La sélection d'Urban Spree en marqueurs industriels, recharges, à base d'alcohol ou d'eau

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    The refillable AQUA TWIN water-based markers from MOLOTOW are perfectly suitable for all design, watercolor and graffiti applications. The exchangeable Soft Brush tip ensures a genuine brush feeling.

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    With the refillable EMPTY TWIN, you can create your own color shades and it can be used with nearly all fluid inks.  • empty marker system • compatible with alcohol- and water-based inks• for mixing and storing own color shades• fibre rod system• 1 mm Soft Brush for precise and energetic strokes• 2-6 mm Broad Tip more extensive gradients• refillable•...

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    The refillable BLENDER PRO is ideal for a professional diluting and brightening up of water-based inks – without losses of durability and quality. Thanks to different exchange tips the BLENDER PRO is perfectly suitable for all design, watercolor and graffiti applications. 

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    Industrial Marker from Sweden 15mm broad tip. Pre-filled with black FX.INK Refillable with FX.INK.

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    200 ml black penetrating industrial ink suitable for all kinds of surfaces. The FX.INK is developed to penetrate the surface which makes it’s extra permanent and resistant to most solvents. The ink is comes in a nice squared shaped bottle with ribbed sides.

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