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Rojava Solidarity benefit party

We are hosting a Benefit Solidarity Party in order to raise funds for Rojava

Friday 20th December at Urban Spree


– Thomas Schall
– La maquina corrupta

– Hannihilation Time
– Tombola
– Kaos Karaoke



GOLD „Why Aren’t You Laughing?“ Tour

GOLD ( + special guest: Nordra )
25.04.2019 Berlin – Urban Spree
Einlass: 20:00 Uhr, Beginn: 21:00 Uhr
Tickets: https://bit.ly/2V2rWEn

GOLD sind zurück! Pünktlich zum Release von „Why Aren’t You Laughing?“ gehen die Niederländer um den ehemaligen The Devil´s Blood Gitarristen Thomas Sciarone auf Tour!

Auf ihrem neuen Album lässt die Band Wärme und Kälte, Liebe und Tod, Hoffnung und Verzweiflung, den Niedergang der Zivilisation und persönlichen Traumata miteinander verschmelzen. Der kantigen Drive von GOLD wird gepaart mit düsteren Gitarrenwände und den gefühlvollen, verletzlichen Gesangsbögen von Frontfrau Milena Eva. Das Album bewegt sich irgendwo zwischen Dark Pop, Post-Punk und Black Metal. Nach den gefeierten Vorgängerwerken „No Image“ und “Optimist » steckt das neue Album voller Hooks, die vom Produzenten Jaime Gomez Arellano brillant eingefangen werden. Sehr persönlichen Texte thematisieren die Absurdität des Lebens.

Die Band kann es kaum erwarten, mit “Why Are You You Laughing? » auf Tour zu gehen und noch mehr Leute mit ihrer beeindruckenden Liveshow zu überzeugen.

Michael Schmidt’s « Waffenruhe » reprinted

30 years after its original and only release in 1987, Michael Schmidt’s legendary and long out-of-print photobook « Waffenruhe«  (« Ceasefire« ) – considered as the best photobook about Berlin at the time of the Wall – is now being republished by Walther Koenig and Stiftung für Fotografie und Medienkunst.

The photographic series was originally exhibited in Berlin in 1987 at the Berlinische Galerie in GropiusBau. In Waffenruhe, Schmidt shows West Berlin shortly before the fall of the Wall by combining portraits of youths with images of anonymous sites bordering the Wall and the Wall itself. As is characteristic of his work, it is the arrangement of the individual photographs and the use of high contrasts — the interplay and dialogue between the multi-layered images — that gives the images their distinct meaning, revealing the correlation between historical events and individual biographies.

Schmidt evokes a world of ruptures and absences that eschews a confident, comprehensive point of view. The images work with Schleef’s text to create a brusque, entirely individual perspective on the fragility of human existence.

This artist’s book – often included on lists of the most influential photographic books of all time – is once again being made available. Two versions are available, german or english.

In addition to the book release, the Volksbühne theater in Berlin is projecting Waffenruhe’s photographs and text on its façade. Curated by Thomas Weski, the projection will be on display every night (from darkness to midnight) until 13.03.2008.

About the Photographer: 

Michael Schmidt was born in 1945 in Berlin, where he died in 2014. His works can be found in national and international collections and have been presented in numerous solo and group exhibitions.

In 1976, Michael Schmidt founded the Werkstatt für Fotografie at VHS Berlin-Kreuzberg, which became a major forum for international discussions on photography in (West) Berlin. In 1987 he exhibited Waffenruhe at Berlinische Galerie. In 1988 the Museum of Modern Art, New York presented the work in the exhibition „New Photography 4″. In 1996 Ein-heit was shown for the first time at MoMA, New York under its English title U-ni-ty. This was the first solo-exhibition of a German photographer at MoMA since decades. In the same year, Ein-heit was presented for the first time in Germany at Sprengel Museum Hanover. In 1995, a first survey exhibition of his work was on view at Museum Folkwang Essen. In 2010 Michael Schmidt presented his comprehensive survey exhibition “Grey as Colour. Photographs since 2009” at Haus der Kunst, Munich. Lebensmittel (Food) was presented in solo exhibitions at Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen (2012), Galerie im Taxispalais, Innsbruck (2013) and at Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin (2013).

Michael Schmidt participated in the 55th Venice Biennial in 2013, and the Berlin Biennial in 2006 and 2010. In 2014 the artist was awarded with the Prix Pictet for his series « Lebensmittel ».

The Foundation for Photography and Media Art with the Michael Schmidt Archive was founded in 1999, and since the artist’s death is organising and preserving the artist’s archive (www.archivmichaelschmidt.de). Thomas Weski, curator of the Michael Schmidt Foundation, is currently working on a retrospective of the artist’s work at Nationalgalerie Berlin in 2020.


