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Guido Möbius New LP “Batagur Baska” Release Party, group A, Debmaster, DJ Marius Reisser

MILK ME präsentiert:

Record Release Fest anlässlich der Veröffentlichung des neuen Albums „Batagur Baska“ (Shitkatapult) von Guido Möbius




Auf dem neuen Album von Guido Möbius ist alles organisch verwoben, versetzt oder verkantet. Häufig wechseln die Stücke des Berliners mit den rheinischen Wurzeln subtil die Stimmung, kippen etwa vom Freundlich Milden ins Düster Morbide. Oder umgekehrt. In seinen Konzerten entwirft Möbius nur mit Gitarre, Stimme, Trompete und einer Batterie von in Reihe geschalteten Effektgeräten eine hyperaktive Club-Variante seiner Musik. Unvorhersehbar mutiert etwa ein ausuferndes Techno-Funk-Stück zur Lärmwand, um dann vielleicht von einer a-capella-Passage oder Acid-Bassline abgelöst zu werden. Straff organisierte Arrangements und ausschweifende improvisierte Passagen wechseln sich ab. Jede musikalische Bewegung liegt offen, jeder Tritt auf ein Fußpedal kann vom Publikum mit vollzogen werden.



Das japanische Avant Synth Duo group A war die Überraschung des diesjährigen CTM Festivals. Tommi Tokyo (Synthesizer, Gesang, Perkussion) und Sayaka Botanic (Geige, Tapes) wurden für ihre hypnotischen Schleifen aus dunklen Synth-Bässen, digital verzerrter Stimme und scharfen Akzenten auf der Geige frenetisch gefeiert. Konzerte von group A sind Trips aus Neo-Wave, Neo-Boogie und japanischer Performancekunst. Begleitet von verstörenden Visuals nimmt die Musik der beiden Frauen aus Tokyo vom ersten bis zum letzten Moment gefangen.

Einen Tornado aus bleeps und blonks entfesselt Julien Deblois aka Debmaster in seinen Liveshows. Der Meister der tanzbaren Wackel-Bässe findet Inspiration sowohl in HipHop als auch in obskuren Genres wie Moldavian 8bit oder African Accordion. Seine Konzerte sind immer überraschend, mitreißend und durchzogen von schrägem Humor. Wie ein kräftiger Tritt in den Hintern langweiliger Bassmusik.

Wer die Boiler Room Session mit DJ Marius Reisser miterlebt hat, der weiß, dass wir es hier mit einer Club-Fachkraft erster Güte zu tun haben. Reisser besticht durch extrem wandelbare, frische Sets, die fordernd, aber nie überambitioniert daher kommen. Ein Garant für eine schweißtreibende Nacht.

Mit Videopremiere „Batagur Baska“ von Bernd Luetzeler !!!


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Cummi Flu record release

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-24 um 14.41.35
cummi flu :
cummi 5 kleiner

There was once a pop music genre that was not actually a genre. It emerged in the late nineties and early 2000s. It was called ‘electronica’. This genre was no more a genre than ‘indie’ or even ‘pop’. Electronica was a term simply used to define club music, ambient or noise. It referred to a compartmentalized and, for the most part, friendly listening music that was not good to dance to. As a result, a wide range of musical styles came to be classified under this non-genre just because there was no other suitable classification at the time. And now Oliver Doerell is putting out an album that sounds like a late electronica manifesto.

As CUMMI FLU, Doerell mainly does sound design. There is not a sound on Z that has been included by chance. Each acoustic event has been painstakingly carved, demonstrating its creator’s attention to detail. The squeak of a computer, the sound of a door shutting, the drawn-out hum of a cello – everything here is of equal importance, positioned democratically side by side. Each track feeds on a wide variety of sound sourc- es. And even when there is a lot going on, there is immense transparency. Every one of CUMMI FLU’s pieces develops in measured, coherent steps into a dense and, at the same time, clearly delineated sound puzzle.

A puzzle whose pieces do not always fit seamlessly together. Some go over the edges a little bit, giving an overall impression of unevenness. And this blurring or ambiguity is what makes Doerell’s music so special.

In combining these sounds, Doerell prefers the ones that do not fit together at first. Sound loops running in opposite directions rustle and squeal. A woman’s voice sings a meditative mantra in an unidentifiable lan- guage, accompanied by the clang of percussion that is apparently played on an array of kitchen utensils. And in the end, a groove emerges from the tightly woven layers of sound, suggestive of Afrobeats. It bounces and springs to all conceivable heights and depths. Doerell plays his most beloved percussion instrument: rubber bands. There is not a drum computer in the world that can offer such a variable range of sound.

