Special Edition Handicraft Spray Can #1

  • Unique Work
  • 950,00€


Special Edition Handicraft Spray Can #1
2,76 x 6,69 inch
7 x 17 cm
Hand-Painted Miniature Painting on a Used Spray Can
Unique Work


For this specific series, Nafir reverses his artistic process: instead of spray painting carpets, he imagined upcycling his used spray cans at the hands of master craftsmen in the Teheran bazaar who in turn could imprint their ancestral knowledge onto the aerosol vessel (miniature paintings, woodcarving etc…), a sort of collaboration and bond between generation.

About the artist

Nafir aims to reintroduce the woman in the Iranian public space. By stenciling unveiled faces of Iranian women on centuries-old carpets and pasting them in the street, he uses a traditional medium, often associated with religion and certainly with tradition, to depict bold women living in a repressive society and daring to confront the judgment of the passing crowd, the taboos of a regime whose rigorist islam forbids such practice and iconography but also aims to rejuvenate a pre-islamic past and reconnect with Persia's old history.

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