 1996 under the pseudonym « Wesr ». He was strongly affected in his youth by the cultural clash between Peru’s traditions and the overwhelming americanization. This is also reflected in his art, in which he brings together the aesthetics of traditional and contemporary japanese graphic illustrations with elements of Peruvian indigenous art. Figueroa often reproduces masked figures revealing their innermost part beneath the masks and allowing for a variety of interpretations. The texture of narrow lines defining the structure of his works like scars grant access to the histories behind the unique personality of every singular character. His oeuvre ranges between muralism, painting and illustration and is marked by abstract figures with mask-like faces that might remind of early 20th century futurism. Since 2008, he lives and works in Berlin.

Urban Spree Galerie Ecke:

The « Ecke » (for « corner » in german) is the second exhibition space of Urban Spree. Located in the galerie on the opposite side of the main gallery space, the Ecke is focused on works on paper, drawings, illustration, and photography, albeit on a scale that reveals a more intimate facet of the artists.

Danny Figueroa aka Wesr

« Hits and Flops »

Urban Spree Galerie’s Ecke

8th of April – 22nd of April 2017

Opening reception: 8th April, 2017, 18:30 – 22:00

Exhibition hours: TU – SU 12:00 – 18:30

Enquiries: galerie@urbanspree.com