Joel Sternfeld: First Pictures

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This is the first book of Joel Sternfeld’s largely unseen early colour photographs. In 1969 Sternfeld began working with a 35 mm camera and Kodachrome film, and First Pictures contains works from this time until 1980. Here Sternfeld develops traits that appear in his mature work: irony, a politicised view of America, concern for the social condition. But there are also pictures that bear little relation to his later work: colour arrangements that parallel those of Eggleston, as well as street photography which Sternfeld ceased making in 1976. The photographs in First Pictures were made at a time when colour photography was struggling to assert itself against the authoritative black and white tradition, making this book a revelation both in Sternfeld’s oeuvre and in the history of contemporary photography.


About the photographer:

A major figure in the world of photography, Joel Sternfeld was born in New York City in 1944. His recent books include Walking the High LineTreading on Kings and a reprint of his seminal 1987 publication, American Prospects. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including two Guggenheim fellowships, a Prix de Rome and the Citibank Photography Award.


This Edition: 

320 pages, 140 colour plates

29.5 cm x 24.5 cm

Clothbound hardcover with a tipped-in photo

1st. edition August 2011