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Wolf City presents: Sortilegia Sinmara Almyrkvi II

Sortilegia is the reaper that hides in the fog. The devil chant on a desolate plateau of darkness. The Canadian duo gives minimalistic, raw black metal a new meaning while producing a mesmerizing ritual on stage which has no comparison. On this tour, they are paired up with Iceland extraordinaire Sinmara, their atmospheric side-project Almyrkvi and Leipzig’s own war machine I I. A night of graveless souls, right into the mouth of winter.


Die Neuen Schweden 2017

DIE NEUEN SCHWEDEN are coming back! Join us for the showcase with 3 newcomer bands from Sweden on August 30 at Urban Spree. The event is free for everyone.

DIE NEUEN SCHWEDEN are back! Together with the Swedish educational institute SENSUS MUSIC, we are excited to present the third edition of our joint project for young bands DIE NEUEN SCHWEDEN (« The New Swedes »). This year in late August, we will once again invite three Swedish newcomer bands to Berlin in order to take a look behind the thick curtain of the music industry. Together with the young musicians, we will venture on a music industry crawl through the city and present a showcase night at Urban Spree.

All the artists participating in this year’s project – and thoroughly chosen by us from many many applicants – are introduced below.


Many Voices Speak (Stockholm)
Many Voices Speak aka Matilda Mård released three singles in a month’s time last fall before dropping her debut EP “Away For All Time” in late October 2016. The EP was written and recorded in the small Swedish industrial town of Borlänge, where Matilda relocated to escape Stockholm’s busier pace. The songs on the EP have an airy freedom and calmness to them, which emanate from the space in which they were created. The single “Video Child” and the cover of the classic “Blue Moon” caught international acclaim from, among others, Stereogum, Noisey, The Line Of Best Fit, DIY and more. The dreamy indie pop and folk influences has been compared with Beach House and Destroyer, yet Matilda really has her own sound and vibe. The live debut took place at the festival Where’s The Music? in February 2017. Many Voices Speak will release a new single in August 2017, and her debut album is coming out later this fall.

Website: http://www.manyvoicesspeak.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/manyvoicesspeak

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Baula (Gothenburg)
Baula is a Swedish/Icelandic duo consisting of Kallo Thunberg and Ísak Ásgeirsson. They are based in Gothenburg and were formed right before Iceland Airwaves 2015, where they played eleven off-venue shows during the week-long festival. Baula released their second single “Just Like Yesterday” in January 2017. The song was reviewed in over 30 music blogs and described as “music that hurts” by the Swedish music magazine GAFFA. Baula will release their third single in August 2017.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/baulatheband

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Kuda Aka Mr Realtalk(Östersund)
Kuda, a Zimbabwean rapper based in Östersund, Sweden, is a name we mostly hear in the very private hallways of hip-hop social media. Kuda has a long love affair with hip-hop and the art of putting rhyme to beat to produce a well-thought-out verse and song. He centers the daily life of the working man, the eye in the street, the voice of reason and making money. He raps in multiple languages on his tracks, including Shona, Ndebele, Setswana, Zulu and English. Kuda has done collaborations with many artists, including Howard Who (RMH), Follow Him To The End Of The Desert and Johan Vuitton & Görda. In April 2017 he released his new EP « Therapy ». The videos for the first single « Intro » as well as the track « Outro » are out now on YouTube.

Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/kudawacho

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Gambri! Grandabræður í Berlin




It is time for the brothers of Reykjavík to leave the city. For the past years they have become known for their multi-faceted shows, books, fonts, paint, moonshine and tattoo making, not to mention the HAPPY Festival that combines all of these things and more.

This time there will be no time for fake Interrail tickets and bottomless backpacks; there has to be an exhibition. When the clock strikes seven in the evening of June 15th, the doors of Urban Spree will open to the public. The name of the show is GAMBRI, the Icelandic word for when you mix yeast, sugar and water in a bucket to make alcohol. It is a philosophical reflection of that we will do at the show, mix a few things together and invite you to come and get drunk.

Group Show:

Johnny Chrome Silver
Frankie Teardrop

We also have other members of the extended family joining us, a mix of Reykjavík and Berlin based music people. Psychadelic rap and very techno.

TY (ˈtiː ˈwaɪ) (Geimfarar – Dungeon Massive)
ThizOne (FALK)
Cucumb45 (bbbbbb Records)
Volruptus (Sweaty Records)
Kosmodod (Sweaty Records)

Come to Urban Spree and be warmly welcomed by the brothers!

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Grandabræður hafa nú getið sér gott orð hér heima fyrir með sinni alþekktu uppátækjasemi. Þau uppátæki spanna lista á borð við: margþættar sýningar sem eiga það sameiginlegt að leysast upp í eintóma vitleysu, bókaútgáfur, leturhönnun, misvinsæla málun, Grandalanda og húðflúrunum langt fram eftir morgni. Þá má ekki gleyma uppskeruhátíðinni HAPPY sem inniheldur allt ofantalið og meira.

Nú er þó komið að tímabundnum skilnaði við landsteinana því haldið verður út á meginlandið. Ekki þó í hefðbundna utanlandsferð með falsaðann lestarmiða og botnlausan bakpoka heldur hefur Grandabræðrum boðist að sýna í einu þekktasta götulistargallerís heims, Urban Spree.

