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Black Twilight Circle // Volahn BHL Arizmenda Dolorvotre

Finally, the Winged Serpent sent some emissaries to the Old World. We will host them in our courts and help them spread their message of mescaline tampered death worship. Tremble upon hearing the words of war:

“The Black Twilight Circle, a collective embodied by the souls of ancient Anahuac.
Chaotic might that knows no bounds.
Volahn and BHL will drive obsidian stone into your flesh and deliver your hearts to the lords Q’uq’umatz and Huitzilopochtli.
Arizmenda and Dolorvotre will force you towards an evil spiral of hate and torment. Committing self mutilation in a ritual state of hallucination.
The war drum shall be heard throughout Europe.”


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SOLD OUT: The Soft Moon / Veil Of Light

[aufnahme + wiedergabe] presents:

The Soft Moon (US) live
(Sacred Bones Records / Captured Tracks / [aufnahme + wiedergabe])

new album “Criminal” out February 2nd 2018 on Sacred Bones

Veil Of Light (CH) live
([aufnahme + wiedergabe] / Avant! Records / Beläten)

Philipp Strobel (DE)
([aufnahme + wiedergabe])

Revaler Str. 99/Warschauer Str.
10245 Berlin

Tickets: http://aufnahmeundwiedergabe.bigcartel.com/product/tickets-the-soft-moon-live-in-berlin-11th-12th-of-february

Jerusalem In My Heart & Oiseaux-Tempête

Einlass: 20:00 // Beginn: 21:00

+ DJ Mixsoup (Sub Rosa / Be)

Jerusalem in My Heart was not supposed to be a recorded project, but not isn’t never. The project, fronted by Constellation’s in-house mixer Radwan Ghazi Moumneh, began as a live performance involving music as only one part of a larger sensory piece—the full effect was procured with visuals and light projections, a culmination of artforms that actively interacted with setting and audience.
For those of us who’ve never seen Moumneh perform, Mo7it Al-Mo7it provided only a slither of the project’s transient context, especially from an institutionalised Western perspective, where it was interpreted with some degree of xenophobia. Ultimately, though, Moumneh’s change of heart is indicative of his poignant approach to narrative: for a project as non-linear and far-reaching as this one, isolating the music is its own form of improvisation.

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‘Beautifully atmospheric’ KALTBLUT MAGAZINE

‘Ein unglaublich schöne und dunkel stimmige gehaltene Platte. Empfehlung! ‘ FREISTIL MAGAZINE

‘Zu jeder Sekunde Laüft das Album über vor gewaltigen, wundervollen Kompositionen. Genialität! 9/10’ OXFANZINE

‘Oiseaux-Tempete läutet seine Sammlung unveröffentlichter Aufnahmen aus den Jahren 2012 bis 2015 ein mit einem wunderbar verträumt schwebenden und Orgel-getragenen Ambient- Soundscape samt choralen Elementen und einer unterschwellig sakralen Atmosphäre.’ HHV

Eris – An All Female Art Presentation

Eris – An All Female Art Presentation

In ancient Greek mythology, Eris was the Goddess of Chaos – The eldest daughter of Nyx (The dark night) – The rebellious daughter, born of the night & causing discord and strife. Berlin is a city where the multitude of creative scenes converge constantly and we shall be embracing this on the night.

Featuring exhibitions of visual art, performance, photography, music and fashion from an all-female, Berlin based selection of artists.

Entry is via a voluntary donation basis and will be split between the artists.

Gallery opening at 8pm –

Live Art Performances:

9:30pm Viva Lamore
10 – Lello Li
10:30 – Julietta la Doll
11:30pm – Belen Resnikowski
12:30 – Elle Peril


8 – 10: Jen Black
10 – 12: S A NN I
12 – 2: Laura de Vasconcelos


Alana Richards
Alana Richards presents a new series of figurative portraits. Rather than bestowing a statement or concept, she creates emotional value in her paintings. Using slow-drying oil paint in a traditional manner building up layers, she gives the portrayed a contemporary charisma of mixed messages to the viewer.

Art is the language spoken of the lonely ones.

Mayliss Salles
A.K.A White Rabbit
The Chaøs Chrønicles
“I don’t mind living in a man’s world, as long as i can be a woman in it”.
Machism, violence, war. The men’s world I living in. In the chaos of the street they may hear the sound of the heels of a women wandering cities around the world. The glamour nomad of the new 20’s I start to be.

Erotic analogue photography by Sarah Zak.

Dionne Kitching Illustration
Illustrator and Print maker, Dionnes work is about patterns and nature, and patterns in nature, and our connection to nature.

Belen Resnikowski
Telaraña Radioactiva
Belen Resniowski is a female artist working in Berlin using a selection of different mediums such as collage, video, animation, instalation and mix media with a critical view of social, political and cultural issues. Playing with the destruction, transformation and profanation of symbols, as liberating act of catarsis.

Olivia Berger :.
Olivia Berger is a Mauritian-German autodidact artist.
A playful mind between realistic and abstract interpretation of mystical and metaphysical thoughts.

Natassja Velociraptor
A Design Ninja/Visual Viking, inspired by: Film Noir, Femme Fatales, Nordic Mythology, Doom, Cheese and Irony. Most of my work ‘dark-hours-inspired’ art is created with acrylic paint on canvas, salvaged pre-loved skateboard decks, used snowboards and other recycled objects.

Dánae Cuesta
Shooting exclusively on film, dánae uses photography as a political weapon and the internet as a platform for deterritorialising the segmentation of the public and private space, portraying her friends, lovers and herself in experimental practices in which new spheres of action and subjectivation are created through an exploration of intimacy and desire as a dynamic power that stimulates processes of transformation and reappropiation of the flows of gender.

