Stanislas Fuzi Baritaux: Les Princes du Dernier Wagon

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In this first personal novel, Fuzi tells his own story.

"FUZI portrays his own story in an urban chronicle without date or place that shrieks with truth. And as he tells his own story out of time and space, he takes us back to the origins of the motifs of those who - armed with paint cans - were to redefine the image culture of the late twentieth century and the one to come. This unvarnished account shows how the eyes of an image sculptor, by opening up to his environment, eventually opened up to his innermost self. Ultimately, it is not a simple journey that we are invited to follow here, but one of the
founding myths of these artists who - from walls to carriage fronts - ended up
have ended up covering our collective imagination with images we've never seen before. -Abd Al Malik


Texts: Stanislas Fuzi Baritaux

128 pages

Language: French

21.5 x 13.5 cm

Softcover, screen printed on coated paper

Self Published in 2023


About the author

Born in 1975, Fuzi is a multidisciplinary artist. He has exhibited his paintings all over the world and his photographs and tattoos have been widely published. He began graffiti in the 90s as founder of the Parisian crew UV (Ultra Violent) and member of UV TPK. He is internationally renowned for his atypical "ignorant style" technique.

Product details

Stanislas Fuzi Baritaux: Les Princes du Dernier Wagon
Publication Date
June 2023
Number of Pages

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