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Krake Festival 2016 Opening

Wed, 27. 7. 2016

+ LIVE RECORDING AND CUT ON X-RAY w/ surprise band
WSR (contort) – live
VINYL TERROR & HORROR – live performance
ANNO STAMM & TRANSFORMA – a/v live show
M-F-X (telepathic bubblebath) – live
MONYA (corresponding positions) – live
TAPIRUS (midnight shift)
DAITO & ELAD MAGDASI (frontleft records)
SAINT MAURICE (ordo viatorum, enfant-terrible)
D.B.D.D.H.K.P. (t.a.f.k.a.f.f.)
+ more

We open the festival at Urban Spree, an amazing venue which combines industrial aesthetics with a sweet, personal DIY flair. Besides having a world debut show by Transforma & Anno Stamm (alias Anstam) we are exceptionally proud that we could allure the UK based X-Ray Audio Project with their presentation of their research about the first ever existing bootleg culture, which developed in Russia in the 1940s, where music was illegally copied on used xrays stolen from hospitals. Apart from their presentation some rare pieces will be exhibited and a cut on an x-ray will be produced live.

Our weekend we will kick off on the two floors of Suicide Circus with a strong focus on the interface of techno and electro with punk.

For Saturday and Sunday we will use a new venue: Grießmühle in Neukölln, one of the most underground places of the Berlin scene today, rough, loud and dirty – but with the appeal of a place run by people with passion. During daytime you wll be able to browse through records ofselected electronic music labels, at night you will find the label’s artists playing on one of the many floors there. Additionally to the musical programming there will be other special offerings such as a DIY workshop for building your own snythesizer, a screening of “I dream of wires”, the legendary documentary about the history, demise and resurgence of the modular synthesizer, performances and much more.


wed, 27th july // doors open: 18:00

Resident Advisor

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James Chance and Les Contortions

James Chance & Les Contortions live in Berlin



A key figure in No Wave, James Chance has been playing a combination of improvisational jazz-like music and punk in the New York music scene since the late 1970s, in such bands as Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, James Chance and the Contortions, James White and the Blacks, The Flaming Demonics, James Chance & the Sardonic Symphonics, James Chance and Terminal City, and James Chance and Les Contortions. His music can be described as combining the freeform playing of Ornette Coleman with the solid funk rhythm of James Brown, though filtered through a punk rock lens.
Born and raised in Milwaukee and Brookfield, Wisconsin, Chance attended Michigan State University, then the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music in Milwaukee, dropped out and moved to New York City in 1976. He quickly became active in both the free jazz and no wave punk rock scenes.
His first band in New York in 1976 was an instrumental quartet with violin, drums and bass called Flaming Youth. After studying for a short time under David Murray, Chance formed The Contortions, who fused jazz improvisation and funk rhythms. The Contortions reached a wider audience with their contribution to the Brian Eno-compiled No New York collection of No Wave acts.
Known for violent and confronting live shows, razor tight musicians and jagged compositions, as well as a knack for jazz and bubblegum reinterpretation, James Chance has produced increasingly progressive and unnervingly agitated live shows. The Les Contortions have been his European tour group since 2006.

Support: Jimmy Trash and Big Daddy Mugglestone

Australian-Berliner Jimmy Trash (+ The Gunpowder Temple of Heaven, Jimmy Trash Orchestra, Trashfest, Analog Africa) and American-Berliner Big Daddy Mugglestone (+ His Cheap Paper Toys, The Mugglestone Review, Sacred Travelers, The Ass-Droids) have developed a project together out of a shared love of African, Arabic and Vodou rhythms, the use of sacred texts, performance art and creating unsure and chaotic spaces for a live audience.Working out a system to deliver fervent messages from ancient occult texts in a form of music that synchronizes the dirty synths of Suicide with mad live Vodou rhythms of West Africa, South America and the islands of Cabo Verde, and the vocal and performative stylings of Southern Baptist church services, we have dually terrified and pleasured audiences throughout Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Greece, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria and Turkey.

Tickets: only at the door. 15€