Banksy - Die illustrierte Geschichte

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Illustrated story about the famous and yet anonymous street artist Banksy.

Who is Banksy? This illustrated story sets out to find answers to the greatest riddle of street art.

Is there a man, a woman or even a collective behind the haunting works, most of which have a clear political undertone?

The protagonists of this story, illustrated entirely in comic style, a girl and a boy, trace the life and work of Banksy as if in a documentary film: from the first graffiti works in Bristol and London to the international dissemination of his sensational motifs to museum exhibitions and record auctions. Chronologically structured, with flashbacks and flash-forwards, Banksy's artistic career, his political and social stance as well as the numerous theories on his identity are revealed.


Texts: Francesco Matteuzzi

Illustrations: Marco Maraggi

Editor: Balthazar Pagani

17,5 x 24,2 cm

Texts: German

128 pages

Published by Prestel in 2022

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Banksy - Die illustrierte Geschichte
Prestel Verlag

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