Alberto di Lenardo, Carlotta di Lenardo: An Attic Full of Trains (Second Printing)

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At the top of Carlotta di Lenardo grandparents’ house in Italy there is a room which houses the library. A hidden door amongst the bookshelves opens into a secret attic, a large room dominated by an enormous model railway, which her grandfather built and added to throughout his life. 

Significant though it was for her relationship with him, one day during a family lunch he revealed her another of his not very secret passions – his enduring love for photography – and shared with her his archive of more than 8,000 photographs: a body of vernacular work capturing over half a century of life in vivid colour.

Unknown in his lifetime, Alberto di Lenardo’s work offers a precursor to some of Italy’s best-loved photographers, such as Luigi Ghirri, with work made across Italy, the USA, Brasil, Morocco, Greece and beyond. In Carlotta’s scrupulous sequencing, An Attic Full of Trains shows us a joyous cross-section of life in the 20th Century: one of beaches and bars, mountains, road trips, lovers and friends.

Swiss-bound paperback with flaps

Second Printing

Product details

Alberto di Lenardo, Carlotta di Lenardo: An Attic Full of Trains (Second Printing)
Publication Date
January 2022
MACK Books
English, Italian
Number of Pages
5,83 x 8,27 inch
14.8 x 21 cm

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