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Comicinvasion Berlin

Comicinvasionberlin, the free Berlin Comics and Illustration 1-Day Festival returns on Saturday, April 26th, and for its 2nd time at Urban Spree.


13:00 Interview with Team of Lyon BD Festival
14:00 Outside Sketching Session with Javier Lozano
15:00 OMP – Orchestre Miniature in the Park concert
16:00 Guillaume Long : Comic + Cooking
17:00 Concert Antoine Villoutreix
18:00 Comic Kwizz!
19:00 Reading Paulina Stulin, Jaja Verlag
21:00 COMIC BATTLE Zeichnerwettstreit
22:30 Concert Stephen Paul Taylor
23:00 Lesung Kranke Comics, Klaus Cornfield

– book signings & comic exhibition!
– Comic Puppet Theatre!
– Illustrationsautomat »Illumat«a sketch machine!
– a hairy scottish masseur for weary comic readers!

Reprodukt, Modern Graphics Comics & More, Avant avant-verlag, Jaja Verlag, Lashopp Berlin, Zwerchfell Verlag, Comicladen Grober Unfug, RENATE Comics, Nulltausendnull, SPRING magazin and many many more


The World of Felix Gephart


Urban Spree Galerie proudly presents the Berlin release of the first monograph about Felix Gephart -« Auf Linie gebracht »-as well as a selection of his large-sized canvases.

Felix Gephart (b.1986 in Bochum, West Germany), started his way into the art world by practicing graffiti at a young age, and later formally studied art in Münster, Dortmund and at the New York School of Visual Arts.

His body of work is hard to categorize: inspired by the ‘Neue Sachlichkeit’ as well as the US underground comics world (Burns, Crumbs, Spiegelman..), he is a figurative artist, a satirical, newspaper & book illustrator, as well as a graffiti writer, whose work is often dark with some steampunk elements (à la Kevin O’Neill).

The monograph released by Kettler Verlag, presents all the facets of the artist: seemingly literary and old master-like drawings face murals, landscape representations, portraits and surrealist mythological creatures.



Vernissage: Friday November 22nd from 19:00. 
Book signings in the presence of the artist.

Exhibition until Sunday, November 24th. 12:00-20:00


FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/568527536536002/

The book is also available in the Urban Spree webstore here.


Ruben Brulat: Sharing Paths


Urban Spree Galerie presents ‘Sharing Paths‘, a photographic exhibition by French photographer Ruben Brulat (b. 1988). On this occasion, Ruben Brulat will officially release in Berlin his self-published photobook based upon the current series ‘Paths’.

 Paths is Ruben Brulat’s third photographic series (2013) after the acclaimed ‘Immaculate’ and ‘Primates’.

 « It all started three years ago, there was the urge to go, to see a land far away, i went to India and encountered stories, people, so i asked them, if they would, get naked and embrace their surroundings, fear but also wonder..

 Nepal, hiking, slowly, meeting, Clinton, Noah and Yaïr, Maxime and Lionel, a month on the trails, tales of a lake, one so high, bare skin against the snow. Bare skin against the leeches of the jungle. Each encounter, with each stories,we would share and then if the place would come to us, there would be an embrace. Bare body against the surrounding.

3_ Patiences

From ‘Gare de Lyon’ to ‘Gare de l’Est’. And so i left on august 2011 for more than a year travel. A journey that will take me across Europe and Asia by the slow means of transport and on land only.

 The series ‘Paths’ resulted. Strangers just encountered would give themselves away to Nature. To embrace or be embraced. The unknown sometimes in the harsh snow, sometimes in the soft Gobi sand, sometime against the sharp rocks of a Japanese volcano. Ephemera of intensity, before often saying goodbye to each for ever.

 A story created by the randomness of the encounter, places and bodies, with utopia and hopes, souvenir of a time for then pursuing their paths, after sharing one for a while. » Ruben Brulat.

Presented together with the main series ‘Paths’ are some travel pictures that narrate his almost 2-year long journey across Asia. This series of pictures prises sur le vif is called ‘Instants’.


Urban Spree and Ruben Brulat will also officially release on September 6th the self-published photobook ‘Sharing Paths’, featuring the two series exhibited in Berlin.

About the artist:

Ruben Brulat is a French photographer born in 1988. His work has been shown in numerous places, Confluence Gallery, Nantes, 2011, Schierke Space, Munich, 2010, G3 Gallery, Hamburg, 2010, Galerie Chambre avec vues, Paris, 2010, Promenades de Vendome, Vendome, 2011, Souvenir From earth TV showing in Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 2010, Librairie de la Galerie, Paris, 2010, The LAB, Los Angeles, 2010, The Empty Quarter Gallery – Alliance Francaise, Dubaï, 2009, and received awards, Wallpaper* Graduate Directory 2010, selected for the Voies-Off, Rencontres Photographiques d’Arles, 2010.

