Marion Jdanoff: Nov MMXVIII Conflit Energétique

Neu Marion Jdanoff: Nov MMXVIII Conflit Energétique

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The series "Nov MMXVIII" gather 3 prints acting as a kind of diary for the month of November 2018. "Le Rêve du Jaguar" is one of them.

Where one learn that Marion and her friend fought over the best time to take vitamins and that they enjoy Marmite for breakfast.
(full disclosure, they ended up deciding to wait a bit for the vitamin D, until their summer reserves are emptied. And yes, they do have a totally unscientific approach to vitamins.)

Marion Jdanoff (Palefroi)

"Nov MMXVIII :Conflit énergétique"

Hand-printed silk screen print

50 x 70 cm

8 colors

Edition of 70

Signed and numbered


About the artists: 

Palefroi are Damien Tran and Marion Jdanoff, a Berlin-based French artistic duo and screen print makers.

Multiplying projects together, they decided to formalize their partnership in 2013 by creating Palefroi, a framework which embraces all of their practices, the self-publishing of books and prints in particular.

Palefroi is also the name they use to sign all of their pieces as a duo. Tran and Jdanoff constantly go back and forth between their individual and their collective work. Their language as a duo is at the crossroads of their respective worlds. One is formal and abstract, the other narrative and figurative.