Sýningin hefst á slaginu sjö þann 15. júní næstkomandi og stendur yfir í fimm daga. Nafn sýningarinnar, GAMBRI, endurspeglar útrásina til Þýskalands þar sem hugviti bræðranna verður sullað saman innan veggja gallerísins og reynt verður að eima. Gestir og gangandi fá svo að dreypa á niðurstöðunni.

Ekki er það þó allt og sumt heldur hefur bræðrunum verið falið að setja saman dagskrá í samtengdum tónleikasal gallerísins samhliða sýningunni sem verður eitthvað á þessa leið:

Skrattar og Djöfullinn sjálfur
TY (ˈtiː ˈwaɪ) (Geimfarar – Dungeon Massive)
ThizOne (FALK)
Cucumb45 (bbbbbb Records)
Volruptus (Sweaty Records)
Kosmodod (Sweaty Records)
Ásamt fleiri góðum gestum.

Látið slag standa, bókið miða til BÖRLIN og verið hjartanlega velkomin í hlýjan faðm Grandabræðra í Urban Spree!


HERZSCHLAG Second Anniversary: Opale, Kælan Mikla + Princess Century

25.06.2016 HERZSCHLAG second anniversary

Opale (FR)
Kælan Mikla (IS)
Princess Century (Maya Postepski of Austra / Trust, CA)

Hanzel (Herzschlag)
Jaakko (Herzschlag)
Neue K (TIQ Berlin)

◆ Cold Wave ◆ Post-Punk ◆ Minimal Synth ◆ EBM ◆ New Beat ◆ Italo ◆ Underground Electronic ◆

Opale (FR)

In opal fields, you have to pierce through layers of rock to discover a gem. Opale’s first album, L’incandescent, holds a single direction throughout the 35 minute duration and is graciously supported with a band of cold and melancholic analog keyboards and soft, haunting voices. Nowhere to go and nothing to feel is the single story sung in English, French, and Spanish. Through cities of light and the waking of lost spirits, Opale will take you on a trip that may be your last.

Paris based Opale released their first EP under the name Playground on Stellar Kinematics in 2012. The album included a collaboration with Ensemble Economique’s Brian Pyle. Since then, Sophia Hamadi and Rocio Ortiz have recorded beautiful sounds within L’Incandescent and have toured throughout Europe, Canada and the USA.

Kælan Mikla (IS)

Kælan Mikla is a three-piece punk/no-wave band from Reykjavík slowly getting darker and deeper with new waves and more instruments. The band consists of three girls who perform their own poetry and have been described as an avant-garde, fresh breeze into the Icelandic music scene in the past two years. The band was formed after winning first place in a poetry slam held by the city library in January 2013. They have since then played multiple festivals as well as touring
Europe. Kælan Mikla are known for their dark melancholic sound, most of the songs consisting only of heavy bass, drums and screams with some softer, melodic synth parts in-between. The band lyrics focus on inner confusion and their intimidating stage performance, often including performance art of some sort, is bound to leave the crowd in a melancholic trance.

“This trio has moved from being a post-punk outfit of bass, drums and vocals into bold new territory. Chilling, neurotic synth loops paired with ass-end bass and some positively haunting vocals, their sound has evolved into something darker, stronger, capable of taking us from the everyday world into the gauzy barrier between us and our nightmares. Like watching a forgotten reel of film shot at a haunted house, you come away from seeing them live wondering if it’s really over, as you can still feel icy fingers reaching towards you. »

Princess Century (CA)

Maya Postepski never stops. An active member of the Toronto music scene, she has been making music for over 10 years, currently as part of electronic group Austra (Paper Bag Records / Domino). She is a prolific remix artist, DJ and she co-wrote and produced TRST with Robert Alfons as Trust (Arts & Crafts).
This project is the outlet for her genre-crossing experiments that take us on a journey through minimalist cosmic disco psychedelia, crossing through glacial poly-rhythmic territories soaked in dark dripping goo.

Shooting stars and icicles glimmering weave a reflective thread through each track while mechanical pulses ground soaring delicious keyboards that could melt the heart of a cobra.

Do not be afraid! Close your eyes and allow the warm synthesizer liquid to seep through your veins and take you into a far away galaxy of love, lust and passion.

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Pictoplasma Academy All-Stars Group Show Opening

Urban Spree is proud to announce the vernissage of the Pictoplasma Academy All-Stars Group Show at Urban Spree on Wednesday, April 29th at 16:00.

As part of the Pictoplasma Festival (29/04 – 03/05), the Alumni of the Pictoplasma Academy 2014 return to Berlin with a 5-day exhibition with paintings, installations, wall painting, a pop up shop, limited edition screen prints + exciting new character worlds by the 27 international upcoming talents of its annual master class.

The event will also feature the limited edition all-sticker mag release party crafted by the Academy Alumni together with Dresden-based Klebstoff Magazine + The Jaunt book release party!


Our resident artist Andrea Wan just returned from a 5-day residency in Iceland. She was the 13th artist propelled by The Jaunt. The Jaunt’s mission is to send contemporary artists all over the world for inspiration and new impressions.
A special screen print is being produced for each trip and a travelogue book about the first 10 trips has just been published. Urban Spree will host the release of The Jaunt’s first published book called “Combining The Two Best Things In Life”.

Opening of Pictoplasma Academy All-Stars Group Show

+ Limited edition all-sticker mag release party with Klebstoff Magazine

+ The Jaunt book release party!

=> Wed. April 29th // Urban Spree // 16:00