Palefroi: Cross Pollination: IV. Paysage Catastrophique

Neu Palefroi: Cross Pollination: IV. Paysage Catastrophique

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The series "Cross Pollination" gathers 5 prints and is part of a larger project that combines works from Ben Sanair, Arrache-Toi Un Oeil, Atelier McClane, Thomas Perrodin and Palefroi. Each artist produced one print per theme, giving 5 different approach to the same list of words


Cross Pollination: IV. Paysage Catastrophique

Hand-printed silk screen print

50 x 70 cm

7 colors

Edition of 50

Signed and numbered


About the artists: 

Palefroi are Damien Tran and Marion Jdanoff, a Berlin-based French artistic duo and screen print makers.

Multiplying projects together, they decided to formalize their partnership in 2013 by creating Palefroi, a framework which embraces all of their practices, the self-publishing of books and prints in particular.

Palefroi is also the name they use to sign all of their pieces as a duo. Tran and Jdanoff constantly go back and forth between their individual and their collective work. Their language as a duo is at the crossroads of their respective worlds. One is formal and abstract, the other narrative and figurative.