Blender Pro

4,50 €

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The refillable BLENDER PRO is ideal for a professional diluting and brightening up of water-based inks – without losses of durability and quality. Thanks to different exchange tips the BLENDER PRO is perfectly suitable for all design, watercolor and graffiti applications. 

• water-based
• creative medium for brightening up darker shades and gradations to solid coating
• colorless
• water-soluble
• ready to use
• odorless
• delays the absorption of the paper surface 
• for nearly all water-based inks
• diluting and brightening up without loss in quality and stability

fibre rod system
• 1 mm Soft Brush for precise and energetic strokes
• 4 mm Round Tip
• refillable
• exchangeable tips
• compatible with MOLOTOW™ AQUA INK
• Made in Germany