Michal Škapa: Babylon

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The exhibition and book project BABYLON presents for the first time an almost complete art manual of one of the most distinctive authors associated with the Czech graffiti scene by Michal Škapa aka TRON (1978). He puts his latest typeface gestures as an abstract character with encrypted content and virtuoso small-scale realistic architectural images to build a condensed layered fusion that reflects the complexity of the contemporary world without respect. "Babylon, whether exhibition or book, is the culmination of the last period when I devoted myself more to the city as a civilization phenomenon that continues to fascinate me." The publication BABYLON, now published under the label and BiggBoss publishing house, “… both maps my latest work and also presents a graphic experiment in the second part, which is a look into its own studio kitchen”, says Michal Škapa.
Painting, airbrush, objects, realizations, experiments and visions, buzz and creative processes up to the level of inspiration and sketches. The dynamic path from painting to building to building painting. Old Testament Babylon as the current metaphor of today. The age of anxiety and Memento mori firsthand. The authors of the texts in the publication are the curator of the exhibition Babylon, Radek Wohlmuth and Vladimir 518, graphically captured by Jan Matoušek.

Michal Škapa (*1978) belongs to the most expressive wave of Czech graffiti writers with many achievements to his credit. He is today the most recognized and exhibited urban artist in the Czech Republic and a rising star on the European scene. Member of CAP, NUTS, DSK and TOYZ!

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Michal Škapa: Babylon

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