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Sudden Infant / Petra Flurr / Philipp Strobel / Nekrobot

Industrial-Noise-Punk / Harbinger Sound, Voodoo Rhythm

Queer-Punk-Electro / Fabrika Rec


NEKROBOT (GR/D) dj set

event page photo by Martin Baumgartner

After 25 years of extensive solo works and collaborations, Sudden Infant is now operating as a three-piece band with Joke Lanz, Christian Weber and Alexandre Babel.
The international acclaimed Noise project has transformed into a Dada-Punk-Industrial unit produced by Roli Mosimann (ex Swans drummer). In the past Sudden Infant toured with Sleaford Mods and opened for Wolf Eyes, Ben Frost, Merzbow, Derek Bailey, Joan La Barbara, Thurston Moore, Jim O’Rourke and many others.
“Sudden Infant go all the way. Nothing is held back.”
– Keith Moline / The Wire
“One of Europe’s finest Noise provocateurs!”
– Matthew Kosloff / Skyscraper Magazine
“Fucking awesome band! I was lucky enough to witness their set live at 100 Club. Killer!”
– Steve Crittall / The Godfathers

explores any kind of social tensions and control: political, religious, racial, with an acid, violent and uncompromising attitude. He is well-known in the underground scene for his furious ravaging vocals and the devastating live performances, in which he turns into a real stage animal.

head of the Berlin-based label aufnahme + wiedergabe, is one half of the DEATH # DISCO DJ team. Together with Ian P. Christ he runs the monthly club night in Berlin with changing international live acts and well reputed DJs, offering the best in Cold Wave, Minimal, Synth, Post Punk, Industrial and Electronic Underground Sounds. He is also part of the endorcism crew which is organizing Noise, Power Electronics, Avantgarde and Experimental events under the umbrella of Modern Movement.

Nekrobot spent most of his formative years in Athens refining his technical skills in sonic and visual communication, as a DJ and graphic artist. After relocating to Berlin he gained DJ residency at the infamously transgressive party Sabbat. Nekrobot has played in a diverse range of parties, art events and music festivals throughout Europe collaborating with musicians and artists from all over the world. He lives and works in Berlin.

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SYSTREMMA – VOL.1 feat. Acid Baby Jesus / Mozes and the Firstborn / Scraps / Frogrammers

SYSTREMMA is a new series of multiple live shows and drop dead dance action at Urban Spree on two floors!


★★★ MAIN FLOOR ★★★

ACID BABY JESUS (Athens, Greece) live!
psychedelic garagepunk out on slovenly recordings

psychedelic garagerock out on burger records

DJs: Hendrik Apfel & Mr.Popp

★★★ BASEMENT ★★★

SCRAPS (London, UK) live!
punk from london

FROGRAMMERS (Berlin) live!
punk from berlin

DJs: Alvar Raw Beat (Sick Horse / Needle Exchange) & a special guest

Presale tickets will be 12€ at koka36.de

C215: The Monograph


‘C215: The Monograph’ is the most complete book to date about the work of French stencil artist & wanderer C215 aka Christian Guémy.

The book cover is made of a rough and thick cardboard whose center is later cut as a stencil of the famous “C215” monogram. The book also encompasses a detachable stencil at the end, making it not only a comprehensive book about the artist’s career but also a nicely printed & designed object.

With over 300 pages, the book is organized around a thematic abecedarium, illustrated and commented by the artist himself, offering a vertical insight into his universe: Amsterdam, Architecture, Artist, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Blue, Caravaggio, Far Cry…

The monograph is already available at Urban Spree Berlin and can be ordered online as well here.




Hexvessel (Fin) + Dolch (Berlin)

Sounds from the finnish forest, echoing in the catacombs of Berlin. Masked figures chasing snakes among trees and mushrooms. A celebration of the obscure and magical.




It was in 2009 that Mat McNerney settled down in Finland – the oddball country of Scandinavia, where the humour is as dark as the winter afternoons and the nature as breathtaking as their moonshine. Originally from the UK, he came here via stints in Norway and Holland, already with weight to his name in the underground of extreme and avantgarde metal music, having sung and written in bands like Dødheimsgard and Code among many more, sometimes under the moniker of Kvohst. Later, he achieved success with modern post punk darlings Beastmilk and its spin-off Grave Pleasures.

In Finland he found his “kin”, and there he invoked Hexvessel – a band founded to voice Mat’s inner self, and to connect it with the vast cosmic infinity around him. Simply: to play psychedelic music in the true sense of the term.

More like a commune than a regular band, the spirit surrounding the group invokes a vision of a bunch of Northern heathens coming to live in Laurel Canyon in the late 1960’s. Sonically, it’s more the other way around; Joni Mitchell and The Doors set free in the Finnish wilderness (quite possibly intoxicated under the midnight sun).

Hexvessel is rock but never roll – balancing the simple folk tune with psychedelic drive, hinting at Captain Beefheart, King Crimson and The Beatles as well as the dewy-eyed Americana that contemporary folk artists like First Aid Kit have adapted and re-defined. Stirred together, this makes for one truly unique brew of timeless storytelling and song craft.

Since the release of their debut album in 2011 the band has sold out headline tours in their homeland, been nominated for 2 Finnish Grammy awards, toured Europe together with bands like Sabbath Assembly and Alcest, played prestigious festivals like Roadburn in Holland and SXSW in Texas, and seen their music on the charts and on critics lists. This strange pack of Finns have succeeded in creating their own world, of which an ever-increasing number of curious outsiders are hungry to take part.

Come January 2016, Hexvessel’s third album will be out. Their first release licensed to Century Media Records via their own Secret Trees label imprint. A body of work that Mat McNerney says is his most personal to date. Moving into the next phase, further probing into the mysteries and wonders of life, love and death – the question is ultimately turned to the listener;









ACID BABY JESUS (Slovenly Recs)

Acid Baby Jesus formed in Athens, Greece in 2009. They quickly honed a heavy psychedelic rock’n’roll sound influenced equally by the Western World’s lysergic pop past and Greece’s complex folk history. Via Slovenly Recordings, they released their “Hospitals” EP in 2011, followed by the full-length album “LP” later the same year, and a collaborative 10” with Canada’s HELLSHOVEL (under the name VOYAGER 8) in 2012. The band has toured extensively in North America, including a praised performance at the 2012 Austin Psych Fest, and in Europe including a stint with BLACK LIPS. The bands’ line-up now includes Hellshovel guitarist Dox Grillo.

TAU (Fuzzclub Recs)

TAU is the new project spearheaded by Shaun Nunutzi of Dead Skeletons. Contributors include friends and allies from Kadavar and The Soft Moon.

Progressive and pushed forward by propulsive psychedelic thrusts of a contemporary nature, this is also music that is indebted to tradition and history. Some of the material is reimagined indigenous medicine songs aimed at transcending the mind and liberating the spirt. The Original psychedelia. This performance will be acoustic and drum as the ep launch with full band will follow at acud July 29th

Concert: Sun Glitters


Back in February the Luxembourg-based dreampop act Sun Glitters released his new collaboration EP “Galaxy” with Sarah P. (former singer & face of Keep Shelly in Athens). At Berlin’s Urban Spree show on April 28th Sarah P. will join Sun Glitters’ live show for an exclusive performance of the EP during the live-set. Don’t miss this!

The show will be supported by the Italian postrock/electronica band Platonick Dive.

Presented by NBHAP.

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