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12. PICTOPLASMA FESTIVAL – Academy All Stars 2016 Group Show –



4. – 8. Mai 2016, 12 bis 20 Uhr


Opening Ceremony on Wednesday May 4th at 17:00 at Urban Spree


Animal, mineral or vegetable, this exhibition celebrates characters of all sorts from astronauts via shapeshifters to sadness personified. 36 artists from over 20 countries come together in this show presenting a variety of works – installation, sculptures, drawings, prints or films. Each artist is bringing a character developed during the six months since the Pictoplasma Academy Master Class in Autumn 2015. In addition to their personal projects the group have been working together as a collective, “DasGhost” – a collaboration which has to date spawned a sticker book and a memory game of characters, both of which are available in the shop alongside a range of delicious art, from prints to bags to comics.The show is open everyday from 12 – 8pm, wed 4th till Sun 8th May.
Nathaniel Rueda

El Rass Hip Hop Show

For the first time: El Rass in Berlin!

/AL\ Berlin presents El Rass (Live hiphop and DJ) directly from Tripoli/ Lebanon and Shins-k (DJ, Tokyo/ Berlin)!

Line Up:
19:00 Doors open
20:00 DJ set | Shins-k
21:30 Live | El Rass
22:30 DJ set | Shins-k
23:15 DJ set | El Rass

\\El Rass\\
In Arabic means (The head), also known as Mazen El Sayed, he is a rapper and a music producer from Tripoli Lebanon. He already has in his discography 5 albums, the newest being “Baad Al Hazimeh” (After defeat), in addition to more than 200 singles in collaboration with many other music-makers and rappers from the region. He is a member of the “MSKH” collective and co-founder of the label “Hamim”.

El Rass’s work has gained fame during the last 7 years around the Arab world, especially for his dense lyrical content and the rejection of being confined to a limited set of topics or approaches. But also for an uncompromising spirit of expression, intertwined with a vision of rap as a free space for nuance and detail. He interacts with heritage as a source of inspiration, from within it, in continuity. While in form, El Rass makes his musical choices with a drive to push out of conventional formats, on the levels of arrangement and diversity in performance between singing and rapping.


\\Shins- k\\
Hailing from the land of rising sun, SHINS-K has a unique musical taste and you never know what to expect next from him.

He plays effortlessly between the borders of Bass Music, Hip Hop, Jungle, Dub, Techno, Noise or even traditional african and the middle eastern sounds, avoiding genre-fication and stylistic limitations.

One of the curator of Arabic Hip-hop event/project, ”AIWA” (supported by MusicBoard Berlin in 2016/2017).



\\About /AL\ Berlin\\

/AL\ Festival Berlin is on the Music Board Berlin Festival Funding list for 2019.

The /AL\Festival aims to connect Berliners who are interested in the Contemporary Middle Eastern Music Scene with musicians and music acts from the region, to create a temporal spatial opportunity to develop this scene in Berlin as a Contemporary Moment, regardless of margin spots on Eurocentric festivals or programs promoted for their empowerment value alone. We want to promote and empower this scene for its artistic value, while giving it its deserved unique space to develop further sustainably.

Imarhan (ALG) + Sundays & Cybele

The David Watts Foundation presents:

IMARHAN (ALG) – Tuareg funk, fuzz, disco, rock
+ Support Sundays & Cybele (JAP) – psych, kraut

When Imarhan released their self-titled debut album in 2016, their tender, soulful, intense vision of a genre of music that was already flooded with talent and exposure still managed to float to the top and be heralded as a pivotal record of the “New Wave Of Tuareg Music”.

“Temet” is a huge leap forward in the creative sound and production for the band. Whereas their debut was anchored in the meditative desert blues tradition, Temet blows clear of any such notions, finding bounce and drive by stirring their sound with funk, fuzz, disco and rock.

This is not an alien mood to the band: any of the (thousands?) of people who have danced at their live shows will attest to the disparity between their emotional and thoughtful first release and the raucous, ecstatic live shows the band ripped through, for hours at a time, in their 2017 tours. While “Temet” is decisively more eclectic than their debut, their wisdom and singular vision is as manifest as it was in their first offering. Imarhan’s experience as a touring band since the first album has only honed their focus and meaning behind their music: Their focus in this case is a Nomadic traveller’s reflection on today’s struggles. “Temet” in Tamashek means “connections” – It’s an energetic wake up call for unity, reminding people that we are all are connected and that only through the acceptance and uptake of this union will we be able to solve the troubles all cultures seem to be dealing with in this important moment in time.

