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Urban Spree releases a screen print with Toums

Urban Spree releases a 70 x 90 cm screen print in half tones that has been printed in Berlin at Urban Spree on the occasion of the special release of the Bad Destiny video by French experimental photographer Thomas ‘Toums” Gosset, directed by Stéfane Cales.

The video is a comical journey into the photographic world of Toums and focuses especially on his complex chemically enhanced process and analog set of techniques. In the narrative, we follow Toums from the moment where he takes the photograph to the final paste-up of the image in the street of his native Bordeaux, and going through the whole elaborated development process in between.

The image that is the outcome of the process has been screen printed in Berlin for the occasion in a limited edition and is available in our Berlin shop and on our Urban Spree website here: http://bit.ly/2qq0t0x

French writer Tera releases a screen print

Tera writes on trains and in the streets of Paris and Berlin together with the VMD and the 1UP Crew since the early 2000s. During the summer of 2016, Tera and his graffiti mate Denk roamed extensively the Balkan region by train for a few weeks of rough adventures loaded with Interrail passes.

From the Iron Gates to Slovenia, passing through northern Greece, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, and Croatia, the penniless duo bombed trains and streets and leave on the cheap, making strange encounters and a video. L’Aventure c’est l’Aventure !

‘La Night’ has been drawn by Tera to commemorate his bombing trip. It is a limited edition screen print of 45, signed and numbered, hand-pulled in Berlin and available in the Urban Spree shop in Berlin and online for 45€. It can be ordered here.

Urban Spree releases a screen print with CT

We have the pleasure to introduce our first print collaboration with the Torino-based post-graffiti artist CT.


Deconstructing and reconstructing his name “CT” in his artworks and murals, his minimalistic motives have a strong impact.


The screen print is edited in a limited run of 35 prints by Urban Spree Galerie on the occasion of the participation of CT in the VAO Collective Group Exhibition (18.11.2016 – 02.12.2016). The run has been printed in Berlin by Le Raclet.

To order the print, visit us in Berlin or order it online: http://bit.ly/2frkYnU

Release of the Blue and Joy Screen Prints

After Blue and Joy adorned the large mural facing Warschauer Str. with their colourful pills, and following the opening of their Berlin solo show at Urban Spree Gallery, we are now releasing online the special glitter screen print which is part of The Blue and Joy solo show.

The print was hand pulled by Dolly at Mother Drucker’s screen print studio at Urban Spree with much love and superglittering power. Limited Edition prints of 40 copies in each pill color (silver, red, blue & green), also available as a complete set of 4 prints. Signed and Numbered by the artists.

Buy them here and become a glitter addict! Be cured from any artistic disease and get through the winter in confidence.


Mode2 and Urban Spree release “Never Too Late…”

10 years after its publication, we are happy to re-release the second edition of Mode2’s legendary book “Never Too Late…” in 2 different editions.

The book will be released exclusively on the Urban Spree webshop here on Friday April 3rd at 18:00 CET (Berlin time).

Originally published in 2008 in a 64-page hardcover version, the book sold out instantly. A second, revised softcover edition of 80 pages was commissioned in the wake but was never properly released.

Since it’s “Never Too Late…”, we are finally releasing the book for its 10th Anniversary Year.

To celebrate the return of the prodigal book, in addition to the regular trade edition, Mode2 has designed a Special Edition of 100 copies. Each of the 100 book covers has been spray-painted and each copy is signed and numbered.

Numbers 001-050 come with a screen-printed tee-shirt of the cover’s motive, printed in-house at Urban Spree (Earth Positive brand, organic, fair trade cotton) while numbers 051-100 will be only the signed and numbered edition of the book.


Published by Lazarides Gallery, London, in April 2010

Book Design by Mode2

Second Edition


80 pages

16,5 x 24 cm