On Z, Doerell pulls out all the stops in terms of every possible and impossible sound: from field recordings of all kinds, including children’s voices and street sounds, to kalimba patterns and elusive fragments of melo- dies. All of these eccentric sounds, in all their waywardness, add up to something resembling songs. Some- times dreamy and faded, at other times concrete and driving, giving rise to a very special kind of loop-based music – intimate, meditative and timeless.

Originally from Brussels, Doerell is a multi-instrumentalist and has been living in Berlin since 1990. He is a member of the bands Dictaphone, SWOD and Raz Ohara & The Odd Orchestra, with which he has released a total of eight albums to date. He has played concerts throughout the world and at festivals such as CTM (DE), Unsound (PL), Mutek (CA) and Benicassim (ES).

cummi 6
The Anglo-German DJ-Team SpatzHabibi spent years working together in a ramshackle bar in Kreuzberg before deciding that their record collection could offer Berlin something hitherto unheard. They DJ an utterly diverse range of music, from upbeat Arabiana to psych meltdowns and Asian filmscores, including just about everything in between.
daniel meteo:
Jack of all Trades, Daniel Meteo (born 1973 in marburg , grown up in essen, moved to cologne and escaped finally to berlin in new year 1997) splits his time up between many artistic activities. Along with Tom Thiel, he’s one-half of the dub / hip-hop electronica duo Bus (released 2 albums and 3 x12″ on Pole´s ~scape label).  He also runs alongside Marcop  Haas (aka T.Raumschmiere) and Florian Schmieg Random Noize Musick GmbH incl. labels as Shitkatapult, Musick and his own dub experimental imprint Meteosound aswell as the Random Noize publisher company.On top of all this, Daniel frequently plays DJ sets to accompany Bus shows or with Shitkatapult, Oceanclub Radio or Scape, in which he spins a variety of music. This can include everything from abstract elecronic or mellow reggae, roots and hip-hop early in the night to dancy techno and house music at the end of the night. DAniel Meteo released his solo debut album „Peruments“ (Meteo 20) in 2006 and several club vinyl 12“ on the labels kalk pets and meteosound.
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Metroidz: Graffiti Group Show Opening & Exhibition

Flyer WebUrban Spree Galerie proudly invites you to the opening of the first show of the 2015 season, “Metroidz”.

After the successful series of hand painted variations on the Teufelsberg print last year, we wanted to launch a new print series focused on subways and graffiti, with a first edition rooted in Berlin.

The choice of the artist responsible for the drawing was cast on French artist Niklos for his capacity to create an original drawing based on a real & imaginary Berlin cityscape with high density backgrounds, sci-fi elements “à la Moebius” and lots of attention to details.

An edition of 40 prints was screen printed by Dolly at her Urban Spree studio in an edition of 2 colors, black and ‘yellow U-Bahn’ on 270 gsm archival paper, in a large 100 x 70 cm format.

Against this backdrop, French photographer Thorfine, curator of the show, has asked 20 Berlin-based & still active graffiti writers to be part of the project and project their art and vision on the print.

The resulting line-up is one of the strongest Berlin has to offer:

Fach – Trik – Spirit – Roza – 1UP Crew – Poet – Fino – Quis – Tour -Shade – Bas2 – Chika – Igid – Inka – Leroy – Roger – Pesd – Eshok -Stereo – Tin

The Metroidz series can be viewed as a historic slice of the Berlin subway graffiti culture of the past decade as well as a strong artistic manifesto for Berlin style writing, in a format never attempted before.

The 20 prints will be presented on Saturday, February 28th, 2015 at the Urban Spree Galerie, with 3 additional A/P prints hand painted by Niklos himself.


Niklos will draw directly on the gallery walls to create an original scenography for the print show.

The regular, 2 color edition print series will also be available at the galerie in a limited run of 20 prints.

Exhibition curated by Thorfine, supported by Montana Cans and The Grifters.

