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Rave Against The Machine // 10 Years Pokora

Pokora is a humble crew of friends who decided to bring un-humble sounds to the free party scene. They like to play it loud and fast, kicking from 180bpm and going way beyond… “Play fast or die!!!”.
For 10 years they have been involved in squat parties, teknivals – and sometimes also making it into clubs – all over Europe.
This year it’s their 10th birthday, so they decided to hit the road once again and join with their friends Kaometry in Berlin.

✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖ Line up ✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖

►Stazma // Acid Breakcore // Murder Channel – Peace Off [FR]
►Audiotist // Hard Rave Core // Breakcore gives me wood – Bankizz [BE]
►Hitori Tori // Idm Breakcore // Peaceoff [CAN]
►Ghost // Idm Breakcore // Life4Land – Mozyk [UK]
►Deidream // Gameboy Break [BE]
►Repeat Eater // Weirdo Acid [FR]
►F000L // Idm Breakcore // Hormonal VibrationZ [DE]
►TaOuch // Folkcore // Kaometry [DE]
►Killabomb // Breakcore – Hardcore // Pokora – Jigsore [UK]
►Substance B // Unformatted Breaks // Pokora [UK]
►Atman // Pokora Sound System [UK]
►2CI // Broken beats // Pokora Sound System [UK]

►visuals by sansculotte

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// Stazma the Junglechrist //
Acid / Breakcore

If Breakcore is dead, then Stazma the Junglechrist is the resurrection!
Hailing from the same French stock as Monster X, Rotator and the infamous Peace Off imprint, Julien Guillot has been smashing up raves all across Europe since his first release on Peace Off in 2008 and is showing no signs of slowing down.
Having taken the early breakcore ethos of genre mashing and amen splicing, Julien delivers his sound of rave, gabber, jungle and dub with a modern, tight production that seems synonymous with the French these days.
As well as making a name for himself with releases on Meganeural, Structural Damage and Peace Off, it is Stazma’s live show which displays his work best. A frenetic, yet finely tuned assault on the senses.
“It’s really very energetic, efficient and has all the elements to both kick out your sissy friends out of the club and make the rest party till late after dawn. Stormy, ravy breakcore.”
Nicolas Ad Noiseam

// Audiotist //
Break / Rave / Hard / Whatever / Core

Audiotist is a Belgian Breakcore/Hardcore/Rave producer who has been active since 2009. After many years of creating tracks infused with Balkan music, Rave/Piano/Chiptune melodies, energetic breaks and skull-cracking Hardcore kicks, he has formed his own identifiable sound which delivers an assault on your eardrums you will thoroughly enjoy.
Working with Breakcore Gives Me Wood, Ragga Terror Front, Dance Corps, Jigsore Sound, .. and showcasing his music in countries such as France, Poland, Germany, England and many others, Audiotist’s tracks resonate throughout the continent of Europe and continue to lure Hard/Break/whatever core fans to the darkest of rooms for nights of music fuelled chaos.

// Hitori Tori //
Idm / Breakcore / Frantic beats

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada Hitori Tori has seen a hand full of EPs and releases on net labels such as Peace Off records, Meganeural and Kaometry. His unique live performances have received positive acclaim in publications such as Computer Music Magazine and Create Digital Music. Over the past several years Hitori Tori has toured Japan, Europe and played improvised sets at the Manitoba Electronic Music Festival.

“Canadian tracker veteran Hitori Tori seems to be doing for Renoise what only Derren Brown can do for a deck of cards”
Computer Music, November 2010.

// Ghost //
Idm / Jungle / Breakcore

Ghost is a musician/producer based in Cambridge, England who has spent most of his life writing music. Ghost’s organic beats are truly one of kind. As a crucial member of the LIFE4LAND collective and the local rave scene, he remains a highly respected producer by his peers who have come to recognize him as one of the leading forces of LIFE4LAND.

