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Christmas Bite Club @ Urban Spree

BiteClub_xmas★ Outdoor Christmas streetfood trucks and stalls

★ Indoor foodie market

★ Urban Spree Xmas Book and Print Shop on 2 floors

★ Klebstoff Magazine #6 Release Event with Ronny Trettmann special free gig

★ Berlin Boombox live custom atelier with Matthias Gephart and Péter Janos Novak

★Pampero rum toddy ★ Mulled wine & cider

★ Bad Santa’s DJ grotto ★ Home Opera ★ Cookbooks ★ Ensemble Mini

★Oysters & Bloody Mary bar ★ Mistletoe photobooth ★ Xmas nail art by Nailinger ★


★ Bunsmobile: The big yellow truck (plus Victor the Jack Russell) will be serving up braised ox-cheek or raclette sandwiches plus they’ll be opening oysters inside with a Bloody Mary to zing things up

★ Bauer Lindner: The eponymous Christian Lindner makes his organic boar bratwurst on his Brandenburg farm and serves them with homemade senf plus ribs, fruit wines and cheeses

★ Taco Kween: Our resident Mexican stall make their own GM-free corn tortillas for tacos topped with braised pork in annato, roast pineapple or fish in a Basque pepper sauce

★ Heisser Hobel: Bergkäse produced by chef Florian’s parents in Bavaria is the key ingredient to their velvety Spätzle which won ‘Best Overseas Trader’ at the 2013 European Street Food Awards

★ M&Gs Rib Roll: A perfect marriage of soft hoagie roll smeared with creme fraiche, pulled rib meat, zingy secret recipe BBQ sauce, gherkins and chips for added crunch

★ Pic Nic 34: Gianni will be grilling Arrosticini – a classic Sardinian streetfood of mutton skewers and his fresh pastas on the side

★ Sababa: Fabulous Israeli vegetarian foods – rich aubergine stews, fresh salads and creamy hummus from this Prenzlauer Berg restaurant.

★ Bebe Rebozo: This funky Peruvian truck returns with a ‘Chifa’ (Chinese-influenced cuisine) classic of Lomo Saltado – stir-fried beef with vegetables.


★ Natural wine ★ French cheese ★ Wanessa Vodka ★ Bloody Mary & Oysters ★ Contemporary Food Lab ★ TryFoods.De ★ Ma Patissiere ★ Cookbooks ★ Mistletoe photobooth ★ Xmas nail art by Nailinger ★ Du Bonheur macarons


Urban Spree Xmas Book and Print Shop on 2 floors ★ Leipzig’s based all-sticker mag. Klebstoff Magazine #6 Release Event with Ronny Trettmann special free gig ★ Berlin Boombox live custom atelier with Matthias Gephart and Péter Janos Novak


Bad Santa’s DJ Grotto

★ The fabulous Ensemble Mini will be doing waltzes on Saturday evening

Berliner Kneipechor rolling out carols with a pop twist on Saturday afternoon

★ On Saturday night, Damo Suzuki (ex singer from krautrock legendary band Can) will be performing live in the concert area.

★ Ronny Trettmann (dancehall/reggae from Leipzig) live in the concert area. Free gig on Sunday 20:00

Home Opera will be performing festive cantatas on the grand piano on the Sunday evening

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Last Days for the Grand Boucle Exhibition in London

post2_grandeOriginally created at Urban Spree Galerie in July 2012 by Christoph Reichert (chipsnchampagne) and Urban Spree’s resident screenprinter Dolly Demoratti (Mother Drucker), the Grand Boucle exhibition then travelled to Budapest in April 2013 in an enhanced format and finally hit the UK race tracks in May at Shoreditch’s Kemistry Gallery

Conceived as a critical and visual narrative of vintage and contemporary bike design, Grand Boucle displays a selection of new and vintage bicycles, bespoke saddles as well as  the ‘Grand Boucle’ magazine. Complimenting it is a silk screen printed testimonial to bicycle related design & photography, such as vintage head-badge posters & postcards as well as photographical large scale prints.

Grand Boucle is on until June 1st, 2013.

Grand Boucle Vernissage and Exhibition

Urban Spree Gallery is proud to announce the Grand Boucle Exhibition, a collaborative show around vintage race track/fixie bicycles, including zine launch, display of bikes, bespoke saddles, and hand-pulled screen print editions!

Presented as a photographic documentation of racing bicycles dating back to 1903, graphic designer and bike enthusiast Christoph Reichert has produced a fresh looking magazine entitled ‘Grand Boucle’. This collection of imagery pulled together through modern design was the original catalyst to this project.

Now a silk screen production in celebration and tribute to the distinct design of vintage head badges in all their vibrant, metallic and colourful glory is the evolution to the Grand Boucle concept. The exhibition aims to take you through a visual narrative of vintage and contemporary design and their alliance to the racing/fixed gear bike. Whether you’re an enthusiasts or a novice to the world of racing/fixed gear bikes, the Grand Boucle exhibition will be captivating and enjoyable to visit. The launch of the Grand Boucle magazine will be the spirit of the exhibition and your first opportunity to see this unique publication. A selection of new and vintage bicycles will also be on display, some special bikes are even available for sale. In addition bespoke saddles made by the talented Mick Peel are to be exhibited as well as for sale.

Furthermore 10 posters of different vintage head-badge designs, all produced through silk screen printing by Berlin based company Mother Drucker will be on show. These prints, ranging from 2 through to 5 colour designs, will be for sale at affordable prices at the exhibition and afterwards online.

Mother Drucker is an independent Berlin-based print house located in the Urban Spree Ateliers.

Christoph Reichert, Chipsnchampagne, is an ambitious graphic designer based in Berlin.

Together they collaborate on the Grand Boucle Project.

More details on the project and the Grand Boucle Contest are on the Grand Boucle Tumblr.


Mother Drucker & Chipsnchampagne present The Grand Boucle Project

@Urban Spree Gallery

RAW Tempel

Revaler Str. 99

10245 Berlin


Friday 20th July // 19:00 – 22:00

Saturday 21th – 27th July // 11:00 – 19:00