“People should love each other. They need to know each other, we need to know each other, everyone should get to know their neighbour. We need to have the same approach as our elders. You will stumble across an old man who knows the world and will hand down his knowledge to his children.” Iyad Moussa Ben Abderahmane – aka Sadam



support: ‘A Tribute to February Montaine’
08.05.2019 Berlin – Urban Spree
Einlass: 20:00 Uhr, Beginn: 21:00 Uhr
Tickets: https://bit.ly/2FT6zBS

Istanbul synthpop vanguards Jakuzi turned heads in 2017 with the release of their unique and exciting debut album ‘Fantezi Müzik’ which showcased modern Turkish underground music to the world. Two years later their new album, “Hata Payı” (meaning literally ‘’a part of the mistake”), brings a more refined and darker sound to their arsenal, exploring the depths of relationships and the human condition.

When Jakuzi released their debut ‘’Fantezi Müzik“ as a cassette in 2016, no one expected that this would leave its circle in Istanbul. But the record was rereleased with new tracks in early 2017 via City Slang records and immediately became a favorite amongst critics and music fans alike. The band embraced a manifold of musical elements, layering pop fragments with slabs of Low-Fi, New Wave and Post Punk. They effortlessly created one of the most unique sounding albums of the year and gained attraction internationally.

The album is less heterogeneous than the debut but yet, the unique sounds stay intact. The first single “Süphe” (translates to “Doubt”) is the saddest track you can cry dance to since A Flock Of Seagulls “Wishing“. Then there’s “Yangın” (“Fire”) which writes synthpop history with its mad genius half-time / crescendo, or “Gördüğüm Rüya“ (“The Dream I See”) that starts with a very familiar guitar riff just to morph into an epic dreamwave anthem. “Toz” (“Dust”) recalls the lively experiments of a young Martin Gore, and it doesn’t’ stop there. “Hata Payı” is full of ideas and energy, the songs take well nuanced twists and turns and prove that even in the darkest hours, Jakuzi never shy away from glorious pop moments.

Vomito Negro + Kris Baha ☨☨ Herzschlag & She Lost Kontrol

Herzschlag & She Lost Kontrol present

Vomito Negro (Metropolis Records, BE)
Kris Baha (She Lost Kontrol, AU)

After Party DJs:
Errata Paranoia, Evropa & Tara In Tibet (She Lost Kontrol)
Hanzel & Jaakko (Herzschlag)

Music: // Cold Wave // Minimal Synth // EBM // Industrial


Vomito Negro

The band already took off way back in 1982, and over the past years established a name for themselves as uncompromising aural architects, combining power with emotion, electro with vision.
From the start on, flexibility is one of their major qualities.
Vomito Negro is never content with a certain formula: their musical approach, essentially based on the European “Industrialist” tradition of the early eighties, takes a different angle with every record.
Tracing back their history through albums as diverse as “Vomito Negro” (their haunting debut from 1985) to “Wake Up” (1992) one hears growth and evolution in Vomito Negro”s varied soundscapes.
Vomito Negro’s synthesized psychodramas range from danceable to contemplative, from instrumental and ambient to voice-ridden and brutal. Live Vomito Negro stands for a never seen punch of electro power, hammering sequences, pumping live percussion, harsh synths, and vocals that will blow your brain out.

Kris Baha

Much time has passed since Kris Baha swapped the parched red earth and searing midday sun of the Australian outback for the brutalist buildings, communist-era apartment blocks and slate-grey skies of East Berlin.
Now firmly embedded in his adopted city, Baha bas become known for a trademark DJ and production style inspired by sun-baked hallucinatory visions and the clandestine, concrete-clad industrial hum of the metropolis after dark.
Just before the end of 2018, Kris Baha released his EP – “In Your Arms”, a record filled with restless melancholy, chopped beats, sinister frequencies and dramatic twists.


She Lost Kontrol
She Lost Kontrol (SLK) is an independent record label founded in August 2016 somewhere between Naples and Berlin.
The label is focused on Electronic Body Music // New wave // Synth Wave // Dark wave // Neo Folk // Industrial // Experimental // Drone // Noise // Avantgarde.

Herzschlag is a Berlin based event / party organization born in 2014, bringing the finest selections of Cold Wave, Post-Punk, Minimal Synth and EBM.
Herzschlag greets every sound emerging out of the dark, industrial, future-noir, technical dystopia.


