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Twoone / Hiroyasu Tsuri Urban Spree Residency in video

A year ago in July 2016, Urban Spree Galerie invited Twoone / Hiroyasu Tsuri for a full 3-week residency in the gallery, a first experiment into using the gallery as a creation and dynamic space rather than a space to hang artworks. The public was welcome to see the creative process and day-to-day progression of the residency. Once the show was complete, it was open to the public for one night and a day and then ended.


Over the course of the residency, Hiro created multiple large format artworks on canvas and plexiglas, a neon installation and 2 large canvases in collaboration with Jun Inoue, in a very energetic live painting session.

In addition to indoor works, Hiro painted the Urban Spree Artist Wall (15 m x 8 m).


Last but not the least, Urban Spree Books released a risographed zine « Berlin 2014-2016« , a collection of portraits sketched in the streets of Berlin during the past two years.

Christiania Krueger filmed the whole performance and we are releasing now his video, divided in 3 parts: indoor artworks, live painting ant mural painting.




Twoone: 100 Faces

After his residency at Urban Spree in July, Twoone is having a solo exhibition at Backwoods Gallery in Melbourne. 100 Faces presents 100 portraits on canvas made by the Japanese artist over the past 2 years, since he relocated to Berlin in 2014.


« It all started when I began to capture people that I saw or met in the streets, public transport, bars, and cafes in my little sketchbook’s, using color pencil, and with my Olympus PEN EE-3 and Olympus PEN Trip, analog camera’s given to me by my friends and family.
I officially commenced work on this project when I left Melbourne in 2014 to relocate to Berlin, Germany and before that I had an extended stopover with my family in Japan. During this time a studio space wasn’t available for me to be able to make my larger works so I started to make my small watercolor pieces, without any intention to make this the large series that it is now.
I arrived in Berlin in April 2014, where I started to travel much more than ever thanks to the offers of mural projects and exhibitions all over Europe and abroad.



I was painting subjects that I saw in newspapers and magazines and then I started to feel the need to collect / or find my own subjects because after a while I struggled to find enough thought provoking images in this material, and I had a sort of feeling that I needed to record images from my real life experiences.
My practice of capturing people in public, then translated from my A5 Sketchbook to larger watercolor paintings which started to become my everyday habit, as I visited many new places, and could meet new people passing by, it became one of the important ways for me to capture not just the person I was drawing but also to capture that time and atmosphere of each place that I visited. »

The exhibition opens on October 21st until October 30th in Melbourne.


Twoone is also releasing a limited edition book with the 100 portraits, designed by Timba Smits. The book is a companion to the Berlin 2014-2016 published by Urban Spree and available here.



‘Berlin 2014-2016’: instant portraits by Twoone

Urban Spree and Twoone release a limited edition 3-colour risograph book.

Designed during his Residency at Urban Spree in July 2016, the 60-page risograph book ‘Berlin 2014-2016’ is the result of 2 years of intense portrait sketches by the Japanese artist in the german capital. Quickly executed in U-Bahn and S-Bahn, on street corners, in bars and parks, the fast portraits of Twoone capture a vivid reality of the Berlin life.

Capture d'écran 2016-08-22 21.45.00The choice of risograph printing was made for its capacity to reproduce the colors and texture of the original drawings. 3 colors, i.e. 3 layers have been printed sequentially.

The project was made possible owing to the printing skills of Drucken 3000 in Berlin and Kelly Jewell’s book design skills.

Capture d'écran 2016-08-22 21.44.31

The book comes as a limited edition of 200 hand-numbered and signed copies and is available in the Urban Spree bookshop in Berlin and online here.



Urban Spree Art Residency with Twoone

In July 2016, Urban Spree Galerie inaugurates a new format: the Urban Spree Art Residency.



Over a period of 3 weeks, Urban Spree invites the Berlin-based Japanese artist Twoone / Hiroyasu Tsuri to transplant his atelier directly in the gallery in order to create a series of site-specific artworks.

The public is welcome to witness the process from the very beginning and is being offered the opportunity to engage with the artist while he’s creating and with the work-in-progress art while he’s absent, a process climaxing into the Opening. The official opening of the show will be a the end of the residency, inverting the codes of an art show.

Outdoor paintings created simultaneously will resonate and echo indoor work as the Residency spills over the boundaries of the gallery to merge into the whole space.

Beginning of the Residency: July 6th Tu-Sa 12:00 – 18:00

Opening of the Show: 23.07 – 19:00

Last Day of the Show: 24.07 – 12:00-19:00



Twoone: Urban Spree Art Residency

In July 2016, Urban Spree Galerie inaugurates a new format: the Urban Spree Art Residency.


During 3 weeks, Urban Spree invites Twoone (Hiroyasu Tsuri) to transplant his atelier directly in the galerie, in order to create artworks that will be constructed directly in the space, and with the possibility for the public to watch and engage with the artist. With the Residency idea, we wish to be as close as possible to the creation process, open the studio, and develop site-specific installations as all artworks will be necessarily influenced by the space, with a propension to work on larger formats. Outdoor paintings created simultaneously will resonate and echo indoor work as the Residency spills over the boundaries of the gallery to merge into the whole space.

The Berlin-based Japanese artist will create a series of artworks on glass, neon, canvases, and prints. Unplanned collaborations with visiting artists can as well happen, depending on who’s coming to Berlin in the next 3 weeks.


The Art Residency follows an inverted process: the public is welcome to witness the process from the very beginning. We want to foster a dynamic approach, create bridges between the artist and the audience, offer the opportunity to see an exhibition created in situ, step by step, climaxing into the opening. In this process, the opening of the show will happen on the last day of the show.


Beginning of the Residency: July 6th Tu-Sa 12:00 – 18:00

Opening of the Show: July 23rd, 19:00

Last Day of the Show: July 24th, 12:00-19:00


Twoone’s hand-painted interventions on his upcoming print

In this video, Berlin-based Japanese-Australian artist Twoone is hand-painting his new screen print “Hunted Hunter’s Head-Panther” at the Mother Drucker print studio at Urban Spree. 


Each of the 25 copies of the 4-printed layers’ print has been hand-painted before the last layer was screen printed. On the background stands the acetate foil used by the artist to create his motive, painting it backwards with intense and dynamic brush strokes to create matter and texture.

The print incorporates a lot of embellished details such as hand-painted motives (pencil for the eye, spray cans, marker) and each one is different.

In addition, while the final layer is being processed, Twoone intervenes directly with ink on the screen, disrupting the process and creating a truly unique print.

The print is being released on March 15th on the Urban Spree webstore.