// Deidream //
Gameboy / Idm / Break

Chilled out experimental break stuff with loads of instrumental melodies. Under BGMW he released his first Gameboy EP, In berlin he’ll play his unreleased IDM, check out his soundcloud.

// Repeat Eater //
Weirdo Acid

// F000L //
Idm / Jungle / Breakcore

// Killabomb //
Hardcore / Breakcore

// Substance B //
unformatted Breaks

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damage 7 euro
from 11pm until late

gfx by DAT




From 28.04 to 01.05, the Berlin-based art association THE ART UNION presents WHAT THE WEEKEND IS GALLERY, a group show featuring artworks by 58 Berlin based artists at the Urban Spree Galerie.

The title of the exhibition is a humorous reference to the official Gallery Weekend Berlin, which takes place at the same time. Urban contemporary art is one of Berlin’s defining characteristics, but will hardly be on display at the official Gallery Weekend whose official map doesn’t even cover the area where Urban Spree is located, albeit quite central. THE ART UNION aims to bridge this gap by presenting diverse artistic perspectives following the idea of ONE CITY – ONE WEEKEND – ONE GALLERY – 58 ARTISTS.

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The exhibition WHAT THE WEEKEND IS GALLERY is thematically created along the lines of different subgenres and styles of this young genre of art in a non-representative way. The work of all the artists presented in this group show can be found in public spaces, as well as in galleries. Other binding elements are their global citizenship and their generational experience. While all the artists shown at WHAT THE WEEKEND IS GALLERY. are Berlin-based, not all of them are German. Some artists originate from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Chile, Japan and Canada, while others come from the Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, Hungary, the USA and the UK. Apart from a few exceptions, all were born after 1980. The exhibition aims to display the richness of urban contemporary art in Berlin. Female artists will not be marginalized, but are in fact a vital part of the group show WHAT THE WEEKEND IS GALLERY.


44Flavours – ABOVE – Addison Karl – Alaniz – Andrea Wan – Anna Taut – BASE23 – Bene Rohlmann – Bert Van Wijk – Billy – Björn Heyn – BLO – Bruce – Christoph Rode – Dave the Chimp – Duncan Passmore – DXTR – Ed Bats – EMESS – Falk Land – Felix Gephart – Gogoplata – Herr von Bias – James Bullough – James Reka – JAW – Jim Avignon – Johannes Mundinger – Joseph Loughborough – Julia Benz – Kenan Kera – Klub7 – Lake – Look – Low Bros – Mario Mankey – Matthias Gephart – Mina – MKMX – MYMO – Niels de Jong – Nils Leimkühler – Pablo Benzo – PlusMinus3 – Polina Soloveichik – Quintessenz  – Rein Vyncke – Rylsee – Sandra Rummler – Stand der Dinge – Sokar Uno – TWOONE – Untune – Various & Gould – Vidam – Wesr – XOOOOX – ZEBU



The non-profit association THE ART UNION is run by key players in the fields of art and culture with expertise in the communication of art, art funding and visual communication. Daily working practice has exemplified a gap between artists, their audience and the art market, which is difficult to overcome. THE ART UNION intends to build a bridge between these aspects and create formats to professionalize artists and initiate discourses within the scenes. The organization of exhibitions and participation in festivals are as much a vital part of the concept as are artist residencies, funding and exchange programmes.

THE ART UNION was founded in 2015 and will receive an entry in the National Register of Associations in the first half of 2016.




Urban Spree Galerie

Vernissage: Thursday, April 28th, 19:00


Friday, 29th of April: 12 -19 h

Sunday, 1st of May: 12 – 18 h

Free entry





—– main floor artists —–
Sub Human Bros live (SHB Label,Eintakt Records)
Aananda live (Deep Locus Records)
Baxa djset (YMEA)
Nagumo Vol.01 live (Wild Asian dj team)
motra green djset (Guest DJ from JAPAN)
Daisuke Pak djset (DA DA Revolution Berlin)

— basement area artists —
Platinum Pork djset (Get Harmonized)
André Schöne djset
Apollo X djset (Kaiser Wilhelm Records)
Himeee djset (Get Harmonized)

also we’ll celebrate!!!
for the release of first album “Sub Human Bros”

———- about Sub Human Bros ———-
Sub Human Bros reminds a middle school Techno, House music, Detroit Techno, 80’s-90’s Disco sound. Their tracks contains real time compose and arrangement mixing with MPC control, also synthesizer filled emotion with Auto synchronization of real brothers. Hardware Electronic Dance Music duo Sub Human Bros based in Berlin, Germany.


