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Upcoming Solo Show: Christian August a.k.a. KID CASH: « Very Necessary »

Urban Spree Galerie announces the upcoming first solo show of Berlin-based post-graffiti artist Christian August alias KID CASH.

Christian August, born in 1977 in Halle (Saale), is a graduate of the Burg Giebichenstein University of Fine Arts in Halle in the class of Gerhard Schwarz and a founding member of the renowned KLUB7 Berlin artist collective.

The exhibition, entitled VERY NECESSARY, crystallizes his artistic direction of the last three years and  displays a brand new corpus of works which will be on display at Urban Spree Galerie for the first time.


The title of the exhibition refers to his primary work in the public space and hints to the necessity for him of showing his artworks in the context of a gallery space.

In the middle of the 1990s, KID CASH started graffiti and paintings on public walls and to analyze surfaces, urban landscapes and architecture. components which are still at the core of his artistic practice. The departure point for his imagery are often spontaneous sketches and photographs that result from everyday situations and emotions, from landscapes and still life to letters and quotes from artworks of Picasso, Henri Matisse or Hans Arp.


The action of the body and his dynamics play a major role in the compositions of KID CASH’s large-scale artworks which require total commitment and physical strength. The graffiti letters of the 1970s in New York and the German post-reunification subcultures in the 1990s still make an observable impact on his artistic vocabulary. Also, his name derives from common names as KID and CASH, popular within the subculture.


The choice of materials stems from those which enable KID CASH to work quickly and spontaneously and facilitate his intuitive and energetic modus operandi as acrylic and spray paint, construction materials, wood and canvases. The depicted visual language is dominated by seriality, an important element in KID CASH’s narrative.

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Opening reception: 31st of March 2017, 18:30 – 22:00

Exhibition: 1st of April – 22nd of April 2017

Urban Spree Galerie

Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain

TU – SU 12:00 – 19:00

Press enquiries: diana@urbanspree.com

Gallery enquiries: pascal@urbanspree.com


Rawcuts + Internal, a double solo show by Onio and Sosek

Urban Spree Galerie presents a double solo show by São Paulo-based artists Onio and Sosek.

Born out of graffiti and pixação, Onio and Sosek are invited by Urban Spree to exhibit their latest series of drawings, ink paintings and collages and work on site-specific projects during their Berlin residency.



Onio: “Rawcuts” 29.07 – 14.08 (Ecke)

Returning at Urban Spree, the Brazilian artist Adriano Cinelli aka Onio brings his newest series of works entitled Rawcuts.

Onio has always been recognized for his vibrant aesthetics that oscillate between comics, illustration and painting, using strong colours in graphic meshes that tend to abstraction.

For his Urban Spree residency and exhibition, Onio takes a more experimental aproach and presents a series of colorful collages, mixing materials and techniques to attain a new aesthetics.


The direct influence of chaos, visual pollution, and the characteristic urban aspect of São Paulo are a natural resource and inspiration to his work.

In addition to the presentation of original collages on small and medium-sized formats, Onio is also releasing a black-and-white zine entitled “Rawcuts” in a limited edition.


Sosek: “Internal” 29.07 – 07.08

For Sosek, the life in the paulistana street is inseparable from his art, notably the forgotten people, the left overs from the brazilian society, the silent homeless cohort that populates the city.

Roaming at night, he walks through São Paulo with friends to paint and photograph scenes of life on the streets, photographing the crude reality, Sosek then transcends the images in portraits and scenes, using only black ink. Unlike Onio, the world of Sosek is a world in black-and-white, drifting and dripping, rooted in calligraphy, graffiti & drawing, making the invisible, visible.


“Internal” reveals the acute tension in the artist’s mind, the conflict with his inner self as represented by the city’s chaos. Sosek will also release his new zine, based on photographs and drawings of homeless people and decayed streets, in a limited edition of 100 copies.

“I bring a sense of unease about our society and the destitute side of our existence”


Rawcuts + Internal

2 Solo Shows by Onio + Sosek

Urban Spree Galerie

Opening on Friday, July 29th at 19:00

Exhibition schedule:

Rawcuts: 29.07 – 14.08 (Galerie Ecke)

Internal: 29.07 – 07.08

For Press enquiries: diana@urbanspree.com

For Galerie enquiries; galerie@urbanspree.com

Urban Spree 3-Year Birthday: Pop Up Xmas Art Market! | Winterspree New Drink Launch! | Club Night!

On the occasion of the 3-year birthday of Urban Spree, we invite you to a special weekend of Xmas festivities on December 5th & 6th!


All the Urban Spree spirits converge to bring you the best of the gallery, concert room and drinks on that special occasion (even more special as we never celebrated a birthday before, so you are warned!!)

Starting on Saturday, the Galerie will offer you a Xmas pop up art store designed by Urban Spree and our Resident Artists with a lot of invited artists in our circle of friends. Veronique & Pascal will welcome you to our unique art market with activites where you can shop for Christmas in ultimate Urban Spree style!

Spice up your Winter! To commemorate our birthday, fight the treacherous cold and celebrate the glorious alliance of art and drinks, Freddy is delighted to invite you to the launch of a limited edition hot winter drink that we have been secretly elaborating in the past months with our partner OSTMOST and our artist friends!

Winterspree is a Limited Artist Edition, certified 100% BIO, 100% vegan, 100% Urban Spree!

Last but not the least, Nico and his team are revving up the sound system and will bring you the best of the sound we’ve been working on with our Urban Spree DJs and friends all day, with live acts and DJs all night. Good vibrations, we want to see smiles all over the place!