Julietta la Doll
Drawn to the glamour of old world wonders a wide-eyed Lolita raised in East Berlin took her wanderlust to the road. Creating burlesque and sideshow spectacle performances that embody a variety of inspirations from many timeless fantasies of dangerously desirable women. Fulfilling a dream to runaway and join the circus. Our sideshow sweetheart has more tricks than just unveiling her beauty to command the imaginations of audiences. Exposing secrets separated between fine lines of pleasure and pain.

Viva Lamore
Viva Lamore is a performance artist and published art model from New York City whose bump and grind comes with a twist. A teenage runaway, she lived in a cage in the basement of a theater and worked at Coney Island Sideshows by the Seashore as Blade Box Girl and Electric Girl.

Lello Li
Ropemodel, Rigger and Performer from Berlin.

Laura de Vasconcelos
From Disco, Post-Punk and Rock to a bassline-driven Techno and House reduced to their essence influenced from mainstream pop via club music in the broadest sense.
Born brazilian, 2007 saw Laura relocating to Berlin to further her focus on DJing tailoring her approach to each show with a meticulous ear. From being lost in reverie, total seriousness, pure delight, wit and grit, Laura is surely one of the most independent, versatile and inspiring characters in today’s club scene.

Jen Black
JEN BLACK (aka Blix) is the founder of Modern Movement, established in Berlin in 2010. She is also co-founder of Brave Exhibitions (London/Berlin) and endorcism (Berlin). She has been internationally hosting and DJing Cold Wave, Minimal, No Wave, Post-Punk, Experimental and Avant-garde events with live acts and performances since 2008. Her publication Modern Movement is an exclusive document of today’s Berlin underground.

Trans*feminist multi-artist Sanni brings in her new DJ set house and techno mixed with influences that go from classic to indie rock. Self-produced tracks and live vocals included.
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Zu / Rabih Beaini / Mieko Suzuki / Marta De Pascalis

Noise Ritual (House of Mythology, Ipecac) For over fifteen years, ZU’s modus operandi of straddling and abusing musical genres has resulted in over fifteen unique album releases. You can expect many surprises.

Mieko Suzuki
DJ, sound artist and music curator of unique sonic environments that range from club oriented techno sets to experimental approaches heavily relying on field recordings and feedback loops.(KOOKOO, female:pressure)

Rabih Beaini
Rabih Beaini aka Morphosis (Morphine) is a lone voice in electronic music. Few people thread as challenging and intriguing live shows as him, where dark wave, krautrock, post everything and techno all sit together in haunted hardware harmony.

Marta De Pascalis
Marta De Pascalis is a musician from Rome, currently based in Berlin.
She works with synthesizers and tape loops on sound layering, favoring the recreation of vast ambiences as well as some intimate sound abyss.

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Am 03.02. 2017 ist es wieder soweit. Das große Festival für Urban Art, Illustration, Graffiti und Grafik BERLIN GRAPHIC DAYS startet in die nächste Runde. Am Freitag ab 17 Uhr beginnt das Kunstfestival in der Urban Spree Galerie/ Revaler Straße 99, 10999 Berlin mit einer Ausstellung in Kooperation mit den MINI COLORED GIGS, den Musik-Band-Plakatkünstlern

Joris Diks – Handprinted Stuff / Utrecht, NL
Alexander Hanke – Zum Heimathafen / Hamburg
Mitchum d.A. & Fritte – Spiegelsaal / Düsseldorf/Hamburg
Lars P. Krause – DOUZE Printshop / Dresden

Die Postershow zeigt die neusten, aber auch rare, teils ausverkaufte, handgedruckte Siebdruckplakate für unterschiedliche Bands wie z.B. Motörhead, Iggy Pop, Beatsteaks, The Baseballs, Sonics, Slayer, Tindersticks und viele weitere.

Parallel zur Ausstellung findet ein großer Art-Night-Market mit vielen internationalen Künstlern statt, die ihre Arbeiten vor Ort präsentieren und verkaufen. Ab 22 Uhr beginnt dann im Club von Urban Spree die große Eröffnungsparty mit Live Gigs des Londoner Rappers Lexodus, des Musikers und DJ Jan Ehret (Live Gig), Charlotte Deep, Yuli Shafriri und des DJ Jah Fish.


Special Guest von Tel Aviv:


Ursprünglich kommt er aus dem Süden Deutschlands, betrieb in Freiburg den Klub Kamikaze und Schmitz Katze um danach nach Berlin zu ziehen. Dort malte er sich einen roten Strich ins Gesicht und erfand ich als Kunstfigur komplett neu. Mit seinem besten Freund, dem Fotografen Oliver Rath betrieb er bis zu dessen Tod das künstlerkollektiv Ehret + Rath und wandelt jetzt auf Solopfaden. Der Lebemann und bekennender vollgas Hedonist ist bekannt für seine exzessiven wie wilden Auftritte, die mehr als mitreißend sind.


Geboren in Neuruppin ist Charlotte Deep mit 18 Jahren nach Berlin gezogen. Ihre musikalischen Wurzeln kommen aus der Goa Musik, doch in Berlin fand sie ihre Liebe zum Techno. Mittlerweile ist sie Resident Dj im KitKat, JK, und des angesagten Bründel Bondage Balls. Zudem ist regelmäßig im Französischen Radio Sender zu hören. Sie kombiniert progressiven Goa mit dunklen Dark Techno Beats, dazu kommen immer wieder kleine Highlights in dem treibenden Sound aus Filmmusik und einzigartigen Vocals.

Eintritt: 5,- Euro

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