———- about Aananda ———-
Aananda is a study of beauty and raw power, taking inspiration from electronica and deep house to create new space where dance music moves not only your feet, but your heart as well. The live performance is an exploration of emotion and the present moment through instrumental improvisation and the live electronic manipulation of their original music.


———- about BAXA ———-
BAXA a.k.a Hwangbaxa is a DJ and producer Based in Seoul and Berlin. As a producer, he is leading the project band, Virgin Lab and preparing to release his own Clubtune album of disco and funk.Inspired by funk, house and disco sound, he expresses 1980’s mood and emotion. Also, His music is characterized by Italo Disco, Rare Funk, RnB, 80s House and Deep House.His goal is to make world more warm and ultimately to transmit his mood to wonderful women.And now, He is leaving journey to connect between Seoul and Berlin.


———- about Nagumo Vol.01 ———-

———- about motra green ———-
Hip-hop influenced by the ’90s black culture music, musician beyond reggae, the walls of the techno genre, DJ, producer djmotora aka motra green


———- about Daisuke Pak ———
Producer / DJ. live performer of techno punk unit “ODD”, has played in clubs and festivals in Germany, France, Austria, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Czech, Poland, USA and Japan.
In 2007, first EP “Kwai Raku EP” launched from V-Records Berlin. Residents DJ on Da Da Revolution Berlin, and organizes events called “Electric Masaru”


———- about Platinum Pork ———-
Platinum Pork is known as House and Techno music DJ and Producer. He traveled more than 40 countries and was inspired by many kind of music after he finished the master’s degree in information technology. Then, he decided to move to Berlin from Tokyo in 2014. He organize his own party “Get Harmonized” in Berlin.


———- about André Schöne ———-
After more than fifteen years of experience playing electronic bass guitar with bands of several styles of music such as jazz, hip-hop, rock, funk and experimental, André Schöne is now mainly working as a DJ and producer of electronic music. His DJ-sets are dance floor orientated and stretch throughout jackin’Chicago House and Acid to bangin’ Techno and trippy Minimal. The vinyl-only sets are everything but mainstream. He always seems to be able to create a certain kind of raw and deep atmosphere.


———- about Apollo X ———-
Apollo X is a house producer and DJ. His DJ sets bring the good vibes to any club or party. Spanning from deep house and old school jackin house to UK garage and booty dropping tech house, he gets the floor jumping. His 90’s-influenced sets have helped him open for dance pop icons Crystal Waters, Vince Clarke, and Robin S. In 2015 he moved to Berlin from Austin, Texas, to start Kaiser Wilhelm Records, a house music label.


———- about Himeee ———-
Dyin’ to be dancin’∞ Her devout musical philosophy represents way of life.Producing an explosive sonic landscape that fuses the primitive and the futuristic.As if it would seem to sting sweetly with spectrum emotional groove.Seeing the divine universe though her own filter, feeling is everything to her.From Osaka, Japan.


