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Babel Trio + AdirJan

Best defined as Cosmopolitan Kurdesque, ADIR JAN is a melting pot of Mid-Easterranean sounds and rhythms, progressively combined with traditional, pop, indie and psychedelic harmonies.
Adir Jan writes and performs songs in Kurmanjî, Turkish, Arabic and many other languages – and especially in the ancient Zaza – that intensifies the sweet and spicy compositions with his bands mates Conny Kreuter, Christos Drouzas, Hasan Al Nour, Can Tüfekcioglu and Hogir Göregen.

His lyrics revolve mostly around gay love and passion, pleasure and pain, but also highlight critical social issues, such as war, homophobia and racism.

Adir Jan’s message is clear: universal love and resistance to repressions!


Babel Trio is consisted by three members, Dimitris (electric lute), Trikalero (Drums), Michael (electric bass). Babel Trio’s members come from different areas of Greece bringing together at least three different influences of Greek traditional Music. Dimitris, with roots from Crete, Trikalero from the North-west part of the mainland and Michael from the Ionian Islands, were involved in music in very early ages, inspired by traditional, classic, jazz and metal/stoner rock music styles. Growing up in non-urban areas they experienced traditional music concerts and fests that included also big circle dances. Their traditional music influences along with their heavy rock ‘blender’, and their personal, electric touch, creates a uniquely blended sound that likened as classic Cretan lyre player Skordalos possessed by Melvins.

​Babel trio is aiming in producing music that screams the cultural, economic and social struggle of Greeks nowadays, through the emotional state of anger. These emotions are expressed though explosive drums and distorted traditional melodies played by the electric lute and the electric bass, and speaks in a progressive folk rock, psychedelic music code, rooted in the island of Crete and the Aegean sea.



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SP38 invades Urban Spree

The French & Berlin-based street artist SP38 is invited by Urban Spree Galerie and Boddinale for a special gallery residency of 2 weeks alongside the film festival.

A Berlin sequel to his 2-month long residency held in Seoul, South Korea, at the end of 2017, “Post Vandal 2“, explores the notion of vandalism at the age of post-graffiti.

When street art pays homage to toying.
“Erased” – “Effacé” – “Ausradiert”
Erased: the walls, the city, the memories, 1UP, childhood, history, words, life, empty monuments, hope, innocence, dreams, signs, green trees.
Erase oblivion, rub out memory.
Erase the work before it’s finished, self-efface one’s own work by covering it with its duplicate.
Erase history, both recent and distant. Erase the cruel crystalline nights with repetitive blood red slogans like so many mute, slowly illegible words. Turn a piece of wall lost in a rigid historical street into an evolving and unfinished artwork that derides content by erasing-replacing the same signs, the same forms, the same useless repetitions.
ERASED was written on a large roll of paper found in the trashcan at a kindergarten. The series ran until
the paper ran out. The first one hit the street the day Fidel Castro died …
Pasted up mainly in Berlin, Paris, Seoul, Wilhelmshaven …
“Street art must reinvent or erase itself before it’s too late.” SP38, Berlin 2017 (Transl. Nicholas Grindell)

A relentless urban wanderer and street typographer, SP38 (b.1960) uses different lo-fi techniques (collages, paste-ups, stickers, screenprints, paintings) to imprint his vision of the city and his letters to the walls. Involved at an early stage with the “Figuration Libre” movement in Paris and participant to the first graffiti and street art meeting in 1985 with Vive la Peinture, Speedy Graphito, Futura, Miss Tic, and Blek Le Rat, SP38 has navigated in different squat scenes (including the infamous Berlin’s Tacheles) before moving to Berlin in 1995.

A prime witness of the fast-paced gentrification of the metropolis, his art subtly reveals the fractures of the city through successive campaigns and catchy slogans (“Who kills Berlin?”, “Erased”, “Escape”, “Occupy”, “Vive la Bourgeoisie”, Vive la Crise”…), where the intimate, personal level often collides with the bigger scale.

The residency will follow its own strenuous path and will increment itself everyday from 12:00 onwards. The public is invited to witness the progression of the residency. A vernissage is scheduled at the end of the residency, on Saturday and Sunday, 24 & 25th of February from 12:00.

