Palefroi: Krypke

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Screen printed book by Marion Jdanoff et Damien Tran

24,5 x 34,5 cm

32 pages + Hard cover

Approx. 70 colors

Edition of 27



Palefroi are Damien Tran and Marion Jdanoff, a Berlin-based French artistic duo and screen print makers.

Multiplying projects together, they decided to formalize their partnership in 2013 by creating Palefroi, a framework which embraces all of their practices, the self-publishing of books and prints in particular.

This book was made between July 2012 and April 2013 following a random screen-printing process.
Test prints are the resulting artefacts of colour and registration adjustments made when preparing to silkscreen.
They are sheets of paper slowly covered with inks from totally different projects, creating new images of their own.
The combination of design, colour and texture on a test print is unique. Indeed, no two test-prints alike usually.
The artists followed the same kind of random screen-printing process, but unusually this time for a book in an edition of 30.
It was constructed slowly, color by color, using screens made for other Palefroi projects (zines, Art prints, posters …).
By juxtaposing them on the page, paying attention to pattern and tone, they created entirely new compositions, out of their original context.

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Palefroi: Krypke

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