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ANTIME workshop with AAAA and ˆL_




ANTIME is incredibly excited to announce that the upcoming tour of AAAAand ˆL_ will include a two-day workshop to be held in Berlin’s Urban Spreeon May 12 and 13. The workshop, lead by ANTIME founder Martin Steer (alias Midimúm), will explore different means of music production, the interplay of sound and visual aesthetics as well as strategies of self-promotion in digital culture.

What started out as a net-based label has over the last three years increasingly grown into an international network that pays as much attention to the music released by it as to the possibilities of bringing together sound and other arts. ANTIME celebrates diversity on many levels: culturally, artistically and of formats.
The upcoming Germany tour of the Mexico based producer AAAA, whose debut album »Shiva Watts« will be re-released on vinyl in early May through ANTIME, and the Brazilian sound artist ˆL_, whose new EP »The Outsider« is set for a release in early June as a 12” vinyl on ANTIME, will gather two like-minded minds with distinctively different approaches to music production. In the course of the two-day workshop, AAAA will provide insights in the world of analogue music production while ˆL_ will present his unique sampling techniques and digital working methods.

ANTIME’s in-house graphics team will meanwhile introduce ways of visualising sounds and ANTIME’s publicist Kristoffer Cornils (alias konkrit) will illustrate various ways of self-promotion in digital culture. As a whole, the workshop aims at making music production transparent, offering an understanding of transmedial methods and developing economic strategies for emerging artists.

The two-day workshop, which is to be held in the afternoon on May 12 and 13 in Berlin’s Urban Spree, aims primarily at teenagers, but will be non-exclusive according to ANTIME’s philosophy. Please note however that the workshop’s capacities are limited and an early registration before May 8 through info@antime.de is strongly recommended.

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This May in Berlin you can participate in a FREE Ableton Live Workshop organized by Thalamus Lab and Depaart Music Academy. And the program of this workshop will be done by you!

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This event will also be an occasion for the launch of the new Reconnoitering Berlinexploration project. We will begin Wednesday April 8 with the Liquid City dèrive. Discussions, explorations, a canoe excursion on Berlin waterways and a limited edition silkscreen print for each participant. Register soon for  the few remaining spots.


The event at Urban Spree is primarily intended as a discursive platform for realising the new film project about Berlin « Randbemerkungen ».
During these three weeks, a series of events will involve known as well as new collaborators of the group presenting, discussing and performing theme-related works in progress. According to the participative methodology of the group, interdisciplinary conversations, live audio video performances, live sonorisation of films, workshops of spatial assessment and dérives, will act as resource-material for the upcoming film. During the last days of the exhibition, the launch of Reconnoitering Berlin will take place, a series of urban dérives that in the following months will investigate the urban identity of Berlin according to multiple perspectives.



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Pinhole Photography Workshop (Lochkamera)


The workshop with Laura Fiorio is based on fun, self production and recycling.

Everyone can discover how photography really works, with no need to buy a camera, but just trying to build your own DIY camera with recycled material. Why? Because building and playing with the principles of photography helps out understanding them.

Creating something unique and personalized in the era of digital and reproduction helps to just stop and think about the meaning of photography itself. Participants will construct cameras, go outside, shoot, and learn how to develop and fix in the darkroom.

The pictures taken during the workshop will be displayed in Urban Spree Galerie after the workshop.

Every participant will receive all the material needed to participate in the workshop, and all the material for the darkroom:

– Materials for the construction of the cameras
– Photographic paper
– Acids for the darkroom
– Darkroom tools
– Analogue lightmeter
– Paint and painting tools

The fee for the workshop is 95 € including all materials.


Program of the workshop

10.00 – 11:00: Presentation and introduction to pinhole photography
11:00 – 13:00: Build your own camera!
13:00 – 13:40: Lunch break
13:40 – 14:00: Introduction to the darkroom
14:00 – 18:00: Photography sessions and development in the darkroom
18:00 – 19:00: How to get positive images out of paper negatives

 Sign up: Please write to pinhocchio@laurafiorio.com

Laura Fiorio is an italian photographer working with architecture and fashion photography, video and lighting. Her photographic research focuses primarily on the issues of the city and landscape as places in transformation, with an experimental research dedicated to pinhole. She lives and works in Berlin.


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InFORMed Geometries Workshop


InFORMed Geometries is a 4-day (28h) introduction to the tools and methods of algorithmic modeling with Grasshopper. The aim of the course is to give the participants the theoretical and technical knowledge useful to start exploring the world of contemporary parametric design methodologies.

Starting with a review of NURBs modeling in Rhinoceros, the course will introduce the main features of Grasshopper, a plug-in for algorithmic and associative modeling within the Rhino environment. After an overview of the structure and the possibilities of this tool, the students will be guided in the exploration of different parametric design themes, such as attractors, surfaces discretization, components population and digital fabrication methods.

The course will end with an individual exercise, where every student will be able to tackle a topic of his/her own interested, always supported by the workshop tutors. The final results will be exhibited in the gallery space of Urban Spree at the end of the workshop.


ANDREA ROSSI (Coop Himmelb(l)au, Temporary Autonomous Architecture)

STEFANO ARRIGHI (Studio Tomas Saraceno)

LILA PANAHIKAZEMI (Temporary Autonomous Architecture)


To apply to the workshop, please send an email with your details at:


Visit the website:



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Workshop : Recycled Masks

Recyled Masks

Be ready for Carnival, create your own mask with recycled material!

We will start with a mirror, a sheet of paper and a pencil; next you are
free to select your own choice of materials from a mishmash of recycled and found objects that have the chance to “be reborn” in a new life.
It’s up to you to find the items that you think fit your face and/or
personality best, or the ones that hide your real being, in order to
transform yourself into a new creature.

Save from the bin 3 useless object and bring them with you, bring your fantasy too, we’ll provide for the rest of materials and tools.


Contact: ambares@hotmail.it

14.00 – 20.30  (17.00 cookies & tee break)
adults 20€ – kids 15€

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