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PICTOPLASMA Birthday Party: 10-Year Anniversary

a0026755312_2The Festival culminates in the spectacular Pictoplasma Birthday Bash at Urban Spree. Get into the groove of characters in motion with a live concert by LA-based experimental band Big Butter, fronted by Pictoplasma guest Tim Biskup and his brother Mike, plus the german premiere of the Radio Minus Senior Sound System, the brand new DJ/VJ project brought to you by the inimitable French duo Gangpol & Mit.

“Taking advantage of several travel opportunities through the years, from the bowels of deep France to the shores of South-east Asia. sonic and visual duet Gangpol & Mit have turned their outtsider-records-collecting activity into a brand new webradio project for children – Radio Minus – freshly launched in company of various other fellow Djs and diggers. Apart from their regular live activities, they also like to occasionally teleport this radio’s record collection to spin it during several vinylish DJ playtimes, sustained by a brand new whole video setup: this is the Radio Minus Sound System, but one can expect the “Senior” version to operate a serious upgrade, with heavy acoustic pressures, deviant clubbing, lascivious exoticism and explicit lyrics.”

DJs: Neele & Liebkos (Bingo, G-Edit, HW Rhapsody)

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Jagwa Music live + DJ Zhao / Saal-C

jagwamusicurbanspreeTonight, straight from Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), Crammed Discs’ Jagwa Music will play live at Urban Spree: Jagwa Music is a crew of 8 youngsters playing intricate grooves at breakneck speed on traditional & makeshift percussion, a keyboard player going wild on a battered vintage Casio, two breathtaking, spectacular dancers & a charismatic lead vocalist/MC, belting out songs about survival in the urban maze, unfaithful lovers & voodoo.

Known as Mchiriku, their music derives from popular dance styles, which underwent a mutation when the band adopted low-cost electronic keyboards and their gritty, distorsion-laden sound. Jagwa Music are not only immensely popular in the poor suburbs of their hometown: their electrifying appearances at European festivals such as Roskilde have created a sensation.

Saal-C and Ngoma Sound’s DJ Zhao will cast their spellbinding african beats before and after the show.