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Client Liaison • Itaca • Italo Disco

Dawn of the Dance is happy to present a night of 80´s Pop and Italo Disco

Client Liaison + Itaca LIVE /// Italo Disco by DJ Assface


Client Liaison

Given their shared appreciation for story telling and dignified belief in the Australian identity, Harvey Miller and Monte Morgan naturally found themselves writing music together. From the studio to the top end of town, Client Liaison’s sound plays out like a long lunch followed by a round of cocktails. Describing their sonic palate as ‘dance electric’, ‘new jack swing’ and ‘pop ballad’, this multisensory experience will feed any listeners’ appetite. International in flavor, cosmopolitan in style – put it on the company card. Too much is never enough. Think nothing. Feel everything. Pleasure is good. Fantasy is truth. Experience Client Liaison.



Itaca are Ossi Viola and Lo Selbo, the Italian pop believers in town. Their hearts are black like Livornese punch with a little whip of cream right in its center. Their dreamy shows are reminiscent of TV music charts of the 80’s or David Lynch’s wonderfully eerie films. With their cassette Big in Itaca (2013) and their vinyl Itaca Mi Manchi (2017) Itaca not only bridged the gap between Berlin and Rome, but also the themes of pop stardom and the avant-garde.

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Italo Festival Berlin 2019

Italo Fest returns to Urban Spree for their third annual party and yet another day through to night summer time bonanza. Come and join us for a journey through Italo Disco, Cosmic Jams, twisted house and a lot more. As ever our vendors will be serving up the best Italian treats, all in the heart of Berlin. We’ll also host a joint indoor event later in the evening alongside Of Paradise with extra special guests playing until close.


Italo Festival Berlin 2018


After the success of 2017’s event we are back again for another summer time bonanza at Urban Spree. Come down and enjoy Italo Disco, Cosmic Jams and more alongside the best Italian treats, all in the heart of Berlin. Apérol, Pasta, Limoncello and much more, is waiting for you! We’ll also host a joint indoor event later in the evening with extra special guests.

* 100% all day Italo Disco and more
* Open air venue
* Italian food & product stalls
* Free entry from 12pm – 8pm

Food Vendors

– Roma Food
– Pizza a Pezzi
– Kuchen Von Gaia
– PIC NIC 34
– Orlando Berlin
– Manifest
– Duo – Sicilian ice cream
– More TBC


– Italo Fest DJs
– Of Paradise DJs
– Söhnchen Alessio

Indoors (from 9pm)

– Shedbug (Of Paradise / Lobster Theremin)
– Dwell 303 (Of Paradise)
– Rudolf C (Salt Mines / X-Kalay)
– Paul P
– Fade
– VG(+) (RDK Island)



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Italo Festival Berlin 2017



Come down to Urban Spree and enjoy Italo Disco vibes while tasting the best Italian treats in the heart of Berlin. Pizza, Apérol, Pasta, Limoncello and much more, is waiting for you!

* 100% all day Italo Disco
* Open air venue
* Italian food & product stalls
* Official after party
* Free entry!

Food Partners:

– Pizza a Pezzi
– Amore Store
– PIC NIC 34
– Duo Sicilian Ice Cream
– ErsteSahne – OTIVM
– Balera Wine
– Orlando Berlin


– Italo Fest DJs
– Of Paradise
– Dispatch Agency
– X-Kalay
– Daniela Milosevic

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Of Paradise Label Showcase (Same venue)

Trudgee (Live)
Paul P

Event: bit.ly/OP_BERLIN_AUG
Tickets: bit.ly/OP_BERLIN_TICKETS

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Borghetta Stile Party-Berlino Magazine & Roma Food anniversaries

Berlino Magazine & Roma Food are proud to invite to their 9th and 3rd anniversaries party to be celebrated with a Borghetta Stile 90’s party night.
The popular Roman dj collective will come to Berlin for a long night of dancing and celebrations from midnight till the sunrise.


(24:00 – 05:00) BORGHETTA STILE (90’s)


(23:00 – 01:30) Lorenzo from Music Sonor Editions (Italo Disco, New Wave, Soul..)
(01:30 – 05:00) Dj Barox (Italo Disco)



New Year’s Eve Party: Retro Future Exotica

With Retro Future Exotica expect something out of the ordinary.

Urban Spree club max out to its full capacity: massive line-up spread on 3 FLoORS!

(underground driving techno, minimal / deep tech, tech house)

Cesko (Treem Records)
Khmgnff LIVE (Micromod music)
Charlotte Deep (Black Epic)
PMX Soundz (Ostfunk / LouLou recordsEsoteric)
ROM 3Ø3 (Volute RecordsRewind)
Gaël Baisson (Spud Bencer, Rewind)

(wave / electro / acid / pressured rough techno)

Le Malinard LIVE (Atomes Music)
Vonverhille LIVE (Maturre)
Poperttelli (Maturre)

(60’s to 90’s vinyl journey, Italo Disco Cosmic Wave Boogie Re-Edits Chicago House Acid Post-Punk No/New Wave Dub African Jazz Folk Rock Experimental, Disco / Funk, Bass music)

Andrew Claristidge (Acid Washed, Mille Feuilles)
Yanneck (UZI Listening Records / Monkey Dub)
Sabrina Rodeo

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