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CANCELLED: Heavy Mental: In Zaire, Tau

Swamp Booking and MILK ME and Schmutz present:
Heavy Mental concert series: #3

In Zaire

Tribal psychsters In Zaire are just as confusing to pin down sound-wise as is their origin. The quartet bring the audience into a psychedelic trip through a unique mix of dub-funk rhythms, African percussion, eastern bass guitar melodies, drifting Arabic voices, minimal electronic sounds and not too hidden heavy metal influences.
After their 2013 debut album “White Sun Black Sun”, In Zaire returns with “Visions Of The Age To Come”, just released on Sound Of Cobra Records in the spring, an eightfold kaleidoscope coming into blissful focus which sees the band dancing feverishly towards the edges of hard rock heritage and psychedelic outlands.



The stories of myth tell us that the desert is a place of transformation where the physical emptiness of the landscape creates a potent space for connecting with the invisible and intangible forces of the numinous. History is full of seekers, artists, mystics and musicians who have travelled to the desert to enter into such an experience

It was after being lead on a pilgrimage through “Wirikuta”, the sacred desert of the Wixarika, native to the land the land of north west Mexico that Dublin-born Berlin resident Nunutzi was inspired to form Tau, meaning Father Sun. A shifting and fluid collaborative project with Nunutzi at the helm along with partner-in-sound, Venezuelan-born Gerald Pasqualin, the result is Tau’s debut album released through Fuzz Club on Sept 9th.

TAU TAU TAU is a wild archaic scream from the heart, woven from a seamless thread of prayers, chants, psychedelic invocations, and as Nunutzi says “songs of praise” in English, Spanish and Gaelic, shaken through pre-hispanic drums, bells, shakers, synths and acoustic guitar played “through an amp with a very shitty pick up that gives a weird sound.”



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Nocturnal Emissions + Simon Crab

Mannequin (Label + Mailorder), [aufnahme + wiedergabe] and Post-Punk.com present:

Nocturnal Emissions (UK) live

Nocturnal Emissions has been one of the best kept secrets of the industrial genre since the 1970s. Led by Nigel Ayers, the band was one of the first to use tape cutting, avant-garde art, and underground video works to create a stage experience that was being cultivated by like-minded artists like Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire. The band moved on to using samplers and electronic noise in their early ’80s work, creating a twisted funk sound that would go on to influence everyone from Foetus to Negativland. They still utilized their former tricks, upping the ante with extremist performance art and more professional video displays. The group avoided signing to a major label, instead focusing on releasing their own music more effectively. They followed this path into the ’90s when they started www.earthlydelights.co.uk, an incredibly detailed website that promotes their various ideologies (they are strongly against the British monarchy and believe that citizens should have unlimited access to space travel) and constant release schedule. The band has released countless tapes and CDs of their material, and continues to unleash their noise through their website. Mannequin hast just released a compilation focusing on Nocturnal Emissions’ work between 1980 and 1989

Simon Crab (bourbonese qualk) (UK) live

Simon Crab is probably most well known as the founder and main-man of the power-electronics/Industrial, Post-rock, neo-no- wave, electro-acoustic, gabber-techno, dub-ethno-jazz-funk band—Bourbonese Qualk, as well as Sunseaster, an experimental-improvised-electro-acoustic noise project. Crab also learned traditional African and Middle Eastern music and is a member of London’s Gamelan orchestra.

Philipp Strobel (DE)

Alessandro Adriani (IT)

the two men behind [aufnahme + wiedergabe] and Mannequin (Label + Mailorder) will showcase a special selection of influential and contemporary Industrial sounds for this occasion.

Revaler Str. 99/Warschauer Str.
10245 Berlin

Tickets: http://aufnahmeundwiedergabe.bigcartel.com/product/tickets-nocturnal-emissions-simon-crab-bourbonese-qualk-live-in-berlin-11-01-2018

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Best moments of the 3rd Berlin Seafood Festival

Full video of the 3rd Berlin Seafood Festival at Urban Spree! Thanks a lot to our lovely guests, passionate vendors, and to Gabriel at Devir Produções who filmed and edited the video.

From West African spicy grilled fish from DeDeeDe (our permanent food vendor for the 2017 season you can find everyday in our Biergarten), to the mediterranean shores with Pic Nic 34‘s octopus sandwich, Pontecarlo‘s pasta ai frutti fi mare and risotti, without forgetting Valencia’ La Cuina and their delicious Fideua, the festival ventured this year into the Far East with the succulent Japanese okonomiyaki from Samurai Spoon and the herbal tastes of thaï green papaya salad with grilled mackerel from Khwan, Spud Bencer‘s mussels « à la marinière » were a treat as well as Nico’s Cancale Oysters, in direct provenance from Brittany which were an instant sell-out. We tried some wine-beer/seafood pairings with Maxim Bar à Vins and his hand-picked selection of nature wines. Excellent combination with seafood okonomiyaki and oysters was Brooklyn Brewery‘s « Sorachi Ace« , an unfiltered Japanese farmhouse saison that has been lost and lately revived in the state of Washington. BRLO‘s 7% German IPA was a hit with grilled shrimps owing to its slight notes of caramel.

