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SP 38 designs 2 t-shirts for Urban Spree

The Berlin-based French street artist SP 38 has designed 2 t-shirts for the Urban Spree 2017 collection.

The RED & GOLD t-shirts are limited to 25 pieces only per edition and are screen printed in-house at Urban Spree in Berlin with the iconic SP 38 hand written style. Since more than 20 years, SP 38 pastes and sticks hand-written posters on the streets of major cities.

The Urban Spree Artist Series is a limited edition of screen printed calligraphic t-shirts in collaboration with street artists who possess specific and iconic hand-writings.

Get yours in our Berlin shop or online here: http://bit.ly/2x7wGRG

New T-Shirt & Hoodie Designs by Sliks for Urban Spree

Urban Spree and Sliks are releasing a new series of Berlin-made graffiti t-shirts and hoodies.

São Paulo graffiti artist Rafael Sliks has designed a new series of screenprinted t-shirts and hoodies for Urban Spree during his Berlin Residency in March 2017. The 3 new designs are part of the 2017 new Urban Spree Artist Series and as usual are limited to 50 units per design + 10 hoodies.

T-shirts and hoodies are screen printed at Urban Spree in the Mother Drucker studios.

The 3 designs are Sliks’ astro fatcap signature style printed with a discharged ink on a black t-shirt and with a special water-based reflective silver ink on the hoodie, a bubble motive topped with a throw-up, and a pixação throw-up (URB SPR).

The series is edited in collaboration with Ease Clothing, Sliks’s streetwear collection and are available at Urban Spree Berlin and online here.

An evening with Katherine Isbister: How Games Move Us – Emotion by Design

A MAZE. presents in cooperation with Berlingamescene.com a surprising summer talk appearance by Katherine Isbister at Urban Spree Galerie.

Katherine Isbister is Professor of Computational Media, and core faculty member in the Center for Games and Playable Media at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She was the founding research director of the Game Innovation Lab at NYU, and a founding faculty member of the NYU Game Center. Isbister has written several books about game design, such as Better Game Characters by Design, and most recently How Games Move Us: Emotion by Design, published by MIT Press.

Isbister’s analysis shows us a new way to think about games, helping us appreciate them as an innovative and powerful medium for doing what film, literature, and other creative media do: helping us to understand ourselves and what it means to be human.

Description copied from https://mitpress.mit.edu/how-games:

9780262034265_0This is a renaissance moment for video games—in the variety of genres they represent, and the range of emotional territory they cover. But how do games create emotion? In How Games Move Us, Katherine Isbister takes the reader on a timely and novel exploration of the design techniques that evoke strong emotions for players. She counters arguments that games are creating a generation of isolated, emotionally numb, antisocial loners. Games, Isbister shows us, can actually play a powerful role in creating empathy and other strong, positive emotional experiences; they reveal these qualities over time, through the act of playing. She offers a nuanced, systematic examination of exactly how games can influence emotion and social connection, with examples—drawn from popular, indie, and art games—that unpack the gamer’s experience.

Isbister describes choice and flow, two qualities that distinguish games from other media, and explains how game developers build upon these qualities using avatars, non-player characters, and character customization, in both solo and social play. She shows how designers use physical movement to enhance players’ emotional experience, and examines long-distance networked play. She illustrates the use of these design methods with examples that range from Sony’s Little Big Planet to the much-praised indie game Journey to art games like Brenda Romero’s Train.

