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Petra Flurr & 89 st Record Release Party

Record -Video Release Party of Petra Flurr & 89st New Album (Monotone zone )
presenting brand new tracks + Aftershow party by the Oddity crew and more to welcome . stay tuned more t.b.a.


-PETRA FLURR &89ST LIVE (Monotone Zone)

AFTER SHOW + DJ set + Visual



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Twoone / Hiroyasu Tsuri Urban Spree Residency in video

A year ago in July 2016, Urban Spree Galerie invited Twoone / Hiroyasu Tsuri for a full 3-week residency in the gallery, a first experiment into using the gallery as a creation and dynamic space rather than a space to hang artworks. The public was welcome to see the creative process and day-to-day progression of the residency. Once the show was complete, it was open to the public for one night and a day and then ended.


Over the course of the residency, Hiro created multiple large format artworks on canvas and plexiglas, a neon installation and 2 large canvases in collaboration with Jun Inoue, in a very energetic live painting session.

In addition to indoor works, Hiro painted the Urban Spree Artist Wall (15 m x 8 m).


Last but not the least, Urban Spree Books released a risographed zine « Berlin 2014-2016« , a collection of portraits sketched in the streets of Berlin during the past two years.

Christiania Krueger filmed the whole performance and we are releasing now his video, divided in 3 parts: indoor artworks, live painting ant mural painting.




Urban Spree releases a screen print with Toums

Urban Spree releases a 70 x 90 cm screen print in half tones that has been printed in Berlin at Urban Spree on the occasion of the special release of the Bad Destiny video by French experimental photographer Thomas ‘Toums » Gosset, directed by Stéfane Cales.

The video is a comical journey into the photographic world of Toums and focuses especially on his complex chemically enhanced process and analog set of techniques. In the narrative, we follow Toums from the moment where he takes the photograph to the final paste-up of the image in the street of his native Bordeaux, and going through the whole elaborated development process in between.

The image that is the outcome of the process has been screen printed in Berlin for the occasion in a limited edition and is available in our Berlin shop and on our Urban Spree website here: http://bit.ly/2qq0t0x

French writer Tera releases a screen print

Tera writes on trains and in the streets of Paris and Berlin together with the VMD and the 1UP Crew since the early 2000s. During the summer of 2016, Tera and his graffiti mate Denk roamed extensively the Balkan region by train for a few weeks of rough adventures loaded with Interrail passes.

From the Iron Gates to Slovenia, passing through northern Greece, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, and Croatia, the penniless duo bombed trains and streets and leave on the cheap, making strange encounters and a video. L’Aventure c’est l’Aventure !

‘La Night’ has been drawn by Tera to commemorate his bombing trip. It is a limited edition screen print of 45, signed and numbered, hand-pulled in Berlin and available in the Urban Spree shop in Berlin and online for 45€. It can be ordered here.

Mafia Tabak x Urban Spree release a new t-shirt

Mafia Tabak has designed a limited edition t-shirt for the Urban Spree Artist Series 2016.


Mafia Tabak is a young austrian graffiti and urban artist hailing from Vienna. Member of the Irga Irga Crew together with Knarf, Mik Shida, and Fresh Max, his painting and murals are explicit references to tv series, cartoons, animes, video games, software, remixes, photoshop, italo-disco etc…

His graffiti style is semi-abstract, with partially erased letters, blur lines, flowers and palm trees, definitively fresh. Each year, the tour embarks on a drinking and painting binge across Europe and publish a zine called « Wandblatt ».


The t-shirt is available in the Urban Spree webstore here and in our Berlin shop.

Book Release & Exhibition: Tacheles-Buch by Stefan Schilling

Urban Spree proudly presents: »TACHELES – die Geschichte des Kunsthauses in Fotografien von Stefan Schilling », a book release and print exhibition about the story of the defunct and cult Berliner Kunsthaus by one of his longstanding photographers.


In 1990, the artist group Tacheles occupied in a temporary legal vacuum between the fall of the wall and Germany’s reunification parts of the decaying department store Wertheim in Oranienburger Straße and saved it for the time being from demolition. It developed to a unique art, action and event center, which was legendary for its mix of art and chaos. Until its eviction in September 2012, Stefan Schilling documented the history of this unique project with his photographs. He was one of the first who joined the artists’ initiative and the last who was expelled by the police during the evacuation of the area.

Stefan Schilling was part of the the underground Super 8 Film scene in the GDR. During his time at Tacheles he worked as a painter, graphic designer, silk screen printer, curator and photographer. Is currently working as assistant professor for graphic design.


Urban Spree Galerie

Thursday 16.09, 19:00

Book Signing and Exhibition

Intervention in German by Andreas Rost (Co-Founder Tacheles, Photographer, Curator, Assistant Professor)

Performance: Marva+Maschin-Klan

Marva+Maschin-Klan (mmk) is a strange objects, selfmade /modified instruments, german experimental noise and electro act founded by Marva H. Kübler in 1988. After beeing vocalist and bassplayer in a few punk / funk /wave bands and a performance artist at several festivals and galleries he started a solo-project with music, video art and strange stage objects. Influenced by the early illegal underground techno and hardcore clubs in Berlin at the time MarvaMK developed during the 90s a simplistic « krautrock-elektro » style and played live at some of the most influential music clubs like the SO36 and Tacheles, EIMER and Tresor Berlin. His videos and « weird » stage effects are used in his own shows but they have also been used in several movies and also by other artists and musicians like Rammstein, Bushido and Yvonne Catterfeld. They used MarvaMks work for their videos and on stage. The MMK also produced video DVDs and various CDs and performed with the band Elektronauten in the Feature Film Goodbye Lenin.


TACHELES-BUCH-Präsentation und Ausstellung:

« TACHELES – die Geschichte des Kunsthauses in Fotografien von Stefan Schilling »


Laudatio von Andreas Rost (Mitbegründer des Tacheles, Footgraf, Kurator, Dozent)

Die Künstlergruppe Tacheles besetzte 1990 im vorübergehend rechtsfreien Raum zwischen Mauerfall und Wiedervereinigung Teile des verfallenen Kaufhauses Wertheim an der Oranienburger Straße und rettete es vorerst vor dem Abriss. Es entwickelte sich ein einmaliges Kunst-, Aktions-und Veranstaltungszentrum, das mit einer Mischung aus Kunst und Chaos legendär war – bis zu seiner Räumung im September 2012. Stefan Schilling erzählt in seinen Fotografien die Geschichte dieses einzigartigen Projektes. Er war einer der Ersten, die sich der Künstlerinitiative anschlossen und der Letzte, den die Polizei bei der Räumung des Geländes verwies.

Über den Autor

Stefan Schilling kommt aus der Super-8-Film Undergroundszene der DDR. Er war im Kunsthaus Tacheles als Maler, Grafiker, Siebdrucker, Kurator und Fotograf tätig. Heute ist er als Dozent für Grafik Design tätig.