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Ben de Biel: Bambi & Honda

400,00 €

We are now releasing in our webstore Ben de Biel's legendary black-and-white photographic series 'Berlin Mitte: 1990-1994' in various formats.

Ben de Biel is the photographer that best documented the dereliction and fast-paced mutation of East Berlin's Mitte district in the 1990. 'Artiste bohème', squat activist, legendary club owner, Ben is an icon and prime witness of the post-Wall Berlin. Since the early 90's, he relentlessly captures on film the daily changes that occured in his Mitte district, archiving the documents, accumulating raw material year after year. 

His work is at the crossroads of documentary photography (in the same vein as Atget), vernacular photography & memorial work, and is also a prime testimony about the vitality of the Berlin bohême in the 90's, a counter-culture that largely structured what represents Berlin today, a state-of-mind between club culture and libertarianism.

The whole series « Berlin 1990-1994 » is a fascinating testimony on Berlin, after the fall of the Wall and before the times of disenchantment. 

About the photographer:

Ben de Biel (b.1963), is a Berlin based documentary photographer, 'spectateur engagé' of the Berlin mutations post-Wall.

Ben de Biel: Bambi & Honda, 1993

Black and white print on archival paper (Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta) - 2013

Available in 5 different sizes


The c-print will be delivered to your address in a sealed reinforced tube.

10 prints + 2 A.P. in each format.

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