Pay what you want entrance fee: 1-5€

Märry Kristmas Kino – Street Food | Cinema | Art & Design Market

Märry Kristmas Kino – Street Food | Cinema | Art & Design Market 
Mobile Kino invites you to join some of Berlin’s favourite food trucks, designers and artists as we celebrate the Christmas season together. Enjoy a mug of Glühwein while roaming through the design market. Or grab yourself some popcorn and catch one of our Christmas classics on a big screen.Mobile Kino & Urban Spree present a full Christmas market with three areas including an indoor 100 seat cinema, an art and design corner, and a winter garden filled with food trucks, heaters, bonfires and lighting displays.| Märry Kristmas Kino |

Thursday December 10th – Saturday December 12th, 2015 @ Urban Spree

Market Opening Times
10.12 Thursday 17.00 – 24.00
11.12 Friday 17.00 – 24.00
12.12 Saturday 12.00 – 01.00

Market: Entry by donation
Cinema Tickets: 5€ / screening

| Märry Kristmas Kino – Programme |

Home Alone
Thursday 10th of December – 20:00
Friday 11th of December – 18:00
Saturday 12th of December – 16:00, 20:00

Kevin – Allein zu Haus
Saturday 12th of December – 12:00

Friday 11th of December – 21:45
Saturday 12th of December – 18:00

Friday 11th of December – 20:00
Saturday 12th of December – 21:45

Bad Santa
Thursday 10th of December – 18:00

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Saturday 12th of December – 14:00

Batman Returns
Thursday 11th of December – 21:45

| Street Food |

Born Again Chicken
La Cuina Gourmet Food
Maria Maria Arepas
Bourbon Dogs
Orlando – Sicilian Food of Happiness

| Art & Design Market |

Urban Spree – Art & Design Shop
Schwesterherz & Küchenliebe
Crazy Bastard Sauce
The Missing Button
Pink Cadillac


FB Event

VOODOO MÄDELS n°4 // Design & Fleamarket


The VOODOO MARKET and the mädelsflohmarkt are teaming once more to offer you the ultimate market!

On one side the best selection of designers, and on the other side a flea market with girls opening their wardrobe and selling their private clothes.

We will offer goodie bags to the first 500 visitors, come early!
Beauty corner, chilling area, street food and DJs are waiting for you among other surprises….

Entrance 1€
Dogs are welcome with a leach.

We still have some space at the fleamarket. Register

For the designer market, you need to send your application at info@voodoomarket.de
All the designers are carrefully selected








ALL IN A DAY'S WORK | One day Art, Craft & Design workshop


An exciting one day Art, Craft & Design workshop get- together. Over 30 different professional artists and makers share their special craftsmanship in short back‐to ‐ back workshops.

At this event we present to you a wide variety of traditional, innovative and creative methods, all under one roof and all in the same time! Offering you the opportunity to try your hand and taste a number of different techniques, such as Risograph, Letterpress, Watercolour, Kitemaking, Carpentry, Screen printing, Tattooing, Whip & Leather work, Blacksmithing and much more.

For you, it’s the chance to have a go at a craft you think interesting, unusual or new. For the pro’s who’ll be teaching you, it’s all in a days work! ‘All in a Days Work’ bridges the gap between both the workshop tutors and their students. For the students it acts as a platform of introduction to an area of interest, allowing them to sample a method or craft at low cost.  For the pros conducting the workshops it’s a great interactive networking event, whereby they can show their skills on a one-to-one basis to a large amount of people in short time. Therefore, leaving a memorable impression as well as maximizing future bookings for private advanced workshops.

On entrance you will receive a free tote bag…this isn’t just us being nice, oh no. You’ll need the bag! This is because for every workshop you do you’ll keep what you’ve made to take home with you. Hopefully there’ll be a bit of room left in your bag in case something catches your eye in our pop-up shop, which will boast all of the delectable objects and products from our workshop pros.

We understand you might also want to sit down and take a break. Don’t worries we have that covered with a full indoor café serving cake, hot drinks and any other beverages you might want. Hopefully the weather will be reasonable on the day, just in case it’s not, we’ll pull up the street food trucks right on to the doorstep of Urban Spree for your dining pleasure. Additionally you can thank Dj Ena Lind for providing us with music all day long!

opens 12.00 – 20.00

For more information contact: druckberlin@gmail.com

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