See you next spring for more seafood spree! In the meantime, you can join the Berlin Seafood Festival Facebook page to post your best pictures, and send us your comments and suggestions for next year’s edition.

« Incoming » by Richard Mosse

Mack Books just released Richard Mosse‘s new photobook, « Incoming« , derived from an ambitious multimedia project. 3 years after « The Enclave », shot in Congo with Aerochrome infrared film, Mosse’s new photobook consists of 600 still images from his video installation at the London’s Barbican Gallery.


Projected across three 8 meter wide screens, the film – made in collaboration with cinematographer Trevor Tweeten and composer Ben Frost – is accompanied by a loud dissonant soundtrack to create an overwhelming, immersive experience. Moving from footage of a live battle inside Syria, in which a US aircraft strikes Daesh positions on the ground, to a scene showing pathologists extracting DNA from the bones of unidentified corpses of refugees drowned off the Aegean island of Leros, the film opens a testimonial space of historical document mediated through an advanced military camera technology.

Mosse 8 Mosse 13 Mosse 15 Mosse 24

Narratives of the journeys made by refugees and migrants across the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe, are captured using an extremely powerful thermographic military camera which perceives body heat at a 50km distance. The camera translates the world into a heat signature of temperature difference, producing a dazzling monochrome halo-image which alludes literally and metaphorically to hypothermia, climate change, weapons targeting, border surveillance, xenophobia, and the life of stateless people.

The book is available at Urban Spree Berlin and online.

Hafla! Feat. Acid Arab, Chala-Bi + DJ Felix Offermann


Mediterranean groove party in Berlin

“Hafla”, in the Mediterranean languages, means party together. It is a cultural event, common in countries such as, Turkey, Greece, Syria, Israel, Egypt, Lebanon and other areas in the Fertile Crest. The “Hafla” often involve several instruments playing together the traditional songs but also jamming and inviting other people from the crowd to play along. The “Hafla” usually went all night long, taking the crowd to a world full of music and joy- a true escapism from the day-to-day life. With the growing popularity of middle-eastern music in Europe, we decided to have our own « Hafla » in Berlin that will take place at Urban Spree. Here is what we plan for you:


Acid Arab pic hirez

Acid Arab is a duet from Paris whose goal is to mix all kind of Eastern music (North Africa, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkeyor… Mumbai) with electronic sounds, from pioneering acid house to today’s powerful techno. Guido Minisky and Hervé Carvalho, both dis for many years and residents of infamous Parisian club Chez Moune, have fallen in love with this music after a trip to Tunisia with Dj Gilb’R. After much anticipation, we are happy to introduce Acid Arab crew on our first Hafla.


For the opening act we will have the secret Chala-Bi Duo making their premier show on our Hafla. The Duo will provide us with some Middle-Eastern psychedelic sounds to get us all in the right mood.


– Custom decorations, video-art, Belly dancers, T-Shirts, Risographs and more.

DJ Felix Offermann :// —Vinyl Set
60′-70′ middle eastern psychadelic groove.

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Tickets VVK to be purchased here



20500_804222236341634_8242221637305989101_nThis Friday we are hosting the Micro Festival from North Africa to Middle East with AUTHENTIC MUSIC – FOOD – CULTURE – AMBIENCE


Belly Dancer – Catherine Mancera

Whirling Derwish – Naïma Ferré


Adirjam – Cosmopolitan KurdesQue



Azana – Hindustani to Chamber Music


Nawa Ensemble – Classic Arabic,Türkish Chamber Music



Nupelda – Melodies from Anatolia, Mesopotamia &Berlin


Paradaidha Project – Santur and Bendir



Saharvash – Oriental Flamenco Jazz



Dj – Set

DJ Cazpera
Dj Badre

Mahir Duman aka Vj Popkins


Shisha and Mokka
Cite de Pera with Fasıl-Rakı-Meze
Roasted Lamb on a Spit
Grand Bazaar with Spices, Costumes, Dried Fruits, Nuts

Grand Opening Chez Mehdi – Cous Cous der Welt


And much more..

Bring your friends and family to share this Authentic and Exclusive Micro Festival together.