Saturday 5.12 + Sunday 6.12

Saturday 5.12

Saturday 5.12

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Upcoming Exhibition: « Graffiti without Graffiti » by The Grifters


URBAN SPREE GALERIE is proud to present its next exhibition, « Graffiti Without Graffiti », a solo project by the European collective « The Grifters ».

THE FIRST PHOTO-BLOG BY THE GRIFTERS popped up on the Internet almost ten years ago, a project drawn from the psyche of a focused Eastern European. With the help of his friends, armed with nothing but point and shoot film cameras, The Grifters began documenting and reporting on the lifestyles of the people that surrounded them. Punctuating these reports with humor and irony, sarcasm and provocation, all the while captured with beautiful photography, The Grifters revealed a wholly new perspective on the current generation. The Grifters took an approach that nobody else was taking at the time, by portraying everything surrounding the act of graffiti, whilst avoiding the resulting graffiti itself. Highlighted by this approach is the realization that there are many more interesting moments and emotions to capture, other than only graffiti…
The Grifters started out as a graffiti-like blog with an alternative and fresh point of view, taking pride in their selection of the most prolific graffiti writers. Within a few short years it had developed into something much bigger than just one photographer’s journal. The Grifters, in establishing one of the most recognizable Internet platforms for urban culture, opened a door for a whole new way of documenting and presenting the stories of people who were once labelled as outcasts. They developed these narratives into something philosophical, romanticized and sophisticated. The Grifters not only showed the darker side of society through their beautiful photography and video, but also added a sense of morality, by way of the provocative messages and quotes that we see in their publications…

IN MAY 2014, AFTER BEING SET UP BY THE FRENCH VANDAL SQUAD, the creator and head of The Grifters was sent to prison, accused of crimes including Terrorism and Conspiracy. Good Guy Boris was to spend four months remanded in custody in the largest European prison, for merely filming people doing graffiti and posting this on the Internet. This “low blow” on behalf of the police, gave way to The Grifters rising even more in popularity.

VERY FEW PEOPLE ARE AWARE that during the time Boris spent in prison, he invited four new people to join the platform of The Grifters. This was the first step taken in developing The Grifters into an art collective. He called upon other young and talented photographers, an illustrator and a writer to join with him to form the collective that The Grifters is currently comprised of today, namely the 1992 CollectiveBadYear85EewanGood Guy BorisJames Hattrick & Thorfine. Quickly after the return of Boris from his “holidays”, The Grifters had organized a series of successful exhibitions in Paris, the capital of art and fashion, and their next target is establishing a milestone before the birth of their latest form of evolution – The Grifters Journal.

The name of the exhibition reveals the rationale behind the evolution of The Grifters. This work is a comprehensive and psychoanalytical dissection of the experiences found in the graffiti culture and lifestyle, without the graffiti itself, effectively mirroring the credo of The Grifters. This exhibition is the embodiment of something that The Grifters have been documenting and doing, for almost a decade. The highlight of this exhibition is the limited edition book “GRAFFITI WITOUT GRAFFITI”, a landmark in the saga of The Grifters, and the first project released by them as an art collective. Each artist has been challenged with a task, to use only 36 pages to show us graffiti without the ability to depict the graffiti itself.The mix of exclusive footage, confrontational illustration and sophisticated text, helps reveal the charade surrounding Graffiti culture. This photbook will be the closest explanation to date of what The Grifters is truly about, with a limited edition print run of only 500 copies. The book will be presented exclusively during the exhibition “GRAFFITI WITHOUT GRAFFITI” held at Urban Spree Galerie in Berlin, Germany. Save the date of 16 July 2015 at 19h and join The Grifters for this milestone exhibition and book release, where you will have the chance to meet the artists and enjoy the good vibes that The Grifters bring with them wherever they go.

Urban Spree Galerie
Revaler Str. 99
10245 Berlin


Vernissage: Thursday, July 16th, 2015 in the presence of the artists
Exhibition: July 17th – July 31st – 12:00-19:00 and by appointment
Info/Catalogue: galerie@urbanspree.com

No Fear Of Pop !


We are proud to host 5 Years of No Fear of Pop. Come and join this amazing Line up !

Lucrecia Dalt (live)


Heatsick (DJ)


Perera Elsewhere (DJ)


UMA (live)


Fiordmoss (live)




Small Wonder (live)


Cape (live)


Kohwi (live)


Jason Grier (DJ)


Holly & Wade (// THIS THING //, AU)



KLX – Koshary Lux


Orlando – Sicilian Food of Happiness


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Pictoplasma Academy All-Stars Group Show Opening

Urban Spree is proud to announce the vernissage of the Pictoplasma Academy All-Stars Group Show at Urban Spree on Wednesday, April 29th at 16:00.

As part of the Pictoplasma Festival (29/04 – 03/05), the Alumni of the Pictoplasma Academy 2014 return to Berlin with a 5-day exhibition with paintings, installations, wall painting, a pop up shop, limited edition screen prints + exciting new character worlds by the 27 international upcoming talents of its annual master class.

The event will also feature the limited edition all-sticker mag release party crafted by the Academy Alumni together with Dresden-based Klebstoff Magazine + The Jaunt book release party!


Our resident artist Andrea Wan just returned from a 5-day residency in Iceland. She was the 13th artist propelled by The Jaunt. The Jaunt’s mission is to send contemporary artists all over the world for inspiration and new impressions.
A special screen print is being produced for each trip and a travelogue book about the first 10 trips has just been published. Urban Spree will host the release of The Jaunt’s first published book called “Combining The Two Best Things In Life”.

Opening of Pictoplasma Academy All-Stars Group Show

+ Limited edition all-sticker mag release party with Klebstoff Magazine

+ The Jaunt book release party!

=> Wed. April 29th // Urban Spree // 16:00