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Trapped is an overview of all Super-A's work made for the “trapped” series he started working on 3 years ago. This hand-made book published by Chemistry Publishing contains of photos of all the paintings, the murals, work in progress pictures and text by Katharina Gallade (Galerie Droste) and Andrew Hosner (Thinkspace Project). For the design Super-A and Chemistry Publishing worked together with SYB who is a well-known book designer, he added some crazy features like fold-outs, lasered pages and a 95 x 63 cm poster. To bring this crazy design to life they worked together with Lithographer Sebastiaan Hanekroot, printer Jos Morree Fine Books and professional bookbinder Wytze Fopma.



About the artist

Stefan Thelen’s anti-superhero identity Super A is a Dutch artist who uses traditional painting technique and a knack for design to create compositions that manipulate familiar iconography into mind-bending and inquisitive pieces. His alter-ego, Super A is the filter with which the life and observations of Stefan Thelen are distilled down and turn into inspiration. All of his work evolves out of personal experiences or thoughts that grow into concepts which tightrope between fiction and nonfiction. Super A is a mystery that leans on the art doing most of the talking for Stefan Thelen, taking the viewer into a wonderland walking down a yellow brick road in which Thelen’s figurative and modern surrealist compositions are providing playful puzzles to decipher.




Hand-bound Hardcover book

24 x 32 cm, 256 pages

Offset printed inner pages on 120 grams Munken Lynx Rough paper

Offset printed cover on 120 grams Wibalin paper, with embossed details

Edition of 1000


ISBN: 978-90-830221-8-5


Product details

9,45 x 12,60 inch
24 x 32 cm

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