Jürgen Große: Urban Art Photography

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Urban Art Photography is a book documenting the constantly changing street art scene of Berlin over the recent years.

Berlin is a particularly strong magnet for international street artists and its landscape is filled with artwork and signatures that are inventing new visual codes. But the impressions that these artists leave are inevitably fleeting, as their art falls victim to the city’s unrelenting development. Luckily, the book Urban Art Photography serves as a permanent documentation and time capsule of both the creation and evolution of these constantly changing images.

Urban Art Photography presents a spectacular selection of art and its adventures in a golden age of a city’s formation. Each piece is photographed with care and attention in regard to its context and each photograph finds its own context in this large-sized book. As Berlin materializes into its projected vision, its urban art, impulsive and transient, finds a permanent home in this comprehensive collection.


Published by Gestalten

Edited by Jürgen Große and Michael Bonk

29,5 x 32 cm, 216 Pages,

full color, Hardcover 


Published in 2008


Featured artsits are: 6, Agähn, Adams, Akay, Akim, André, Atari, Birds, Brad Downey, Broa, Brom, Bus126, CBS, Clint176, Crash Point 3000, Cream, Dosh, Exot, Gate, Gelbe Faust (yellow fist), Hesht, Idee, Kegr, KHC, Kripoe, Lost Soul, Nomad, Orion, Os Gemeos, RCB, Roger, Sao Paulo, Spair, Sky Walkers, Swoon, Thief, Tower, Tryone, U.T., Zast, Zevs and many other

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Jürgen Große: Urban Art Photography
11,61 x 12,60 inch
29.5 x 32 cm
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