Spiritual Letters: The Movie

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Fruit of 4 years of hard work, "Spiritual Letters" is the new solo film of Mr.Paradox Paradise. The film is 100% independent and self-distributed. 

Mr. Paradox Paradise is Berlin's most secretive and daring urban calligrapher, climber and trainsurfer. He uses ropes to rappel down the tallest buildings, wind turbines and other iconic places in the city to write his name, spread awareness and reconnect the city. A champion of ultra-fast fpv drones, his cinematic mastery is unparalleled and offers incredible thrills to the viewer. 

"Spiritual Letters" tells a new, never-before-seen chapter of Paradox's adventures in Berlin.

The film is released in a standard edition DigiPack with a comic book and an NFC chip to easily watch the film on phone, laptop or TV. In addition, the film is published in a special edition "Letter X" with 12 red and 12 blue letters in Plexiglas and framed (43 x 58 cm) (sold out).


Spiritual Letters: The Movie

Edited & produced by Mr. Paradox Paradise

72 min.



Product details

Spiritual Letters: The Movie
German / English w/ subtitles
2,76 x 4,33 x 0,39 inch
7 x 11 x 1 cm

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