FB Event

James Chance and Les Contortions

James Chance & Les Contortions live in Berlin



A key figure in No Wave, James Chance has been playing a combination of improvisational jazz-like music and punk in the New York music scene since the late 1970s, in such bands as Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, James Chance and the Contortions, James White and the Blacks, The Flaming Demonics, James Chance & the Sardonic Symphonics, James Chance and Terminal City, and James Chance and Les Contortions. His music can be described as combining the freeform playing of Ornette Coleman with the solid funk rhythm of James Brown, though filtered through a punk rock lens.
Born and raised in Milwaukee and Brookfield, Wisconsin, Chance attended Michigan State University, then the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music in Milwaukee, dropped out and moved to New York City in 1976. He quickly became active in both the free jazz and no wave punk rock scenes.
His first band in New York in 1976 was an instrumental quartet with violin, drums and bass called Flaming Youth. After studying for a short time under David Murray, Chance formed The Contortions, who fused jazz improvisation and funk rhythms. The Contortions reached a wider audience with their contribution to the Brian Eno-compiled No New York collection of No Wave acts.
Known for violent and confronting live shows, razor tight musicians and jagged compositions, as well as a knack for jazz and bubblegum reinterpretation, James Chance has produced increasingly progressive and unnervingly agitated live shows. The Les Contortions have been his European tour group since 2006.

Support: Jimmy Trash and Big Daddy Mugglestone

Australian-Berliner Jimmy Trash (+ The Gunpowder Temple of Heaven, Jimmy Trash Orchestra, Trashfest, Analog Africa) and American-Berliner Big Daddy Mugglestone (+ His Cheap Paper Toys, The Mugglestone Review, Sacred Travelers, The Ass-Droids) have developed a project together out of a shared love of African, Arabic and Vodou rhythms, the use of sacred texts, performance art and creating unsure and chaotic spaces for a live audience.Working out a system to deliver fervent messages from ancient occult texts in a form of music that synchronizes the dirty synths of Suicide with mad live Vodou rhythms of West Africa, South America and the islands of Cabo Verde, and the vocal and performative stylings of Southern Baptist church services, we have dually terrified and pleasured audiences throughout Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Greece, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria and Turkey.

Tickets: only at the door. 15€




Jungle Syndicate European Tour 2015

FB Event

Line up:

// Shitwife //
Live Breakcore Electronica Punk Drum duo. Ladyscraper vs Henri. London.



// Smyla //
Drum & Bass – The Amen Break – Jungle – Teck – Atmospheric Experimental




// Dr Bastardo //
Hardcore, Jungle, Breakcore, Experimental

Contrary to popular belief, Dr. Bastardo has no formal medical training but is a respected academic professional in the world of techno science.
Dr. Bastardo’s first practical experiments were made available to the public in 2006 on the 2×12 “When Dub Plates Attack” on Peace Off. He has since had work released by Ad Noiseam, Proboscus, Rancourous, and Our Fucking Jungle. He is also well known for his live practical demonstrations of techno science at events around the UK and Europe.


// Ghost //


Ghost is a musician/producer based in Cambridge, England who has spent most of his life writing music.
Ghost’s organic beats are truly one of kind. As a crucial member of the LIFE4LAND collective and the local rave scene, he remains a highly respected producer by his peers who’ve come to recognize him as one of the leading forces of LIFE4LAND.
Ghost has recently released two CDs ‘Mu Fu Da Jiang Jun’ & ‘F.I.S.T. ep’, which can be found, along with his other releases, on


// Anorak //
mutant jungle// rave / idm for your face

transduction ep cover art

The ANORAK, originally the code name for a secret military experiment that sought to create the ultimate killing machine. Part of the Akira project that focused on integrating man with machine, project ANORAK was the only successful prototype. However the scientists could not isolate and remove human emotion and thus their creation turned on them, realising their evil intensions for creating him, killing them all and destroying everything in his path. ANORAK them came to Bristol and applied his genetic predisposition for destruction into producing the heaviest rave music ever made.


// RaggaMuffin //


London Co-Founder / DJ / Producer / Promoter / Label ManagerRaggamuffin, a founder of Jungle Syndicate, started promoting jungle and Drum’n’Bass from a very young age, being involved in running several local nights.
Raggamuffin has had a few releases to date outlining his passion for intricate beat patterning and the love of all things break based, from Jungle to Breakcore and to the darker side of Amen Drum’n’Bass. With the launch of Jungle Syndicate Recordings you can expect much more in the future from this JS main man.


