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Shameless/Limitless: Jaakko Eino Kalevi LP Release Show and Party



Shameless/Limitless is thrilled to welcome back the endlessly creative and strikingly original pop savant that is Jaakko Eino Kalevi, whose new LP (and and debut full length for Weird World / Domino) will see wide release on June 15.

More details to follow. In the meanwhile, get acquainted with what’s new here: http://weirdworldrecordco.com/jek/

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It’s a weird world out there. Keep safe, cool and in the know by clicking on over to http://shamelesslimitless.tumblr.com/ to find out upcoming S/L events with people like Antoine93, Jack Chosef, Jerry Paper and more.

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Anatopia / Polyjam // The Ultimate User Experience Show



——- The Ultimate User Experience Show ——-

° An evening of interactive electronics,
exploring the human digital interface,
guided by Polyjam crew and ANATOPIA.

Inviting the audience to experience for the first time
a whole new way of making music
by using a huge fabric touch screen and smartphone apps allowing the audience to create and affect the music.

▲ ANATOPIA – The Cyber Pop band is celebrating the pre release of their debut album- ‘User Experience’

_09:00 – 10:00
The event will start with introduction of the Polyjam system. installing the Polyjam App on the audiences phones and letting the audience play with the big touchscreen:

_10:00 – 11:00
Polyjam will guid the audience through a series of musical experiments, at the end of each experiment the audience will have a chance to give a rating of their experience.

_11:00 – 12:00
ANATOPIA will play their amazing live show
merging in and out of the Polyjam rhythms
adding the post-human vibe of their brand new album
titled « User Experience »

_12:00 – 01:00
DJ Ibeo Tropicfusion Musiculture, Berlin
spinning some world bass music
for your dancing pleasure.

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Concert: His Electro Blue Voice + Havah (IT) // Support: Pretty Hurts (Berlin)

Noise Wave Punk Electro

havah_hebv_cover700x700-300x300His Electro Blue Voice (Sub Pop Records/ Sacred Bones Records) signed to Sub Pop last year and released the acclaimed Ruthless Sperm after a bunch of EPs and 7″s on great labels like Sacred Bones, Avant!, S-S Records and Bat Shit Records. They are one of the loudest bands on earth and they have created their own magical world by mixing dark-punk, industrial, hardcore, noise and flouting every single law in those rulebooks in the meanwhile.
Witness their full on assault, through mind-warping loops, death cries and venom hatred.

Havah is the brainchild of Michele Camorani, the man behind La Quiete/Raein, two of the most successful DIY punk hardcore bands to ever emerge from the decadent Italian peninsula. His two LP’s Settimana and Durante Un Assedio have been hailed back home as classic dark-wave gems with a post-punk backbone and one foot slipping into death-rock territory. Think Bauhaus meets Diaframma meets CCCP. Maybe. 5 songs as cold as ice, showcasing Havah’s love for old Romagna-made 70s Lombardi amplifiers. That tone, that tone! That’s the secret kids. There you go.


Den Anfang machen an diesem Abend die eigentlich immer schlecht gelaunten PRETTY HURTS aus Berlin. Und mit schlecht gelaunt meinen wir: wütend.


Einlass: 20:00 Uhr

Beginn: 21:00 Uhr

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MIND Records Mini-Tour Showcase Night

Femminielli Noir [CA, QC, DE]

(Jesse Osborne-Lanthier + Bernardino Femminielli)

‘’To us, it is plainly obvious that the act of mixing traditional structured musical visions causes one to become extremely bored. We have chosen hybrids, and hybrids of hybrids. To put it concisely, the flowing forms of any given vision must never clash with the ultimately contrasting endeavour of transforming inventions. In the vapours of all this garbage art and shit music that floats around, misleading us and polluting our minds with mindless stupidities, we have decided to work for the better understanding of the future of conceptual music and performance. We advocate the use of provocative theatrical-devices, concurrently, contemporarily, creating a wide array of heterogeneous genres. More bullshit.’’







Night Musik A, PT]

As a composer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Shub Roy has made contributions to the live line-ups and critically acclaimed albums by Dirty Beaches (Drifters/Love Is The Devil, 2013) and Toronto psychedelic collective Yamantaka // Sonic Titan (Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, 2013), not tomention countless other acts (early Sacred Bones lo-fi project Pink Noise, French glam popper Jef Barbara) in the past decade’s Montreal underground. The last few years of Roy’s life have been spent on extensive tours throughout Canada/U.S., UK/Europe, Asia/Japan, Australia, Israel and Russia as a full-time touring member of the eternally wandering Dirty Beaches. These travels brought him through dark clubs and serpentine tunnels, from the afterhours of Berlin and Tokyo, to the night trains of Russia and the bairros of Lisbon and beyond. The result is the birth of new solo project Night Musik. The name itself suggests a genre or even a manifesto, rather than an artist. The album, “Transit,” was written, recorded and produced during these two years on the road (split up by periods living first in Berlin and more recently, Lisbon), evoking the relationship between time and place; time as place; even time as a state of mind. Insomnia music for restless nights. Reflections caught in dancefloor mirrors. What began as a way to pass time in dark hotel rooms and airports (“non-places”) was guided by the nature of life on the road. The cinematic atmospheres of the resulting LP distill shades of techno, acid, industrial, ambient (while never falling back on the conventions of just one) and even conjure the repetitive, mechanical rhythms and hums of vehicles themselves. Adding to the globalism of this release, the album will be issued in LP and digital formats by Mind Records, a label itself based on a partnership between Paris and Osaka.


Moyō R]

Moyō is Abraham Toledano, founder of MIND Records, Bona fide night-owl DJ and walking encyclopedia of outsider record digging. Fascinated by the bowels of obscure Japanese dance-oriented music his numerous record labels (MIND, Malditos, Mitzvah and Plastic Spoons Records) have been responsible for dozens of fringe wax cuts.





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Lief Hall EP/Video Release Party + Trevor Larson Tape Release // No Fear of Pop DJ Set

Lief Hall >> Transform EP + Music Video Release
Trevor Larson >> Solo Guitar YYAA Tape Release
+ No Fear of Pop >> DJ// Dance Party

Performance// Visual Installation //Dance Party

VISUAL STILL EDIT 1Lief Hall will be releasing he new solo debut EP Transform, debuting new musical works since her recent re-location to Berlin from Vancouver BC. Her new works combine dark electronic production with layered vocal harmonies and experimentations, exploring notions of love, identity and fear in the post human age. Hall’s performance will include live visuals and visuals installation.

Trevor Lee Larson will be celebrating the release of his new recording ‘Solo Guitar’ released on YYAA. Larson’s music is stylistically diverse, moving from through genre and instrumentation to create a dreamlike journey through richly textured sonic landscapes.

No Fear of Pop is a DJ, music blog and radio show which explores music of ‘whatever genre and of whatever origin that seeks to transcend the habitual preconceptions about the « modern » in contemporary popular culture.’

Lief Hall

Trevor Lee Larson

No Fear of Pop

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Schlagstrom + DEATH # DISCO

(EBM / Industrial / Techno Pop / Minimal Synth / Post Punk)

An den Maschinen:


BORG (Bodybeats / The Klinik / The Juggernauts)

(Power Electronics / Experimental / Ambient / Noise)
An den Maschinen:


Join THE KLINIK & NO SLEEP BY THE MACHINE live before at Bi Nuu
It’s THE KLINIK‘s farewell show!
RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/929097720438112