SP38: “Post-Vandal 2”

Art Residency at Urban Spree Galerie

12-02-2018 – 25-02-2018

From 12:00 to open end (23:00 maximum)

Free Entrance




Paramour Berlin #1

Hello friends, we are really happy to make our first party in Berlin in a very peace and undergound club with good friends of us behind the decks.


Line Up:

Ali Moghrani (Plaisir records, Memoria, Fr)
FB: https://www.facebook.com/alisoundz/
SC: https://soundcloud.com/alisoundz

Thomas Romain (High Ends, Informal, Fr)
FB: https://www.facebook.com/tohmasmusic/?fref=ts
SC: https://soundcloud.com/thomasromain

Suburbial (What now becomes, Sp)
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Suburbial-120520304719100/?fref=ts
SC: https://soundcloud.com/suburbial

Anto (Paramour, Fr)
FB: https://www.facebook.com/lappache.paramour/?fref=ts
SC: https://soundcloud.com/lappache

Copiright picture: Julian Miquel


Revaler Str. 99/Warschauer Str.
10245 Berlin




*Paramour is a french crew born between pasionate friends by electronic music and djing.

Victor Ash: Full Moon Print Release

Mother Drucker and Victor Ash just released a new limited edition screen print based on a mural created by the French artist at Urban Spree this summer: “Full Moon” can be considered as the follow-up story of the iconic Berlin Kreuzberg “Astronaut”.


9 years after Victor Ash painted the “Astronaut” mural (22m x 14m) in Berlin Kreuzberg as part of the 3rd editon of the Backjumps Festival in 2007, the artist came back to Berlin in the summer of 2016 to paste the full moon motive on the Urban Spree Artist Wall.


As much as the “Astronaut” refers to David Bowie’s song “Space Oddity” (the astronaut is a direct reference to Major Tom), “Full Moon” is a tribute to the sequel song “Ashes to Ashes”.

Separated in time (9 years), and distance (3,5km), the mural and the print offers a reverie about the fate of Major Tom and the essence of street art: did Major Tom find the moon Victor Ash placed for him, and will he ever?


We have only a couple of prints available of this already sold out edition.

Urban Spree Festival at La Station Paris

The first Urban Spree Festival at La Station in Paris is a 4-day musical wandering between Berlin and Paris, oscillating between rock and electro, held in the new cultural space La Station in the north of Paris. On Sunday, for the closing night of the event, the Festival invites the contemporary artist Nicolas Moulin’s record label Grautag with their new project Azuzaria (Vincent Epplay, Ravi Shardja, Pharoah Chromium, Nicolas Moulin).


In addition to the musical line-up, Melchior Tersen‘s photographs will be exhibited during the Festival.

Pass festival 20€ + loc

≡ Jeu. 15 sept. — Urban Spree Fest 1/4
18h30—1h30 | 10 € – préventes 8 € + loc
Event Jour 1 : http://bit.ly/2cFJR2F

≡ Ven. 16 sept. — Urban Spree Fest 2/4
18h30—1h30 | 6 € – gratuit avant 20h
Event Jour 2 : http://bit.ly/2bToyJX

≡ Sam. 17 sept. — Urban Spree Fest 3/4
18h30—1h30 | 6 € – gratuit avant 20h
Event Jour 3 : http://bit.ly/2cjFQz3

≡ Dim. 18 sept. — Urban Spree Fest 4/4
17h30—00h | 6 € – gratuit avant 19h
Grautag Records: Azurazia
Event Jour 4 : http://bit.ly/2ccGvCa

infos : www.lastation.paris
photo cover : Vladimir Besson


≡ Jeu. 15 sept. — Urban Spree Fest 1/4
18h30—1h30 | 10 € – préventes 8 € + loc
Event Jour 1 : http://bit.ly/2cFJR2F

lien prévente : https://www.yesgolive.com/station/follakzoid-belly-button-urban-spree-fest