// Sketch //

Bildschirmfoto 2015-09-23 um 15.08.01

A vinyl DJ through and through – Sketch holds a passion for the art of DJing, believing that mixing should be about creating as well as transition. Having played in London for a number of years, 2007 saw a move to Bristol where Sketch and Resinate founded Jungle Syndicate’s Bristol Faction. Sketch’s sets combine a variety of styles ranging from reece driven amen darkness to drum funk, jungle and rolling beats.

Influences are too numerous to list in full but you can expect to hear tunes from; BKey, Technical Itch, Limewax, SPL, Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch, Paradox, Fanu, Equinox, Dub-One, Nebula, Dom & Roland, Black Sun Empire, Trace, Smyla, Evol Intent, Gein, John Rolodex, Noisia and Raiden… Still playing as a solo DJ and rinsing regular back to back sets with Tiny Taste.

// Doomham //

Bildschirmfoto 2015-09-23 um 15.13.31

Bristol DJ / Producer / Promoter / Label Manager
Doomham has always lurked in the depths of the Jungle Syndicate. Doomham tears out ridiculous Ableton live sets mixing around 20 billion tracks all at once combining heavy amens, fat disgusting reece with beautiful melodic passages in a heavily mashed up style.

// Cervical snare //

Bildschirmfoto 2015-09-23 um 15.17.23

Co runs amenstrual an all female night in Bristol/Brighton UK.
She returns to Berlin to rinse out for the second time after her debut show at fete de la musique, we had to get her back for more amen warfare! Expect hardcore, riot girl power


// Beyz //

Dj / Promoter / Party organizer all alternative kinds of electronic music such as breakcore, jungle, dub or free-tekno. Co-founder and coordinator of ZŁO-tEk.AV.6tem – tekno-gang from Poland. Also, he’s a part of Jungle Syndicate crew from UK – he’s in charge of the jungle events in Poland. Inspired of free-party and jungle scenes, he organises the parties there since 2005.

// T!LT //
DnB / Drumfunk / Jungle / Amen DnB



// Seraphim //


Conceived on the misty waters of the Amazon river, and born at a VIP room of an abandoned dusty disco, Seraphim had since an early age an inclination to the life changing aspects that music and organized sound can provoke on a human soul. Xamanism, musique concrète, conceptual art, extremism, aroma therapy, tantrism, culinary, hedonism … are all elements that contribute to, and influence his sound.

Each set take us on a journey around sonic universes, going from every possible style and musical influences. From anonymous musique to Motown, from Exotica to experimental jazz, from cheesy eighties disco to unexpected mash ups, from jumpy Klezmer to Burlesque old-timers.. Each upcoming track is a surprise, and will expand the boundaries of the listener ears, bringing sometimes joy and luxury, sometimes drama and fear.

Polish Urban Art: Nächste Station – Berlin Warschauer Str.

1-1024x681In November 2014, over a period of 4 days, Urban Spree Galerie welcomes and hosts in Berlin the “Polish Urban Art” travelling exhibition which is curated by Brain Damage Gallery in Lublin, Poland.

The exhibition aims to present a panorama of contemporary street art from Poland in an ambitious group show featuring excellent artists such as Autone, Chazme, Czarnobyl, EloMelo, Etam Cru, Kamil Kuzko, Mat, M-City, Nawer, Pener, Proembrion, Pepe, Robert Proch, Paweł Ryżko, Sepe, Szczerbak, Uran, Zbiokand others.

Lunatics-II-130x130cm-acrylic-on-canvas-2014-1019x1024Launched in Kiev in October 2014, the exhibition travels to 7 eastern and western European cities (Kiev, Lviv, Minsk, Berlin, Stockholm, Paris, and Warsaw) before concluding in December in Lublin – the home base of the gallery, with a selection of artworks & murals.

In addition, the gallery will present photographs documenting the evolution of street art in Poland, starting from pieces captured by Edward Hartwig in the 1950s, to recent large scale murals.