Jan Kempenaers: Picturesque

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Jan Kempenaers has been photographing urban and natural landscapes for over two decades. 


About the Photographer: 

Jan Kempenaers (b. 1968) is a belgian photographer. He studied photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent (BE) and the Jan Van Eyck Academy in Maastricht (NL). He has been affiliated with the School of Arts Ghent since 2006. Since the beginning of the 90's, Kempenaers has been photographing urban & natural landscapes and in 2012 he completed a PhD in the visual arts.

Many of the works of the Belgian photographer Jan Kempenaers are artistic presentations of fragments of our environment - landscapes, as we have come to call them. Some of these landscapes are "natural" ones and continue an overtly picturesque tradition, like for instance his arresting photographs of rocks and forest landscapes. Others may come across as "natural" but upon close examination they reveal the traces of man's intervention.

This Book features 45 landscapes and architecture photographs by Kempenaers and presents the results of Kempenaers' practice based research on 'contemporary picturesque'.



Published in 2012 by Roma Publications,

In collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts Ghent

80 pages, hardcover

33,5 x 26,5 cm

Text : English

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Jan Kempenaers: Picturesque

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