Vernissage; Saturday, February 28th, 2015
Urban Spree Galerie
Warschauer x Revaler Str.
10245 Berlin Friedrichshain
Doors: 19:00

Exhibition: 01-20 March, 2015
12:00 – 19:00 or by appointment


The Teufelsberg series:

@urban_spree @montanacans @thegrifters @niklos_hardos @thorfineparis

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Undogmatisch 6


_ LOWER ORDER ETHICS (Ready Made) – dj
_ GONDWANA (Opal Tapes) – live
_ MOGANO (Arboretum) – live
_ IAN McDONNELL and DARA SMITH (Stroboscopic Artefacts / R&S) – live
_ ASCION (Repitch) – live
_ DANIELE ANTEZZA + T.C.O. (Stroboscopic Artefacts / Undogmatisch) – b2b dj

| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

_ FAX / VILLA / sYn – visuals

| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |


| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |


| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

DANIELE ANTEZZA (Stroboscopic Artefacts / Aquietbump)
Daniele Antezza is an electronic music producer, mastering engineer and sound designer, member of Dadub and co-founder of Artefacts Mastering Studio.
A chance meeting with fellow Italian Giovanni Conti, cemented the foundations of Dadub as a duo as the pair bonded over their interest in sound manipulation and merging experimental techno with drone and dub elements, as well as sparkling noise and ambience.
He’s actually at work on his solo forthcoming LP as Inner8.

T.C.O. (Undogmatisch / WePlay!Rec)
T.C.O. aka Mirco Magnani is an italian Berlin based music composer and video artist, co-founder of music projects: Minox, Technophonic Chamber Orchestra, 4Dkiller, he is also producer and dj. Since 1984 he has produced music and mixed-media events with the italian band Minox. In 1996 he co-founded the independent record label Suite inc., he has worked, for his label releases and on the stage, with Steven Brown (he produced Minox’ “Lazare” – Industrie Discografiche Lacerba – Lacer 9 – 1986), Blaine L. Reininger of Tuxedomoon, Lydia Lunch, Mad Professor, Nobukazu Takemura, The Gentle People, Murcof, Daedelus, etc… In 2000 co-founded Suitevision, a sub-label that was dedicated to images and A/V. In 2004 he started his solo project T.C.O. and in 2009 he moved to Berlin developing his projects between exhibitions, live shows and dj sets and also collaborating/producing with various artists and labels.

ASCION (Repitch)
Born in Napoli in 1988. Since early age he is fascinated by electronics, when the first computer arrive at home he immediately began to experiment with it and with sounds. After finishing his studies in – Multimedia Design – in Italy he moved to Berlin where he is taking care of three record labels. REPITCH recordings and Cosmo Rhythmatic with the collaboration of D.Carbone and Shapednoise, 3TH records with D.Carbone and Lucindo. Ascion’s solo projects, referring to both productions and performances, is often defined dark and mental. His work mainly focuses on his own record labels like the last solo-work “The Cybernetic Drama”, released on 3TH records, which fully reflects his style and musical growth achieved during his years of production. Ascion’s experimental alter ego CSA, a reverse-abbreviation of his original alias, was introduced by the label Violet Poison (releasing on the V.A “Sulla giostra nell’ombra” the track “Overture”). His name was also prominent for the release “Kick on” on Drumcode (2009), the remix of the classic “Avion” of Damon Wild and recently for various apparitions and collaborations on labels such as Modularz, InnerSurface music and M_rec LTD. Ascion is also the Graphic Designer of his labels.

IAN McDONNELL and DARA SMITH (Stroboscopic Artefacts / R&S)
Ian McDonnell and Dara Smith are two musicians from Dublin, Ireland, currently based in Berlin. Better known in electronic music as Eomac and Arad, and together as the duo Lakker, they have worked with labels such as R&S Records, Killekill, Stroboscopic Artefacts, Electric Deluxe and Trilogy Tapes to name a few. Outside of that they have played in a wide range of groups and bands, from noise and improv to contemporary classical and pop. For this performance they will create a whole new set of improvised music.

MOGANO (Arboretum)
Mogano is the moniker of electronic music producer and imprint founder Marco Berardi.
The name ”mahogany” re-calls both the percussive and string infused nature of his music as well as his profound fascination for ancient musical practices and nature as a source of knowledge.
In his youth, Marco was a guitarist involved with a variety of musical projects, around 2010 he began to perform in clubs as a DJ. Making his way in the Dub and Techno scene, he then formed a synergy with visual artist Andrea Familari Fax and sound designer Drøp (Giuseppe Bifulco), both of whom are now part of the Arboretum imprint. Arboretum has become their cooperative platform for Audio/Video experimentation as well as a record label. Since 2012 the project is based and active in Berlin and has been involved in a remarkable framework of concepts such as Contort (NewCodes Berlin Atonal), CTM Transmediale Vorspiel, Undogmatisch and many others.