 The ‘Paths’ series since it was published made a trip of its own with publications in China, France, Germany, Spain, Central Asia, and a few other places, on internet it went in many places, selected websites, i-ref, Boooooooooom, The Verge, IGNANT, Photo HK, Cargocollective featured, il post, fffffffffound, The Fox is black, Another Something, Design Boom, Etoday.ru, Lense, This is paper, Beautiful Decay, Juxtapoz, Thisisnthappiness, Oiztarism.ro, Another Escape, Wanderez…



Vernissage on Friday, September 6th at 19:00 with the presence of the photographer + book signing.

Urban Spree Galerie

Revaler Str. x Warschauer Str.

S+U Warschauer Str.

Exhibition: 07.09.13 – 22.09.13

Tuesday – Saturday: 12:00 – 20:00

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Comic Invasion Berlin 2013

The 2nd edition of Comic Invasion Berlin, Berlin’s premier Comics Festival, will be held on Sunday, April 21st, at Urban Spree.

The event will feature Comics Exhibitions, Book Tables, Comic Events, and Concerts





















* Aktion Drawing for everyone
* Comic Quiz by Nulltausendnull Collective
* Book Signings/Signierstunden: Aisha Franz, Mawil, CX Huth, Lukas Jüliger, Marijpol, Felix Pestemer, Paula Bulling, Sophia Martineck
* CIB ZINE Competition presentation
* Adult Comics Exhibit (in the cellar)
* Comics and illustration exhibition
* Concerts!
* Kids Drawing Area/Kinder Zeichenecke

* JaJa Verlag
* Reprodukt Verlag
* Avant Verlag
* Warum Verlag
* Renate Comicbibliothek
* Modern Graphics Comicladen
* Grober Unfug Comicladen
* Comics & Graphics Comicladen
* Lashopp
* Malstoff Künstlerbedarf



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Big ‡ Brave • My Disco • Nonn


obnoxious ouroboros presents

Southern Lord Records
In existence since 2012 with members Robin Wattie, Mathieu Ball and Louis-Alexandre Beauregard spread across two guitars and drums respectively, BIG|BRAVE sound many magnitudes bigger than one would suspect a trio is capable of. Anticipation gracefully helps to build up every salvo launched by the band, assaulting the eardrum with incredible precision. Their compositions increasingly more refined, juxtaposing sparse minimalism with thunderous feedback, BIG|BRAVE strives to continue pushing the limits of what heavy experimental rock can sound like while maintaining a strong interest in reaching bliss.
Somewhere between the margins of a minimal rock band, experimental outfit and drone aficionados, BIG|BRAVE strives to never belong to anyone given classification. Utilising standard « band » tools such vocals, electric guitars, drums, feedback and amplifiers, B|B explores the possibilities of what a band can sound like while constantly resisting and deconstructing the archetypal characterisations of song structure and form.
Building spectacular, inverted rock constructions that sound many magnitudes bigger than one would suspect a trio was capable of, Montreal’s BIG|BRAVE has been in existence since 2012, with members spread across two guitars and drums respectively. Unhurried and untouchable, BIG|BRAVEpossess that same valued independent spirit which pervades their local contemporaries, and is at the root of their intense and exploratory musical offerings. Their sound lulls and lurches between passages of rhythmic noise pollution and vocal led awe, using considered juxtapositions of force and restraint to warp the senses. Remarkably quiet at times, their ambiance is not one of minimalism, but of dawning, foreboding power with the need to be vented, and when the hot flushes of blighted percussion and monochromatic guitar scrapes arrive, they arrive with triumphant force.

Temporary Residence / Downwards Records
MY DISCO is an Australian music group that was formed between long term 2018 collaborators, Rohan Rebeiro, Benjamin Andrews, and Liam Andrews in 2003.
In 2003, MY DISCO performed their first shows in unconventional all-ages venues in Melbourne.
Late 2003 saw the release of their debut 7″ and marked their first Australian tour. The band soon became renowned for their arduous tour ethic, demonstrated in extensive tours to often far to reach destinations that included remote areas of Australia, Southeast Asia and Mexico.
The release of their debut album ‘Cancer’ in late 2006 marked a new level of emphasis on minimalism. More international and national tours were undertaken, including additional tours to the United States, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.
Their second album ‘Paradise’ was recorded in Chicago, Illinois in 2007 with Steve Albini at his studio Electrical Audio. The album is noted as the band’s most refined and minimalist release, capturing their stentorian live sound, with several songs consisting of one note, repetitive single-sentence vocals and long- sustained guitar chords. Drum patterns, although minimal, still offer dance-like, disjointed beats.
2010 saw the release of a new single called « Young », a limited edition 12″ released through Mistletone Records and re-issue through Blast First Petite, as a lead up to their third and forthcoming album.
2010 Saw the release of the band’s third and most diverse album, ‘Little Joy.’ Their first signing to NYC acclaimed label, Temporary Residence Limited.
2012 MY DISCO released another limited 12″, this time World Wide through Temporary Residence Ltd, entitled « Wrapped Coast. » The record features two extensive racks, with remixes by London’s Factory Floor, and Birmingham based noise-maker Justin Broadrick.
On International Record Store Day in 2013, the band put out a single on one of the World’s most acclaimed independent labels, Sub Pop records. It featured as the label’s 1000th release.
2014/15 saw the band put the finishing touches on their fourth studio album, entitled « Severe » and once again working with Producer and friend Cornel Wilzcek at Electric Dreams Studios in South Melbourne.