• Föllakzoid (Live — Bym Records / Sacred Bones Records — CL)
Surgi de son Chili natal, Föllakzoid nous incite à ouvrir bien le grand le troisième œil. Fortement influencé par l’héritage musical de la Cordillère des Andes, Föllakzoid est une expérience de transe psychédélique entre amis d’enfance et en tournée permanente. Ils ont invité l’un des maîtres de la musique électronique allemande, Atom TM, pour un coup de pouce sur leur album.
fb = fb.com/FOLLAKZOID
sc = soundcloud.com/follakzoid

• Belly Button (Live – FR)
Au milieu des années 90, un duo déboule sur la scène rock bordelaise à une époque où celle-ci cherche à s’écarter des poncifs grunge ou power pop. Belly Button a marqué les 90’s et la scène noise post-punk française en prenant sa liberté vis à vis des standards de l’époque, Belly Button rafle la mise. Cet ensemble asymétrique, noisy et vocalisé déclenchera évidemment la valse des étiquettes : de trashcore free, on finira tout simplement par parler de jazz-core.
fb = fb.com/bellybuttonsocialclub
url = bellybuttonsocialclub.com

• Etienne Jaumet (Dj — Versatile — FR)
Etienne Jaumet a commencé sa carrière de musicien avec le groupe Married Monk. Mais c’est en devenant “l’homme aux synthés analogiques” de Zombie Zombie qu’il se révèle. avec Cosmic Neman (batteur de Herman dune), Zombie Zombie sort deux albums influencés autant par le kraut-rock experimental des années 70s que l’avant-garde new-yorkaise. le premier album solo d’Etienne est mixé par la légende techno Carl Craig et depuis, il enregistre, joue ou remixe Emmanuelle Parrenin, Richard Pinhas, Turzi, Alan Howarth, François and The atlas Mountains, Discodeine, Yuksek…
url = soundcloud.com/etienne-jaumet

* * * * * * *

≡ Ven. 16 sept. — Urban Spree Fest 2/4
18h30—1h30 | 6 € – gratuit avant 20h
Event Jour 2 : http://bit.ly/2bToyJX

• Peine Perdue (Live — Medical Records LLC — FR/DE)
Peine Perdue naît de la rencontre de Stephane Argillet, artiste et musicien installé à Berlin (La Chatte, France Fiction) et de Coco Gallo. Leur pop synthétique, délicate et sensuelle retient l’attention de la scène minimal wave et la notre aussi.
fb = fb.com/PeinePerdue
url = soundcloud.com/peineperdue

• Dat Politics (Live — Shitkatapult / Tigerbeat — FR)
“Hot wired dance smash”. Depuis 1999, Dat politics fait partie, sans discontinuer, de l’un des duo électro les plus excitants de la planète, avec des shows à l’énergie déployée sans retenue aucune…
fb = fb.com/datpoliticsband
url = datpolitics.com

• Chris Imler (Live — Staatsakt — DE)
L’un des meilleurs batteurs sur le marché à Berlin, Chris Imler a joué avec Peaches, Maximilien Hecker et Oum Chatt avant de se distinguer aux côtés de Patric Catani au sein de Driver & Driver. Seul aux commandes, il broie de la musique électronique avec du krautrock et il tape toujours aussi bien. C’est son premier concert à Paris (à l’exception d’une belle performance à la Fondation Cartier…).
url = youtube.com/watch?v=sZ9NIaZyRcs

• December (Dj — Blackest Ever Black / Jealous God / In Paradisum / Mannequin / Where To Now ?
— FR)
Après des sorties remarquées sur Items & Things et My Favorite Robot, Tomas More lance December en 2014, side-project passé depuis au premier plan dans lequel il distille des ambiances sombres et radicales mâtinées d’une touche de New Wave et d’Electronic Body Music.
fb = fb.com/decembersounds
url = soundcloud.com/tomasmore

* * * * * * *

≡ Sam. 17 sept. — Urban Spree Fest 3/4
18h30—1h30 | 6 € – gratuit avant 20h
Event Jour 3 : http://bit.ly/2cjFQz3

• Dj Scotch Egg (Live — Load Records — JP)
DJ Scotch Egg (born Shigeru Ishihara) est un producteur japonais de gabber à tendance chiptune (en français, ça veut dire qu’il fait de la grosse techno avec des petites game boys). Pour la petite histoire, a signé sur Load Records après avoir impressioné Lightning Bolt sur scène (qui soit dit en passant en connait un rayon en matière d’impression sur scène). Il a collaboré notamment avec Hrvatski (Keith Fullerton Whitman), Mike Paradinas (Planet MU), The Pipettes ou The Go! Team.
url = youtube.com/watch?v=j1EpOqe-Ym0