GONDWANA (Opal Tapes)
Gondwana aka Andrea Taeggi is an Italian musician residing in Berlin. After graduating from the Conservatory of Amsterdam, where he had the chance to deepen his knowledge in acoustic improvised music – working with a variety of ensembles of the lively Dutch improv scene (using prepared piano, percussion, a.o.) he delved into electronic music ranging from research sound design to post-dance floor. He just started Gondwana, his new solo project whose debut record release is scheduled on January 19th on UK label Opal Tapes. His music can be described as sculptural, tactile, meditative, bodily, using improvisation during his live shows. He’s interested in working with all sorts of instruments/machines from the past, as an inspirational basis for composing and sound sculpting. He’s also one half of the duo Lumisokea (Opal Tapes/Digitalis/Eat Concrete) which released 5 records and has a forthcoming one on American label Digitalis due in early 2015. He toured extensively in Europe, and occasionally also in North and South America.

Hailing from the murky depths of underground Budapest nights, Lower Order Ethics has been tasting Berlin’s veins for quite some time and liking it. Known for her tense and masterful transmissions on the edge of welcome sonic paranoia, flirting with borderline gothic and harsh industrial, her sets open the doors of techno’s secret chambers, conjuring up smoky, hypnotic images of endless nights spent in daze.
When not behind the decks, Lower Order Ethics takes part in A/V and noise projects, tirelessly researching ethnomusicology at the same time.

FAX (Arboretum)
Italian artist, born in 1987, lives and works in Berlin, Germany.
His works encompass from Vjiing, Audio/Visual Interactions, Mapping, Interactive installations to Scenic-design and investigate mostly on the decomposition of micro/macro cosmos.
Since 2012 he works also as Workshops Manager for LPM (Live Performers Meeting): an international meeting of live video performers, video artists and vjs, that seeks to study the practices that most have influenced live video performance.
In 2013 he also founded, together with Marco Berardi (Mogano) and Giuseppe Bifulco (Drøp) the Records Label Arboretum, a cooperative platform for Audio/Video experiments.

Villa lives and works in Berlin, Germany. After studies in Video Design, he worked full time with Studio Azzurro, established video art reality since 1982, running on his versatility to achieve the different kind of projects developed by the italian group: multimedia building, software programming, synchronized videoprojections and of course video making, for different interactive installations in museums or exhibitions, as well for art pieces at galleries or shows.
Recently he’s focused on films and videoclips productions, involved into different collaborations with Berlin-based artists and music labels, mixing personal and collaborative artistic projects with commercial commissions, he’s experienced in audiovisual performances and interactive installations, pursuing synesthetic experiences for the audience, especially in different vjing and lighting performances in clubs and art venues.

Valentina is a painter.
“True perfection does not exist, the sense of beauty comes from imperfection.” In the attainment of perfection, there is always the need for some elements of ugliness and of madness. When the ugliness is there, it is often overlooked, either intentionally or unintentionally, but perhaps when it is overlooked, true perfection is obtained.

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C T M # Senyawa / Grün / Bill Kouligas / Rabhi Beaini / Shakleton

Morphine and CTM are extremely pleased to announce an impromptu gathering with Senyawa, an Indonesian duo. They will be supported by live apperances from Morphine’s Rabih Beaini (aka Morphosis) and Grün, and DJ sets from PAN’s Bill Kouligas, and Shackleton – all friends or fans of the duo’s work.


CALLING THE NEW GODS • SENYAWA live in Java from Vincent Moon / Petites Planètes on Vimeo.

Senyawa uniquely manage to embody the aural flavours of Javanese music while exploring the framework of experimental music practice, pushing the boundaries of both traditions. In doing so their music strikes a perfect balance between their avant-garde influences and cultural heritage to create truly contemporary Indonesian music.
Following several Indonesian tours, Senyawa’s mesmerizing live show quickly attracted considerable attention, and was followed by numerous invitations to perform at festivals in Australia and Europe.

→ http://senyawa.tumblr.com


Berlin-based percussionist and electronic music producer Daniele de Santis appears with a supporting analogue set as Grün – a project dedicated to exploring the colour Green as a portion of the light spectrum as well as archetypal symbol of what is commonly referred to as “nature”. An organic sonic creature that takes shape by controlled interactions between custom-made analogue sythesis modules, field recordings, and acoustic piano parts, Grün’s live improvisation gives life to a deep-bass sonic form resembling over-amplified microbiological worlds.

