JR: Chronicles

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Over the past two decades, JR has massively expanded the impact of public art through his ambitious projects that give visibility to people around the world. Showcasing the full scope of the artist's career, JR: Chronicles accompanies the first major exhibition in the U.S.A. of works by the French-born artist at the Brooklyn Museum.

Working at the intersections of photography, social engagement and street art, JR collaborates with communities by taking individual portraits, reproducing them at a monumental scale and wheat pasting them in nearby public spaces.

This superbly produced volume traces JR's career from his early documentation of graffiti artists as a teenager in Paris to his large-scale architectural interventions in cities worldwide, to his more recent digitally collaged murals that create collective portraits of diverse publics. The centerpiece of the accompanying exhibition is The Chronicles of New York City, a new epic mural of more than 1,000 New Yorkers. Also included are previously unseen murals set in Brooklyn; Face 2 Face, diptychs of Israelis and Palestinians in Palestinian and Israeli cities; Women Are Heroes, featuring images of the eyes of women gazing back at their communities in numerous countries; The Gun Chronicles: A Story of America, JR's complex work on guns in America; and other equally famous works.


About the artist: 

JR (born 1983) is best known for his monumental, wheat-pasted street portraiture projects. JR has carried out projects across the globe. He has shown in museums worldwide and has created site specific works for the Louvre, the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics and the Centre Pompidou.


Texts by Sharon Matt Atkins and Drew Sawyer

Hardcover, 232 pages, 90 ill.

Product details

JR: Chronicles
Publication Date
November 2019
Maison CF and Brooklyn Museum
English / French
6,61 x 8,66 inch
16.8 x 22 cm

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