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Anthony Lister: Khayla's New Nails

Neu Anthony Lister: Khayla's New Nails

Please contact the gallery for information about purchasing this artwork.

Anthony Lister

"Khayla's New Nails"

Charcoal, Spraypaint, Latex, Oil on Linen

105 × 95 × 4.5 cm


Signed at the front, signed and titled at the back

About the Artist: 

Anthony Lister (b. 1979 in Brisbane) is a contemporary Australian-born painter and installation artist, best known for his merging of “high” and “low” cultural imagery. Particularly well known as a street artist, Lister is considered amongst the best in the field with graffiti art legend Banksy even commenting that Lister appears to "piss great art in his sleep".

He studied at the Griffith Queensland College of Art and was further educated under mentor Max Gimblett in New York City. Lister helped pioneer the street art movement in his home city as a teenager and is considered Australia’s premier street artist.

Lister employs multiple media including charcoal, acrylic, spray paint, oil pastels to create his scrawling, figurative style.

Lister has exhibited nationally and internationally including at the Lazarides Gallery in London, Underdogs Gallery in Lisbon, New Image Art Gallery in Los Angeles, Robert Fontaine Gallery in Miami, Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York, Olsen Gallery in Sydney, Black Art Projects in Melbourne, Fireworks Gallery in Brisbane, Allouche Gallery in New York City, and Urban Spree Galerie in Berlin in September 2018.

Lister currently lives and works between Sydney and New York City.

This artwork was part of Anthony Lister's solo show at Urban Spree Galerie ("Sneaky Bit In") from 14.09.2018 to 20.10.2018.