⊙ NONN ⊙
Fuzz Club Records
The debut from NONN was a stark collection of minimalistic post-punk that marked him as one of the most exciting outputs in the dark Scandinavian scene. After touring the record across Europe and recruiting a full band, the project is back with its second album, XVII, due for release December 7th on Fuzz Club.
Now more of a collaborative effort, with Hannes Nyling and Christian’s brother Alexander joining the fold, the new record deals in a fuller more refined sound and packs a far heftier punch. Where the self-titled debut was a restrained, minimalist affair, XVII opts for slabs of industrial electronics and hard-hitting percussion. The gloomy 80s sensibilities are still there – see the occasional Cure-esque guitars and morose gothic vocals – but on XVII, NONN turn their eyes more towards the electronic affliction of EBM and synth-punk than the polished, more-digestible post-punk that came reverberating out of the decade.
This shift in the band’s sound all boils down to having to reinvent the songs when taking them on the road following the release of their debut, which saw them tour the UK and mainland Europe and play at a number of festivals; from Liverpool Psych Fest and Fuzz Club Eindhoven to, more recently, Endless Daze in South Africa. “Since the last record we’ve been doing a lot of shows which gave us a lot of inspiration. We reworked the old songs to sound a bit fuller and more fun to play live. Having to reinvent all the sounds and instruments from the first album really inspired the direction on XVII,” Christian remarks.
It’s clear that taking the project on the road with a full-band has had a notable effect. Tracks like ‘Clear’, ‘Home’ and ‘Beyond’ see NONN shift their bleak, darkwave-inflected post-punk into something far richer. It’s still got that minimalistic feel and the ear-worm melodies are still there, but it’s more sinister and fleshed out. Though, what truly sets this album apart from the debut is where the band have delved deeper into their electronic side. The industrial stomp of album-opener ‘Pray’ declares the LP’s merciless intent without a guitar in sight; it’s a destructive cut of throbbing synths and desolate drum machine, underpinned by Christian’s monotonous vocals. Partner that with the sparse, haunting electronics of ‘Believe’ and the mechanical synth-punk of ‘Hide’ and it’s clear that NONN are at their best when truly embracing their deeply-cherished Moog Sub Phatty, using it to exorcise the many demons lurking beneath the noise.

presale (in 3 simple steps):
1. send 15€ per person to obnoxiousouroboros@googlemail.com via paypal (AS FRIENDS!)
2. include the date of the show and the full name of each ticket purchaser as written on the ID and print the paypal transaction
3. you can then enter the show by just showing the printed paypal transaction and your ID at the door
18€ at the door

presale ends thursday may 16th 6pm.
limited to 250 spots!
18€ at the door

spread the gospel, invite your grannies & join the madness

⊙ smash racism, sexism, genderism, homophobia, nationalism, fascism, drugism, religionism, lookism, borders (on the maps & in the minds), genres, scenes, image, trend, hype & any other brainwashit ⊙



Jan Kaláb: new print release with Urban Spree

Urban Spree Prints will be releasing a silk screen print designed by Jan Kaláb on Saturday 24.11.2018 on the occasion of the czech artist’s book presentation and signing at Urban Spree Berlin.

Edited by Urban Spree Prints and masterly printed by Dolly Demoratti (Mother Drucker/Urban Spree Studio), the print is a 6-colour hand pulled screen print on Hahnemühle 300 g/sm paper and comes in a very limited edition of 18 prints, signed and numbered. The outer layer of the print is printed with a subtle green hologram glitter.

9 prints are reserved directly for the Berlin book event whereas 9 other prints are available by subscribing to the Urban Spree newsletter at the bottom of this page until Saturday 24.11.2018 at 12:00 (noon). Subscribers will be then informed about the ordering process.