→ https://soundcloud.com/grunsound

 Bill Kouligas

billkouligas280114-660x365DJ and producer Bill Kouligas stands behind the landmark electronic and experimental music imprint PAN, which he founded in 2008. A label that quickly garnered praise internationally, PAN does not subscribe to a singular style; rather, it identifies unorthodox expressive voices from different generations and scenes, bringing them into dialogue and exploring their intersections and the ways they reference one another.

→ http://p-a-n.org

 Rabih Beaini

29_rabih_beaini_culturebox_rbma_lassek_8Lebanese-born producer Rabih Beani is known for his grainy, imaginative analog techno and sonic explorations under his own name as well as his Morphosis moniker. While his productions join the dots between dancefloor, raw, elementary electronica, improv and jazz, his Morphine Records label has put forward an equally avant-garde selection of techno from the likes of Madteo, Hieroglyphic Being, and Anthony “Shake” Shakir.

→ http://www.morphinerecords.com


Shackleton-Sparse-c-Vincent-ArbeletLancashire-born producer Sam Shackleton, now resident in Berlin, emerged in the mid 00s just as dubstep began its international spread. He operated the influential label Skull Disco with Appleblim from 2005-08 and launched another imprint, Woe To The Septic Heart!, in 2010.

Shackleton played in punk bands when growing up and brings the DIY, no-holds-barred ethos to his solo work while embracing an idiosyncratic darkness and fragility. Since his earliest record – Stalker, released as a single sided 7” on the Mordant Music label in 2004 – Shackleton has been an outlier. His singular approach to music making sets his productions apart from dubstep and other genres; he crafts an identifiable aesthetic without shuttering his sound into a particular style. One of the most successful “crossover” stories of dubstep, Shackleton has collaborated with Ricardo Villalobos, T++, and others far removed from South London’s bass scene.

→ https://soundcloud.com/shackleton

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Sun Araw & Laraaji 'The Play Zone'


Sun Araw (live solo)
Laraaij (live solo)
Sun Araw and Laraaij (live)
Alex Grey aka Deep Magic (DJ-set)

CTM is pleased to welcome return collaborator Sun Araw for a special performance with Laraaji. Both supporting recent album releases, Sun Araw and Laraaji will play their own sets as well meld zither, electronics, acoustics, and outernational sound sources into a special live collaboration, “Play Zones”. The project combines the unique niches of both artists, who have carved their own 21st century spiritual dimension in musical space and time.

New York-based Laraaji began playing music on the streets in the 1970s, improvising trance-inducing jams on a modified autoharp processed through various electronic effects. Upon seeing him playing one night in Washington Square Park, Brian Eno invited him to record an album for his seminal Ambient series. Laraaij went onto release a prolific series of albums for a wide variety of labels, many of which he recorded himself at home and sold as cassettes during his street performances. Most recently his career has been celebrated with the double disc retrospective Celestial Music 1970 – 2011, now set for release as a vinyl edition in 2014 on All Saints/Warp, along with specially commissioned remixes by new acolytes Sun Araw, Bee Mask, Ela Orleans, and Motion Sickness Of Time Travel.

Over multiple cassette releases, three EPs, six full-length albums and some arresting visual work, Cameron Stallones aka Sun Araw has evolved as a singular purveyor of low-end psychedelia, melted afrobeat and warped dub. An excellent example of hypnagogic pop, Sun Araw’s music messes with time; his tracks never quite go anywhere while never quite staying still either. Filled with swelling bass lines, bubbling percussion, flabby synth stabs and languid guitars, Araw’s tracks tend to merge into one another, conjuring a timeless fog. Sun Araw’s latest album, Belomancie (Sun Ark, 2014), self-described as an “active listening experience…not designed to accompany existing environments”, is his first album since the pointillist stumble-funk and heat-bent grooves of 2012’s The Inner Treaty, which dropped shortly after Icon Give Thank (Rvng Intl, 2012), a collaborative album between Stallones, M. Geddes Gengras and roots reggae vocal legends The Congos as part of their FRKWYS series.

Joining the evening with a DJ-Set and on stage with Cameron Stallones is regular Sun Araw live collaborator Alex Gray aka Deep Magic, who since releasing his debut album, Solar Meditations, for cult label Not Not Fun, has gone on to record a number of longform pieces, mainly on small cassette releases including for his own Deep Tapes label. His third album, Reflections of Most Forgotten Love (Preservation, 2013) creates a meditative realm that is somehow dynamic and driven while at the same time beautifully spacious – a patiently unfolding pursuit of spiritual grace. Alex Gray has also contributed to works by Pocahaunted and Black Eagle Child.

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