Marina Mika x Mr. Paradox Paradise: Spiritual Letters

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"Spiritual Letters" is a collaboration work between Mr. Paradox Paradise and Marina Mika, printed by Le Raclet and edited by Urban Spree Prints on the occasion of the upcoming release of the Paradox movie "Spiritual Letters".

The hand-pulled screen print incorporates Paradox cryptic letters on both sides of a beautiful composition inspired by Art Nouveau, Japanese scrolls and contemporary manga/anime.

Marina Mika's hand-drawn illustrations open a portal to a parallel and majestic world, inhabited by sensual and eerie creatures. Together with fabled animals, delicate ornaments and lush vegetation, the "tableaux vivants" of Marina Mika are an ode to eternal beauty and spirituality. 

Marina Mika's first book is also available here and her first screen print also here, both published by Urban Spree. Mr. Paradox Paradise Shop is here 

Product details

Marina Mika x Mr. Paradox Paradise: Spiritual Letters
Marina Mika x Mr. Paradox Paradise
1-color Screen Print on Zerkall mould made Paper
200 Signed and Numbered Prints
19,69 x 27,56 inch
50 x 70 cm

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