Rattapack // rough, hard, loud & loving

Every first Friday of the month at Urban Spree

// rough, hard, loud & loving //

♫ Best Techno & Live Rap ♫

Right after New Year`s we’ll start into 2018 with with a bang.

Rattapack is the new event series which unites the creator of Symbiotikka/KitKat and a bunch of the most outstanding artists from the Berlin techno and rap scene in one big happening.

In the club of the Urban Spree, DJs like Grace Thompson, Chris Knipp, DJ Jordan oder Match Hoffman are gonna play a tough and hard-lined kind of techno sound which you may never have heard from them like this ever before.

What’s more ? A few new comers like Dr Double U from Belgium or the revolutionary duo Wallace & Wonker!

Whereas in the Boiler Room wich you will find in the basement, it’s gonna get hot, intimate and sweaty with the best old school hip hop tracks by Jah Fish, Rap/Funk beats thanks to the fascinating duo called The Brides and not at least live rap-vocals by Lexodus from London, with full power.

This is gonna be an awesome night, that sets every visitor on fire and in case you’re wondering – yes, you WILL dance! Whoop, whoop!

The party Rattapack with new surprises all along will then take place every first friday of the month at Urban Spree.


>>> Techno Floor <<<

Grace Thompson

Wallace & Wonker

Chris Knipp

DJ Jordan

Match Hoffman

Dr Double U

>>> Live Rap Boiler Room <<<

Lexodus (live)

Jah Fish

The Brides

Entry: 12,- €


Selofan, Da-Sein,Tango Mangalore

Herzschlag presents


(Fabrika Records, GR)

(Galakthorrö, ES)

Tango Mangalore
(Fabrika Records, GR)

After Party:

Hanzel, Jaakko + guest DJ Yrene

Music: //Cold Wave // Post-Punk // Minimal Synth // EBM //



Selofan is the greek term for Cellophane, a thin, transparent sheet, protecting items, keeping them fresh and allowing them to breathe while in storage. The music of the duo from Athens (Greece) is transparent, fresh and takes your breath away. It is strictly analogue, though alongside the synthesizers, drum-machines and loops a bass line, a dreamy piano and saxophone melody may surprise you.

The female voice narrates about love and the loss of it, about death and the fear of it, about sexuality and the repression of it, about addictions, psychological weaknesses or strengths, all our own personal ghosts, which distinguish humans from other species. The power and tenderness of the male vocals penetrate your senses directly.



Da-Sein is a duo consisting of Fernando O. Paino and Kas Visions, who at present reside in Madrid. The name « Da-Sein » refers back to Martin Heideggers’ « Sein und Zeit », and is a distillate for an attitude reflected in the music.

Far away from the theoretical starting point of the artists, the music in practice sounds as if it has been pre-destined take a place in the Galakthorrö Cosmos. You will hear gloomy Analogue Electronic deliberately reduced, in multiple forms from danceable to destructive, with distorted, mostly female vocals intoning Polish and English texts.



Tango Mangalore is a one man project that was a created some nautical miles away from the shores of Zanzibar aboard some vessel in the winter of 2013. The music reflects the very life of a morbid sailor (while actually being one, although it would seem bizarre for one to fathom )in a rather peculiar mixture of darkwave, deathrock, wave-noir & decadent cabaret.

I don’t actually see myself as a musician or a composer or anything that grandiose.


Single Mothers • New Moon

Single Mothers | 29.November | Urban Spree

Fast hätte die neue Platte der Single Mothers nie das Licht der Welt erblickt. Erst ein Angebot eines nahe der Heimat Hamilton gelegenen Studios sorgte für Schwung an der Albumfront. Ohne fertige Songs oder eine komplette Bandbesetzung buchten sich die Kanadier mit Wade MacNeill in das « Grassy Green Paradise » im malerischen Ohsweken. Mit neuer Besetzung gings an die Arbeit und herausgekommen ist mit « Our Pleasure » eine hyperaktive und druckvolle Platte, irgendwo zwischen grimmigem Aussenseitertum, skandierenden Lyrics und explosivem Punkrock eingängigster Sorte. Single Mothers sind ein Punkrock-Perpetuum Mobile, ein sich ständig veränderndes und weiterentwickelndes Bandprojekt, das der Bandleader und ehemalige Goldschürfer Andrew Thomson einmal so beschrieben hat: « Wir sind ein Appartement, das von unterschiedlichen Mietern, die unterschiedliche kleine Dinge und Einflüsse hinterlassen, bewohnt wird. » Am 29.November wird das Mobile Home Single Mothers im Urban Spree Station machen.


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