Venue: Urban Spree
Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin

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Die Wände – Im Flausch (Offizielle Releaseshow) Support: Lafote



5 Jahren Bandgeschichte
4 Touren
3 x Pizza am Tag
2 EPs
nun also

1 Album: “Im Flausch” ab dem 8.3.2019 via Späti Palace erhältlich

Support: LAFOTE

Präsentiert von Späti Palace & ASK HELMUT

Carsten von Postel, Jann Petersen und Mathias Wolff gründen ihre Band 2013 während des gemeinsamen Studiums an der UdK (Universität der Künste Berlin) auf Basis einer beschwipst-euphorischen SMS. Alle Bandmitglieder kommen zu der Zeit aus unterschiedlichsten musikalischen Richtungen, sind neu in ihrer Rolle am jeweiligen Instrument und starten unter dem Namen “girlie” in Richtung Post-Punk. Eines ihrer ersten Konzerte spielen sie im mittlerweile abgerissenen Club Antje Øklesund und finden in dessen sozialer Umgebung schnell ein Zuhause. Im Oktober 2015 veröffentlichen sie über das Berliner Label Späti Palace ihre erste gleichnamige EP auf Kassette & digital, touren und spielen auf Festivals (u.a. beim Jenseits von Millionen, c/o pop, Alinae Lumr und dem Incubate in den Niederlanden). Der Musikexpress kürt sie zu einem der besten Newcomer auf dem c/o pop Festival 2016. Im gleichen Jahr veröffentlichen sie eine gemeinsame Split-EP (12“ Vinyl und digital) mit der Berliner Band Pigeon, anlässlich derer die TAZ ihren Sound als Weiterführung von 80er-Jahre Gruppen wie Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth oder The Wedding Present einordnet.

Diese Genre-Schublade werden sie in 2017/2018 jedoch in Teilen verlassen und beginnen an ihrem Debütalbum zu arbeiten. Im Zuge dessen entschließen sie sich, mit deutschsprachigen Texten weiterzuarbeiten, und veröffentlichen einen ersten Song mit Im Automaten. Die Stimmung der Songs wird offener, zwischen die Instrumentalparts kehrt so etwas wie Popmusik ein – ausgebreitet auf immer wieder gern 5 bis 7 Minuten Spielzeit. So etwa der Im Flausch eröffnende Song Im Park und im Café: So elegant, so träumerisch konkret und ja, so poppig waren sie noch nie. Es ist ihr Kommst du mit in den Alltag. Zwischendurch lassen sie unbeirrt ihre Feedbacks kreischen, die für „frischen Wind in stürmischen Zeiten“ sorgen. Passend raten sie in 11:55 Uhr vor einer Noiseattacke noch schnell „zieh dir ein Jäckchen an, draußen ist es kalt“.

Es ist ein unironisches Nebeneinander von schroffen Oberflächen und einladendem Gestus, von Noise und Pop, von Frustration (Halten Sie Ihre Pläne geheim) und Euphorie (die Chöre!), ja von der grauen Welt (auch der in einem selbst) und von etwas, dass sie Utopie nennen könnten. Wie diese aussieht? „Alles ist weich / alles ist warm / alles ist leicht / alles ist behütet“ singt der Chor in Projektor – nur um durch ein trockenes „konturlos“ ergänzt zu werden, das wie eine Absage an den aufkommenden Eskapismus des Stückes klingt. Keine Flucht möglich also, stattdessen: „Anspruch und Wirklichkeit haben Streit“ (11:55 Uhr). Der titelgebende Flausch ist Sehnsuchtsort und Lethargiefalle in einem (Formgedächtnispolymer).

Im Flausch wurde im Frühjahr 2018 in 7 Tagen live in Prinzhöfte, einer Gemeinde gleich hinter Delmenhorst mit knapp 700 Einwohner*innen, auf dem Dachboden eines leerstehenden Bauernhofhauses fertiggeschrieben und eingespielt. Während nachts der harte norddeutsche Wind durch das alte Gebälk des Hauses pfiff, schliefen Band und die mit den Aufnahmen beauftragten Freunde aus dem Flennen Kollektiv – Alexander Günther (Molde) und Julius Berger (Go Lamborghini Go) – mangels Betten auf Luftmatratzen und Isomatten inmitten der mikrofonierten Verstärker und Drums. Umgeben von nichts als Pferdekoppeln und einem kleinen Waldstück, gestaltete sich der Aufnahmeprozess so intensiv und einnehmend, dass Teile der Band das Haus tagelang nicht verlassen. Einen Tag nach Aufnahmeschluss, wird das Anwesen nach langem Leerstand verkauft. Gesangsaufnahmen und Overdubs entstehen in den darauffolgenden Wochen in einem Berlin-Lichtenberger Proberaumhaus, aufgenommen von Christian Ramisch (NOJ), umgeben von Plattenbausiedlungen. Die Band benennt sich in Die Wände um und beendet damit ihre Neuerfindung. Das Debütalbum der Wände erscheint Mitte März 2019 auf Vinyl und digital bei Späti Palace.