• Rancune (Live — Juvenile Delinquent Rec — FR/DE)
Rancune oscille entre garage rock, electronic body music et à peu près tout ce qu’il y a entre les deux. Ces trois français perdus à Berlin déclament leurs hymnes autant en allemand qu’en anglais, tout en jouant d’un assemblage de synthés analogiques, de boîtes à rythmes et d’orgue.
fb = fb.com/dierancune
url = rancune.eu

• Infecticide (Live — Da! Heard it Records — FR)
Bagarre générale. Violence gratuite. Musique bien troussée entre punk et proto-techno. Synthés punitifs et sens de l’arrogance. Tout ça d’un coup.
fb = fb.com/infecticide
url = daheardit-records.net/fr/discography/dhr-24#release

• Debmaster (Live — Egotwister / Cock Rock Disco — FR/DE)
D’un « bancalisme » quasi obsessionnel, Julien Deblois aka Debmaster, lui aussi français en exil à Berlin, joue une sorte de tornade de gangsta bleep music trouvant sa force autant dans le hip hop que dans des genres plus obscurs comme le 8bit moldave ou l’accordéon africain.
fb = fb.com/Debmaster-7920146722
url = soundcloud.com/debmaster

* * * * * * *

≡ Dim. 18 sept. — Urban Spree Fest 4/4
17h30—00h | 6 € – gratuit avant 19h
Event Jour 4 : http://bit.ly/2ccGvCa

Grautag Records: Azurazia
Avec Vincent Epplay, Ravi Shardja, Pharoah Chromium, Nicolas Moulin…
event fb = fb.com/events/967243156717803/
url = grautagrec.com/releases/004/gt004.html


≡ Infos pratiques

La Station – Gare des Mines est le laboratoire du Collectif MU consacré aux scènes artistiques émergentes, fondé sur les vestiges d’une gare à charbon désaffectée. Dans le cadre des Sites Artistiques Temporaires, démarche initiée par SNCF Immobilier.

29, avenue de la Porte d’Aubervilliers, 75018 Paris

Agenda ⟶ http://lastation.paris/agenda
Plan d’accès ⟶ http://lastation.paris/infos-pratiques

Depuis la Porte d’Aubervilliers, marchez en direction du périphérique. Une fois le périphérique dépassé, dirigez vous vers les écriteaux rouges (Raboni et Loxam) et empruntez le chemin sur votre gauche.

En Bus ⟶ Parc du Millénaire (L35 et L239) | Porte d’Aubervilliers (L54)
En Métro ⟶ Porte de la Chapelle (L12)
En Tram ⟶ Porte d’Aubervilliers (T3bis)
En RER ⟶ Rosa Parks (E)


≡ Partenaires de La Station – Gare des Mines
Avec le soutien de SNCF Immobilier et de Point Éphémère, la Région Île-de-France, le département de la Seine-Saint-Denis, la Ville de Paris et la Mairie du 18ème. En partenariat avec Grolsch, Club Maté et Sowprog.

≡ Partenaires médias de La Station – Gare des Mines
Le Bonbon, Time Out, Hartzine, Radio Campus Paris, Kiblind, Noisey et Vice

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“Toys” by Canemorto and Marco Proserpio

After the success of Amo-Te Lisboa, which premiered in Berlin at Urban Spree in November 2015, Canemorto is releasing a short sequel movie together with director Marco Proserpio.

Whereas Amo-Te Lisboa was sending out the boys back to the street to paint, Toys ironically signs the triumph of the contemporary art world, a universe where easy money and robbing wall paintings becomes a routine. The film focuses on the recent debate about the controversial exhibition Street Art: Banksy & Co: L’Arte allo Stato Urbano and the stealing of Blu’s wall-paintings in Bologna.

Toys contains indeed a unique exclusive interview with Camillo Tarozzi, the Italian restorer who made the discussed removals of Blu’s works, filmed by Marco Proserpio in January 2016.