Silkscreen Masters

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"Silkscreen Masters" is the perfect guide to the world’s most popular and versatile printing technique.  It immerses you directly in a hands-on approach to mastering the art of screen printing, with a visual guide to its myriad applications. 

Then an illustrated step-by-step manual gives you a grasp of the basics, while a series of exclusive interviews and features of world-leading printers hones your practice, while an extensive gallery of cutting-edge experimentation explores innovative approaches and unique artistic applications. 

So whether you are a silkscreen veteran or beginner, this is the ideal book to set you on your way to mastery. 

Silkscreen Masters: Secrets of the World's Top Screen Printers

Published by Moleskine

Edited by Vetro Editions

240 pages

450 color illustrations

21 x 25 cm