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Charlie Megira & The Bet She'an Valley Hillbillies // Jimmy Trash & Big Daddy Mugglestone // SPECIAL NO.1 DJ TEAM



It is with great treasure and delight to present the most inspiring modern musician of our time, Charlie Megira and his newest project, The Bet She’an Valley Hillbillies, to the stage of Urban Spree.

Charlie’s mix of lo-fi appalachian rock’n’roll (Feathers/Askins), Oscar Wilde vocals (if he was a charming mumbler….), baroque orchestration (theme and vibration-variation) and minimal 80s aesthetic (less is more, unless its an encore…) is a unique and special occasion wherever you are from, and Berlin is lucky to have him.

His previous record with the mighty MODERN DANCE CLUB is now on its 4th pressing on Greg Ashley’s Guitars and Bongos Records.

Supporting The Bet She’an Valley Hillbillies is another new project:


Jimmy Trash (Trashfest/Gunpowder Temple of Heaven/Jimmy Trash Orchestra) and Big Daddy Mugglestone (Assdroids/Sacred Travellers/Cheap Paper Toys) play songs inspired by ancient Persian poets, Voodoo rhythms, Zoroastrian Creed and Hermetic Philosophy. Combining cyclical music and ritual with the chanting of sacred texts, they engage the audience in a rhythmic orgy of fear and fortune, death the release.

AND for the afterparty, the panafrican psych funk groove sounds of the Nigerian/Australian freundschaft of SPECIAL NO.1 DJ TEAM!

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The Whole World’s Dressed In Black (& White)

THE WHOLE WORLD’S DRESSED IN BLACK (& WHITE) – Charlie Megira’s Funeral of Love soli party


Charlie Megira is and will remain our friend forever. To celebrate his generosity, wisdom, friendship, love and music, we decided to make a cure for pain in a funeral party – > Forwarding all profits to cover burial expenses.
+ Special tribute acts + Djs

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Die Letzte Metro 1st anniversary with Sick Horse + The Diegos + Rancune + Park + Dj Lobotomy

To celebrate our one year anniversary putting together parties @ Urban Spree’s basement (remember 22nd of January 2015 with Charlie Megira & The Beginning of the End!)

We organise a bigger party in the Upper Room on Urban Spree’s big stage with

–> Sick Horse – >The Diegos –> Rancune – > Park & The Great Dj Lobotomy + a 5th band to be announced in the next days,

Come numerous to party with the bands you liked in the basement and that you will LOVE on the stage of Urban Spree’s Upper Room – It’s gonna be Loud – It’s gonna be Wild – It’s gonna be Fun – It’s gonna be 6 euro, so it’s gonna be Cheap : )