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“Flucht ins Bild” – Panel Discussion with Ostkreuz

Urban Spree invites you to the panel discussion and slideshow “Migration in Images. The Photographic Representation of Migration and the Media“ organized by Ostkreuz Verein and moderated by Georg Diez (Der Spiegel) on Friday, April 15th.

Zeitungslesender Tourist am Strand, August 2015, Kos, Insel Kos, Griechenland, Europa

Zeitungslesender Tourist am Strand, August 2015, Kos, Insel Kos, Griechenland, Europa

Migration is the topic currently dominating all media sectors. Photographers, agencies and media have wide influence over the representation of migration. Therefore they have a high level of responsibility.
The „Ostkreuz- Verein für Fotografie e.V“ takes this dominating topic for a panel. Ostkreuz photographers and guests from agencies and picture desks will discuss about the representation of migration and their intentions.

The event follows the steps from the creation of the images on site to the final selection by the editors.

Panel: Jörg Brüggemann,  Sibylle Fendt (Ostkreuz), Sean Gallup (Chief Photographer Germany News, Getty Images), Lars Lindemann (Bildredaktion Geo), Kai Löffelbein (freelance photographer).

15.04.2016 · 20:00
Urban Spree Galerie
Revaler Straße 99, 10245 Berlin



One hears a hypnotic beat. A musical drift that sweeps the listener into a trance. Shimmering elegance, forceful bursts, a gentle flow, spherical flight. And one can hear it resonate beyond the horizon of this music. Searching, researching, yearning. Enter utopia for one night.


➤ CAMERA | Berlin, DE

Motorik-driven Phantoms of Neo Kraut Liberty | Bureau B
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FFO: White Hills, Gnod, Oneida, Ecstatic Vision, Carlton Melton, The Cosmic Dead

Di 05.04.2016
Urban Spree
Doors 20.00h | Take Off 21.00h

VVK: 10-12€ (incl. fee) (tba) | AK: 12-15€
Tickets from 15.03. via KOKA36 | www.koka36.de | Phone 030 611 013 13

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